Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown 

People are quoting movies to prove what they believe.

If you've read the book or gone to the movie, you already know the author "teaches" you what he wants you to think. Leonardo Da Vinci's painting is used as evidence:


The painting is from the imagination of Leonardo, not Dan Brown.  This is an imaginary snapshot, just after Yahusha had washed ALL His disciple's feet.  Look closely at each person, and how they appear very upset.  It is at the time of PASSOVER, and the LAMB is Yahusha. His is explaining how to remember Him in future generations.

Leonardo DaVinci knew what to paint from what was written at Yn. 13. Yahusha had just said something seconds before, which caused the men to become agitated. Yahusha stated, "You are not all clean" even after He had washed them all.  Above, you see how Leonardo IMAGINES the reaction of the men just after Yahusha had said, "Truly, truly (aman, aman)one of you shall deliver Me up."  When Yahusha said this, Yahukanon had his head on Yahusha's breast;  but then Shimon Kefa motioned to Yahukanon to ask WHO IT WAS of whom He spoke.  Notice this at verse 13:24.  Kefa is whispering into Yahukanon's ear in the painting above, not Miryam's ear. 

Then, Yahukanon leaned BACK on the breast of Yahusha and said "Master, who is it?" 

    In the movie, you will see and hear incredible fabrications that severely distort what the Scripture says and what Leonardo painted from them.  

The movie explains that the beardless youth, Yahukanon, is really Miryam of Magdala, Yahusha's WIFE.  Hollywood should be so embarrassed that they should release a disclaimer concerning this distortion.  But, they are probably as ignorant of the Truth as the average viewer is, and wouldn't understand the problem if it was carefully explained to them.  

The media also assumes people have an attention span of about 7 seconds.  

Judas, as you know, hung himself;  but the movie "DRACULA 2000" tries to explain that he revived when the sun set.  Some people will believe sound-bytes like this, because they know very little otherwise, having done no personal study of the subject at hand. 

WHAT'S NOT TRUE:  Without the foundation of Scripture, people can be led to think almost anything is a fact.  And, once a mind has been stretched over a new idea, it will never return to its original shape.  The only way to correct mistaken impressions is to re-program yourself with the only thing we can trust:  Scripture as it is written, without anything added or taken away.  The author promotes the idea that Yahusha was married to Miryam of Magdala, one of the old Knights Templar lies.

Yahusha was not, and is not married, except to His true bride, Yisharal

WHAT'S TRUE:    The origins and activities of the Catholic Church are exposed, and this exposure is also unsettling to Protestants, since they are the spawn of Catholicism (universalism).  (Only their pattern or walk, not the people themselves). History was recorded by the victors of wars and inquisitions  -  Truth has very little to do with it. When the Truth comes along, it sounds like the rantings of an insane person. Constantine, a Pagan emperor, really did attempt to invent a new religion that would bring peace, and he did it by mixing together and appeasing various Pagan religions, along with the belief in the Hebrew Messiah.  He thought the SUN and the MESSIAH were synonymous.  

The rallying symbol of his new religion was the CRUX, which was the most recognized sign to all Pagans:  it represented the SUN. Christianity was officially born under Constantine's designs and specifications at the Council of Nicea (325 CE). The worship of the Sun (and the rest of the host of heaven) is the Astral religion of Nimrod.


The spin-offs of the Knights Templar such as Opus Dei Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, and the Jesuits would certainly rather not have such a book or movie existing at all, let alone being so widely publicized. Constantine's Catholicism has in fact been involved in incredibly murderous activities.  Let's not forget the Inquisition, which left some 80 MILLION dead over a 600-year period.  Galileo Galilei narrowly escaped getting roasted by Cardinal Bellarmine. They were flat-Earthers, doing incredibly stupid stuff progressively faster as time passed, and with more enthusiasm as new tortures and weapons presented themselves. And today, they act like nothing happened at all. One thing I should mention here is that the Opus Dei would never track down and kill any offspring of Yahusha (which the book fictionally presents), because Yahusha has no offspring to kill. 

Those that the DRAGON pursues (in Revelation) would not be the offspring of Miryam of Magdala, but rather Yisharal, because the woman's offspring are those who hold to the Covenant with Yahuah:

"Then the dragon was enraged at the woman (Yisharal) and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring- those who obey Alahim's Commandments (Torah) and hold to the testimony of Yahusha."   Rev 12:16-17 

So, this "woman" would be the good guys; specifically, the Natsarim within Covenant-keeping Yisharal (These are the first-fruits, that are supposed to "leaven the whole lump"). If Catholicism were the "good guys" why were they the ones doing the killing?  The bad guys are doing the killing, that should be a given.  Those being pursued and killed would be those who "obey" Yahuah's Commandments, AND hold to the testimony of Yahusha, so they would be NATSARIM OF ISRAEL.   According to logical hermeneutics, Catholicism would be the DRAGON in the passage above.

Examining one of their art promotions below, we see two Knights Templar ride ONE horse in this insignia, as their sign of poverty.  But, they were very wealthy.  They were so successful they formed the beginnings of European banking.

The free on-line Wikipedia encyclopedia tells us:

    "The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici), popularly known as the Knights Templar, was one of the most famous of the Christian military orders.  It existed for about two centuries in the Middle Ages, created in the aftermath of the First Crusade of 1096 to ensure the safety of the large numbers of European pilgrims who flowed towards Jerusalem after its conquest.

