Hebrew Roots research by Lew White

Hebrew letters Yod Hay Uau Hay

The letter double-U (W) appeared as a piece of metal type soon after the invention of the printing press.

Q:  I read the book Fossilized Customs, and in it you talk about the movie Matrix.  It's one of my favorites.  As believers, is it wrong to do "worldly things" like go to the movies, learn Karate, go skiing etc...

[Lew's brief answer]   The rules of men have added a great deal to the religions, and this has been going on since the beginning.  The Torah is about love - (of Yahuah and the life of people and all the living things He's created).  Respect for life is one goal of religion hopefully.   When we damage another's reputation we have crossed the line.   We can drink wine, beer, and even whiskey -- in moderation.  We can dance.  We can live in this world, with sin all around us, yet not be of the world.  If we never drink anything but orange juice and water, never dance, never turn to the left, never learn to drive, never have sex, never play harmonica, or never whatever, we are not going to be guilty of doing anything wrong  --  we've simply decided to avoid several things.  This doesn't change our hearts however.  Some will not allow the female arm to be seen unclothed above the elbow.  Smiling was considered a sign of insanity for most of human history  --  that's why all the busts and paintings have such grim expressions, and also why the painting called the Mona Lisa caused such a big stir.  

     We can do anything that the Torah permits us to do.  What the Torah forbids, we do not do.  When we add extra prohibitions, and feel we are becoming more pious, the only one being deceived is ourselves  --  but I doubt we're missing-out on any great amount of fun either. If we completely avoid the sinner, cutting ourselves off from all contact with those we judge to be immoral, we are useless to help them.  If they don't wish to be concerned with growing to become better, then we should avoid them.  We are salt, which is spread sparingly, and very preciously.  Salt can be uncomfortable at times too, to its surroundings -- and be uncomfortable because of its surroundings (it can melt or dissolve away).  The goal of the prohibitions against certain activities was simply to keep believers away from the influences of Pagans and fleshly people who might corrupt the good people.  We know there are not any "good" people, since all of us are sinners, and fall short.   We become stronger through trials, by encouraging one another; so having another believing friend or spouse helps us stand against errors.   This is likely why Yahusha sent them in pairs, to be of help to one another.   Marriages are also like this, and back-to-back, we are stronger and very likely to overcome.  Not many of us are sent into the trenches of the front lines of spiritual warfare, as Yahusha was criticized for being around the "sinners" of His time.   But our best work is found at the cutting edge of the frontier between the people of the world living in darkness, and the struggling children of light who are sent to show them back to the path of life.   We are only preserved by the power of Yahusha, Who is doing His marvelous work in us  --  but we are sometimes severely wounded by our friends, who are critical because they don't understand.  (Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do).   We, like Stephen (Acts 7), are sometimes attacked by the religious community of believers we are part of.


Concerning evolution and a major reason for its rise:     

NEGLECTING TO OBSERVE THE SABBATH DAY   (remembering Creation, and stop working on the 7th day).

    A belief in evolution is a natural response in people who have forgotten about their Creator. The 4th Commandment to Yahuah's wife/bride (all the tribes of Israel, not just Jews) tells us to remember the Sabbath, BECAUSE  Yahuah (YHUH) created the heavens and Earth in six days and rested the 7th (also see Heb. 4).  The answer is in Genesis 1, all through Acts, Hebrews, Isaiah 56, Ez. 20, and another 100 places on this topic.  The 7th Day of each week is established as a COMMEMORATION OF CREATION, honoring the One Who is the true Creator.   We are the servants of the one whom we OBEY;  if we are deceived by a deceiver, given an excuse to change the Commandment, then we don't know we've been deceived until someone comes along and tells us.   Now, you've been told.  The wicked have “no rest”, or Sabbath.   The Sabbath Day is the sign of the Everlasting Covenant.  This sign brings persecution, because:

The adversary changed the Sabbath Day to the Romans’ Day of the Sun in 321 CE.  

(by the authority of the first "pope" of Catholicism, Constantine I)

In contrast, the Natsarim follow the Messiah of Israel, and love Him enough to obey His Commands, which are not grievous or difficult.

Natsarim (from NATSAR, #5341; branch, guard, watch, observe, watcher).

Why are we called that?  Because we are the watchmen; we are the ones who call out at midnight, Matt. 25:1-13, Mark 13:34-37. Acts 24:5 calls our sect “the Natsarim”, and Shaul was accused of being a “ringleader”.   Ephraim: the appointed watchmen—YirmeYahu (Jer.) 31:6, Hos. 9:8.

We are the alert ones; and we are announcing the end of the times of the Goyim. Prepare to meet the Bridegroom;  

Blessed is the One Who comes in the Name of Yahuah (YHUH), REPENT FOR THE REIGN OF Yahuah DRAWS NEAR.

As a prelude to what follows, I'd like to say these few words:

   As we each increase in our knowledge in the true faith, we may find that many things we believe to be true may have no bearing on our salvation, but we find ourselves haggling over them quite often.  Confrontations over silly issues often become heated debates.  We're always fine-tuning ourselves, so we need to give each other a little room to do that.   By approaching the Scriptures with a previous belief system, many think they find proof of what they believe in Scripture (This is faulty, and called "eisegesis").   But, we should let the Scriptures teach us what to believe (exegesis), not carry a belief into our "reading" of them.   There are many teachings on many things floating about, and most are not salvation issues.   For example, although I believe the Great Flood (of Noach's day) was global in scope, many believers are convinced it was 400 miles long and 100 miles wide, near the Black Sea.   So, I don't reject a believer over thinking differently on this, but I wonder how they can arrive at their conclusions in the face of Scriptural texts.   I also resort to simple logic, and by reasoning together sometimes our differences can be resolved.  Why would Noach spend 100 years building an ark, when all he really needed to do was migrate for 3 weeks?

