You may be programmed to believe error

For many centuries, Christians have believed specific things to be facts, yet their belief in some of them is unfounded by Scripture.  Reality can be masked, or misdirected, by the skilled suggestion of magicians, hypnotists, and other deceivers.  The power of suggestion and the placebo effect were both popularized by the research of Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815).   Dr. Mesmer studied the power of suggestion;  he didn't discover it  -  it's been around since the Fall of mankind.  Hypnosis was developed from his research on psychological suggestion.  When people are exposed to errors mixed together with the truth, they can become “mesmerized”, moving the line between what is real and what is not real in their belief system based upon opinions - subtly suggested/taught by trusted “teachers” they have made themselves subordinate to. 

To misdirect is to delude.

Certain beliefs are the direct result of the power of suggestion.

We can be fascinated by a teacher, and begin aligning our beliefs to his repeated suggestions. The skilled sophist will cite specific passages of Scripture, then misdirect (divert) your thought process to make you think of something other than what the text is actually saying.

This is one example of mesmerization, and they do it intentionally.

When you figure out what is happening, their mind-control over you ends.

A Diversion tactic they use for dealing with ACTS 20     

They steer your attention to the phrase first day of the week.   

Acts 20:7-38 begins by describing a gathering of believers (Natsarim) in a home, an upper room, where they listened to Paul until midnight, since Paul was departing the following morning.  This was at Troas, where they had arrived after the days of unleavened bread (7 days following Passover).   Have you been taught about Unleavened Bread or Passover as being a part of your annual observances?  Also, notice "there were many lamps in the upper room" - this is because it was after dark.  At the start of this gathering in the lamp-filled upper room, Shabath had just ended, and a few of the Natsarim had come together in this home, and had a snack together (breaking bread).  It was after sunset, the resting was over.  It was officially the "first day of the week" when Sabbath ended at sunset. 

There was nothing going on here like a "Mass" or communion service.  

No one was worshipping, they were being taught. The believers simply wanted to hear Paul before he left town.  Next they sailed on to Miletos, and called the ELDERS of Ephesos there, to hear an important matter. 

This whole section needs to be carefully studied, because what Paul taught them is overlooked by the distraction to make you think about how it was "the first day of the week", stated earlier in the chapter.  Get past that, study this chapter closely, and READ THE WARNING Paul gave to the elders he had called for.  It will shake you to your roots, and probably wake-up many of you from a life-long slumber.  You should be able to see the diversion tactic that has been used to block many people from seeing what Shaul wanted to warn us of.  Another diversion tactic is used at 2 Pet. 3:14-18.  They bring your attention to Paul's letters being Scriptures to distract you from what is being said --  it's another warning to us. Of course you know Paul's writing were inspired. Our main job is to overcome the errors, so we can be effective in our service and reach the LOST with the Truth, the Word, the Torah of the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  Our message to them is "Repent, for the reign of Yahuah draws near."   Repentance means return to the Torah (Ten Words, the Covenant)  --  but it has been turned into a misunderstanding, where "grace" and "being under law" are considered to be in conflict with each other. To partake of the Renewed Covenant (Jer. 31, Heb. 8), we must receive a love for the Torah, allowing Yahusha to circumcise our hearts with a love for it.

     "Therefore, go and make taught ones of all the nations, immersing them into the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Set-apart Spirit, teaching them to guard all that I have commanded you."   Mt. 28:19.   How much of what He had commanded were they to teach "all the nations"?  ". . . all that I have commanded you."   
Surely, the 10 Commandments are involved in "all that I have commanded you" -- don't you imagine?   This is the work we all do, not just the leaders of our assemblies. Yahusha is the only Leader we have, and pastors are simply organizers.  And not all pastors do things in the same way, nor is all pastoring the same.  There are a variety of functions and members in Yahusha's Body, His living Temple.   Our ministry (work) is different from most others, but no more or less vital to the health of the overall Body.

The answer to the delusion is in Genesis, or what is called Barashith in the original Hebrew, through to Revelation; that we are to rest from all our work as Yahuah did on the seventh day of every week. It’s given as a directive in the book of Exodus, the 4th of the Ten Commandments.  

The Sabbath is spoken of 9 times in the book of Acts. 

It is called “a sign” (oth) between Yahuah and Israel, the sign of the “everlasting Covenant” (Ex. 31:13-17, Ez. 20:12-20, referred to at Heb. 4).   At Hebrews 4, we are told specifically that the "rest" involves the 7th day of the week, and that for the "people of Alahim" there remains a Sabbath-keeping.   How could they get around that?  Simple;  by misdirecting the meaning, and deluding the listeners.   They have even "suggested" picking a day out of every 7 to rest  -- but when you pick the correct one, you're legalistic. Being lawless is the goal of Nimrod's World Order. If the Covenant is everlasting, its sign is also: the weekly Sabbath. Our Mashiak Yahusha made the heavens and the Earth, and called them as witnesses to His everlasting Covenant.

As long as the Heavens and the Earth endure, the Ten Commandments will stand, not just 9 of them.  Not one letter can be altered. 