    The Templars were an unusual order in that they were both monks and soldiers, making them in effect some of the earliest "warrior monks" in the Western world. Members of the Order played a key part in many battles of the Crusades, and the Order's infrastructure innovated many financial techniques that could be considered the foundation of modern banking. The Order grew in membership and power throughout Europe, until it ran afoul of King Philip IV of France (Philip the Fair), who caused many of the order's members in France to be tortured into "confessions" and burned at the stake. Under influence from King Philip, Pope Clement V then forcibly disbanded the order in the early 1300s.

Knights Templar legends

    The Knights Templar have become surrounded by legends concerning secrets and mysteries handed down to the select from ancient times. Most of these legends are connected with the long occupation by the order of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and speculation about what relics the Templars may have found there, such as the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, or fragments of the True Cross from the Crucifixion. And still more stories were started by fictional embellishments upon the Templar history, such as by Hollywood movies or best-selling novels like The Da Vinci Code.

    Other legends have grown around the suspected associations of the Templars. Many organizations claim traditions from the original Order (the Freemasons, for instance, began incorporating Templar symbols and rituals in the 1700s) especially in relation to anonymous charity and good deeds. Some of these organizations which might be associated with the Templars are still active within communities across the globe supporting humanistic causes such as hospitals and medical treatment centers for the less fortunate."  (END OF QUOTE)




The Knights Templar insignia, a red "Maltese Crux" on a white background, became the emblem of the "Hospitallers" during the 14th century.  They provided traveling pilgrims to Yerushaliyim and other destinations with safety, rest, and treatment from injuries suffered along their way in "hospices", which later developed into our modern idea of a hotel and hospital. 

Very "hospitable" of them, wouldn't you say?  


Cristobal Colombo (Christopher Columbus) used the emblem on the sails of his three ships, and it is still used by several Catholic organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus.  "Knights" are what the members are called in many “secret societies”; and they are “secret” because they were outlawed in many places in the past.

When you see a "Red Cross", you are looking at a small remnant of the Templars' history.  Using insignia effectively can be a very powerful tool to any movement.  We Natsarim use as our banner the NAME of Yahuah, and the symbol of His TORAH, His MENORAH.   They will remain when all other insignia are forgotten.

Lew White

knickerbockers:  Baggy trousers worn by young boys; sometimes also used to refer to women's undergarments.

FOSSILIZED PEOPLE   -- Here's more fun with mixing-up people with other people:

Real People  - Who Are Really Someone Else!  



Nimrod: Nostradomus de Babel, world's first pirate-king

Aharon, Mosheh's brother:  Pharaoh Akhenaten, who liked to go slumming around his kingdom

Luke, doctor & author:  Herod the Great, former self-medicated party animal extraodinaire, later converted and changed his name.

John (Yahukanon), author: Miryam from Migdal, once possessed by 7 unclean spirits, one demon made him believe he was a girl trapped in a man's body. That was the demon that made him a cross-dresser called "Lazarus."

Paul (formerly Shaul):  Josephus, Titus Flavius, historian & traitor of Israel

Peter (Kefa), brother of Andrew: Pilate (obsessive hand-washer - kept smelling fish on them)

Judas  (Yahudah):  Dracula; also Adolf Hitler (below), now Mick Jagger. No matter what he tried, he just could not die.

Constantine I:  Also a vampire, an undead one, worked with Michael Jackson and Vincent Price on the video "Thriller."

Johnny Depp:  Keith Richards, the pirate guitarist in a secret window

John Lennon:  The Imposter Walrus, coo-coo-cachoo

Paul McCartney: The real Walrus

Frank Zappa:  Leon Redbone, secret friend of Nanook

Walter Cronkite: Captain Kangaroo, the man who knew too much

Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey):  Yasser Arafat, Jesuit Beatle-infiltrator and knight


Woody Allen:  Hugh Hefner

Madonna: Betty Crocker, aka Marilyn Monroe

Groucho Marx:  the original "Keep-on-truckin" dude

Albert Einstein:  Christopher Walken, way-beyond this dimensional reality

Adolf Hitler the mamzer: Yes, he's Judas Iscariot, aka Dracula, Adolf Lanz Schicklgruber

Walter Sickert: "Jack the Ripper" wanna-be

Aunt Jemima:  Mavis Beacon, awesome typist on steriods

James Bond:  Don Knotts

Cary Grant:  George Clooney (aka Archibald Alexander Leach)

Neil Diamond:  Noah Kaminsky

Bob Dylan:  Robert Allen Zimmerman

The Beatles:  Knights Templar invasion group (John later renounced his knight-ship)

Lew White:  Arthur Lewis White, Junior (Jesuit-trained renegade expositor)






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Saddam, Inigo, and Adolf:



All three men above hated one group of people in a murderous way.   Can you guess what group that is?.  ISRAEL!

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Poverty, celibacy  --  are these vows to be taken by the followers of Yahusha?



Read Psalm 80, and you will see that we are something completely new that Yahuah is doing, that He planned long ago.


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The book and movie are fictional entertainment, no more about reality or history than Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But, people are programmed by "sound-bytes" they hear in the culture, so the line between reality and fantasy is very easy to blur for the media.   The media has been said to be like an echo chamber; once a topic gets into it, it's repeated over and over again.  People tend to believe what they hear over and over, especially when it's coming from many sources simultaneously.

The author of the book Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown), and the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail  (1982, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln) were inspired by the legends and stories made up by the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, a militant order of monks.   Reading both books, it seems most likely to me that Dan Brown took everything he wrote about from the former book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.   The only difference is that Brown's book isn't so "bogged down" with historical details, but is more digestible for the average person.  Dan came close to having his knickerbockers sued-off of him.  (I heard Dan won the lawsuit).

  Seen on various "knights" insignia, the sails of Columbus' ships, hospitals, vehicles in war, and so on . . .