The Shabath He kept is not the one Christianity recognizes because Christianity is a religion ABOUT Him, and is not the same way of living He teaches and adheres to Himself.  Constantine changed the day of rest to his SUN-day.  Setting aside the Commandments of Yahuah in order to adhere to human traditions is very dangerous, as is worship in a way that is humanly invented.

Many deceptive ideas and customs have been hidden in plain sight, openly practiced for all to see. Those who promote these ideas have to constantly provide an explanation for them, like a booster shot, to keep the masses under the spell of their vaccination against the Truth.  Being under the spell of their excuses makes the listener drunk, and numb to the Truth when it does come along.  Those who are deluded don’t know they are.  If they knew, they would not allow the delusion to continue.  The truth comes with a price tag: giving up the comfort of feeling secure in one’s beliefs about reality at any cost in order to attain the truth.  It means we have to be prepared to “wake up” and become aware of our previous and/or existing delusions.  The movie Matrix comes to mind immediately, since it portrays these circumstances clearly.  Some of us are completely awake, but walking around in a world with the majority of people "dreaming" a reality that's not really there at all.  We want to share the truth with you, but you don't even realize that you're dreaming or living in a constructed matrix someone designed for you to remain deluded in.

2 Thess 2:7-12 is critical to understand that there is delusion, the working of error:

For the mystery of lawlessness (living without law) is already at work; only he who now restrains (controls) will do so until he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Master will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason (Alahim) will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

     The word “delusion” used here is translated from the Greek word, PLANOS, #4106 — and means a wrong opinion, errors in morals, a leading astray, a working of error.

     How can we tell if we are under a spell or hypnotic trance?  Is it possible to test for such a condition in ourselves?  The only sure test to find out if we are deluded is to do a personal topical study of Scripture, and compare what we learn from this study with our “reality” as we have perceived it to be.  We must be careful to let Scripture speak alone, without our bringing any former beliefs to the study we are undertaking.  This will be very sobering to everyone who takes time to test themselves in this way.

     If you are like 99% of sincere Christians, you honestly believe that “Sun-Day” is the “Christian Sabbath”.  At the same time, you may have been told that “Jewish” believers in the same Mashiak may observe the usual “7th day” of the week Sabbath, because they were “BORN” as Jewish-folk.  So, we immediately have re-built a dividing wall that had been removed by Mashiak’s death and resurrection (Eph. 2:14).  Instead of ONE body, we have TWO bodies of Mashiak, based on the distinction of being BORN as a Jewish person, or as a Gentile person. This surely cannot be -- it turns out to only be one of many human traditions, brought about by a working of error  (a delusion). This leaven of men's teachings is wormwood.

     As you slowly read the book of Acts, you will discover the truth of the matter - never has the 4th Commandment (the Sabbath) been “changed” by any doctrine originating in Scripture.  The first chapter of Acts will reveal this to you.  A delusion (working of error) has hypnotically entranced most of the world in a deception practiced openly. 

Are you prepared to fully awaken?  The next level will cause you great pain, yet you will be so grateful for reaching it.  You will meet with your pastor after you awaken, and he will show you a side of himself you never knew to exist.  He will seem to be asleep to you.

Topics that you should personally study to test yourself for being deluded:

The Sabbath  -  has anyone changed which day is the Sabbath mentioned in the 10 Commandments?   Sure they have  -  it was imposed by Roman emperor Constantine I.   But can the change be found in Scripture? 

Yes  -  but it's a bad thing  --  read Daniel 7:25.   It may be that it is linked to the "mark of the beast" (Rev. 13) since "buying and selling" is NOT allowed to be done on the Sabbath Day.   Those having the beast's mark (Sun-Day?) are allowed to buy and sell, but those having Yahuah's mark (the Sabbath) are not permitted to buy and sell  --  but this is self imposed on these obedient folks, only pertaining to the day of rest.  

Scripture refers to those who disobey the Covenant (Torah) as dogs and beasts.   The Commandments -- and those obedient to them out of love  --  reveal who is of Yahuah and who is a servant of the deceiver of this world.  (And this article is about delusion, deception, and error).

The Personal Name of our Creator  -  has it been intentionally concealed and removed from the common translations, according to their own admission in the preface?   Have you ever looked up the word "GOD" in a good encyclopedia to learn the origins of the word?

Mashiak's real Name  -  Is there only one (Acts 4:12), and is it Yahusha or Jesus?

The re-newed, or "New Covenant"  -  What is it? 

Can we find it in the Scriptures?  (see Jer. 31, Ez. 36, Heb. 8).

Bible  -  is this word found in the Scriptures, or ever used by Scripture to refer to itself?   Or, is it a Pagan deity's name?  (investigate Biblia, Biblos).   To wet your appetite for more, here's a glimpse at some TRUTH:  

This is what the Encyclopedia Americana  (1945 Edition) says under the topic “GOD”:

GOD (god):  Common Teutonic word for personal object of religious worship, formerly applicable to super-human beings of heathen myth; on conversion of Teutonic races to Christianity, term was applied to Supreme Being.”    Did you notice the term originally referred to super human beings worshipped by heathens? This began with Nimrod.


Yahusha haMashiak informed us that the Scriptures bear witness of Him (Yn. 5:39).  He also told us He is the Master of the Shabath (Mk 2:28), and to pray that our flight not be in winter or on a Shabath (Mt. 24:20 - an END TIME warning).  It is the sign of the everlasting Covenant (Ex. 31, Ez. 20), yet following human misdirection, we are easily deluded to believe it has been changed to Sun-Day.  Human reasoning hypnotically explains our reality for us, while Scripture is completely silent about any change in Sabbath observance.   Paul's writings are  misquoted to explain how they don't have to obey the Covenant (Torah), told us to TEST ourselves to see if we are in the true faith  (2Cor. 13:5). 

If Yahuah is going to severely punish the nations that fail to observe the feast of Booths (Sukkoth) during the Millennial Reign (Zech. 14),  how much will He punish those who completely ignore ALL His Shabaths?   Another question to ask yourself is, would He punish anyone who stepped out of the line of lemmings and actually obeyed Him by resting on the 7th day of every week?   Only the other lemmings are going to get upset over it.

The apostles didn't change any of the Commandments, they obeyed them from the heart. The Shabath is the sign of the everlasting Covenant. 

There has been a long-term conscious effort in the fields of education and media to steer our culture toward Humanism.

This was the objective of Nimrod's plan to divert obedience to Yahuah, and give credit to humanity for all the progress and benefits we have received.

The Georgia Guidestones are a monument to Humanism.

Nimrod's World Order ultimately seeks to eliminate all religion, the family, and private property. They promote atheism, socialism, and evolution.  When lies are repeated over and over, they eventually are accepted as truth.  Do all you can to counter the lies with the Truth.

Are you deluded and ready to wake up?  

     The faith was Hellenized (transformed into a Pagan Greek format) over the first several centuries. Instead of Gentiles adopting the walk of the Mashiak and grafting into the fig tree (Romans 11), they drew away and invented a religious system about the Mashiak, but according to their former Pagan system and liturgical calendar.





                             Where did we get the form "JESUS" from?lation still alie?




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The Torah is out there.   I want to obey.




And the children of Yisharal shall guard the Shabath, to observe the Shabath throughout their generations as an everlasting covenant. Between Me and the children of Yisharal it is a sign forever. For in six days Yahuah made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.   BYNV Ex / Shemoth 31:16, 17 

Sun-day (day of the Sun) is not the Shabath. This change was made by emperor Constantine, a worshipper of the sun deity, Apollo.

Changing Yahuah's Word takes the Good Seed and makes it Weed Seed.


What’s your sign?  A constellation, or Shabath?

The Host Of The Heavens, The Old Religion Of Babel: Astrology
“Mazzaroth” is the Hebrew word referring to the sun, moon, and stars.
It can also refer to the Zodiac, “zoo” beasts thought to be living in the skies and influencing mankind.
The “host of the heavens” are the “way” of the gentiles (YirmeYahu / Jeremiah 10), and are THE SOURCE OF ALL SORCERY.

The harlot woman of Revelation 17 & 18 is the old religion of Babel, and is the worship of the host of heaven, through which all the nations have been deceived.  This is a culture of rebellion and witchcraft, concerning which we are commanded, “Come out of her My people!”  

It is the apostasy Stephen spoke of to the Sanhedrin, Acts 7:42, spoken about at Yekezqel / Ezekiel 8, as well as in the Covenant 10 Commandments, among many other texts. Some Natsarim teachers are falling for this deceptive, old pattern of wickedness from Babel.



2Th 2:9-12:  “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of satan, with all power and signs and wonders of falsehood,  and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those perishing, because they did not receive the love of the Truth, in order for them to be saved.  And for this reason Alahim sends them a working of delusion, for them to believe the falsehood, in order that all should be judged who did not believe the Truth, but have delighted in the unrighteousness.”
Yahuah will send the delusion, as this text also says:
Acts 7:42: “So Alahim turned and gave them up to worship the host of the heaven, as it has been written in the book of the Prophets, ‘Did you bring slaughtered  beasts and offerings to Me during forty years in the wilderness, O house of Yisharal?”

 There is no Scripture from which to teach the message of deliverance using the framework of the Queen of Heaven (Babel). There is no white magic, or form of Astrology that applies to the message of deliverance.  People are being led into false reasoning when taught about a “virgin” in a constellation. The quote in Ayub (Job) is asking him if he can bring forth the sun, moon, and stars: Yahuah is not asking Iyub if he can bring forth Orion as most translations render the term. The Hebrew word "KESIL" means "burly, colossal, immense", so "immensity" might even refer to the whole panarama of the heavens themselves. Translators have interpreted and passed-down their opinions in our English for centuries. The BYNV restores a fresh look at texts like this, without filtering ideas through old ideas. Orion is not in Scripture, neither is the Pleiades; that word means a cluster, herd, or group. There is no redemption plan written in the stars, it's written in the prophetic Word of Yahuah.

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