     Usually, I view setting up doctrinal statements as a possible avenue of division among us, but I'm glad to answer direct questions.  Please understand that my positions on certain matters may only be "leaning" in a particular direction, and it certainly doesn't isolate my thinking or close off my interest in what others lean toward, may choose to believe, or interpret.  I respect everyone's opinions, and I consider their views valuable as long as the doctrines are not working against our obedience to the teachings of Yahuah.

   The questions below will provoke some thought, and they will be followed by a Statement of Faith.   In some respects, fixed statements of doctrine can serve to divide the Body of Mashiach, but if they are not traditions of men brought over into our faith, but come solely from Scripture, then it does no harm to make a list of those things which help frame our faith.


Q: The Bible - Do you believe that English speaking people have the Holy infallible Word of God?

Answer: Barring lawless footnotes and certain errors in translation, our Scriptures contain, in general, the English equivalent to the ideas expressed in the original inspired Hebrew.   I believe the original Hebrew is the infallible source.   Concerning the Greek texts, the Catholic copyists seem to have altered the Messianic writings to such an extent that no twosentences in the Greek match perfectly among the many copies, but in general I believe that Yahuah would not allow us to be overly deceived.  He does have ha shatan on a leash, so errors can be overcome.   We can listen to Scripture with a lawless ear, and come away believing we don't have to obey; or we can listen with an ear willing to learn and obey.  This is what Yahusha meant by our eye being "filled with light", or "filled with darkness" -- it's all a matter of how our Spiritual world-view is slanted.

Q: What position do you take regarding the doctrine of the trinity?

Answer: Our human tradition of the teaching about the triune nature of Yahuah doesn't originate from Scripture.  Reading only Scripture, it would be highly unlikely for anyone to develop a "trinitarian" concept, they would need to be taught this first, then bring it with them to the study.   The "Trinity" entered the belief  through what is called The Apostles' Creed, formulated as an integral part of the rite of baptism (This "rite" is not the same act as we find in Scripture).  A clearly divided and separate confession of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, corresponding to the Divine Persons invoked in the formula of baptism was imposed by Catholicism, and this dogma has persisted strongly to the present.  This Creed developed from a primitive teaching (c. 390), and is referred to in a letter addressed to Siricius by the Council of Milan (Migne, P.L., XVI, 1213), which supplies the earliest known instance of the combination Symbolum Apostolorum ("Creed of the Apostles").   Certainly any idea that it actually originated with the 12 Apostles is a myth.  The actual inception of the doctrine of the Trinity seems to be best explained as coming from the Nicene Creed, formulated under the Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.  "Non-Catholic" Christians are still 95% the same as Catholics, but they don't realize it.   Pagan trinities abound, and it was Constantine I who brought this doctrine into the Messianic faith at theCouncil of Nicaea in 325 CE.  I don't judge the issue as salvational, but it served the purposes of early people in authority to bring Pagans into an understanding of the teachings of the followers of Yahusha, but explained by means of Pagan models.  In Christianity, most every observance came from Paganism, but these observances were used to illustrate a truth or teaching found in Scripture.  This is like using the format of WITCHCRAFT to explain the salvation plan of Yahuah.  Rather than simply repenting of the behavior and obeying how Scripture shows us to live, our forebears adopted the processes and calendar of Paganism instead. Yahuah is Spirit, and He has manifested Himself to us in many ways over time. The last time He spoke to us through His Son. We who have been convicted of our sins and repented, He has come into us and written His Torah (teachings) on our hearts and minds -- thus circumcising our hearts in the New Covenant. It would be accurate to say that I'm not a Trinitarian, but I respect those who are as long as they hold to the teaching of Yahuah by obeying the Commandments, and the testimony of Yahusha. Yahusha's Command for us to love one another is not contingent upon whether a person is dividing Yahuah into 3 parts or not.  He judges our hearts, and we are all a "work in progress".  No one has it all perfectly figured out, except Him. When we reject someone, we have judged them, and this rejection will enter into how we will be judged when our time comes.   Simply put, I'm not a trinitarian -- but I love people who are.   Yahuah is One.

Q: Do you believe in the physical resurrection of Yahshua?

Answer: Yes, and in this is our only hope.   If Yahusha is not raised, then our faith is in vain, and we are to be pitied more than all men.  Yahusha's resurrection was apparent to Peter and Yahuchanon, because they could see the wrappings that had been glued in place around His body were still undisturbed -- but the body was gone and the wrappings were still undisturbed!  He passed through the wrappings, and the hillside that imprisoned Him. I have nothing to do with the celebration of "Easter Sun-day", although I identify each believers' immersion with Yahusha's death, burial, and resurrection. His resurrection doesn't need to be framed in a Pagan background for anyone to understand it.

Q: Do you believe in the doctrine of a rapture of the saints? If so, do you believe this will happen before, during or after the tribulation period?

Answer: If we are alive at Yahusha's return, I believe we will be gathered in the air first to meet Yahusha, preceded by the dead in Yahusha, and this occurrence will be after the tribulation. This will be when our flesh will change into incorruption in the wink of an eye.  The tribulation will be very evident to everyone alive, and the "elect" of Yahuah will be present during the entire duration, regardless of what books and movies tell us about it.   The people "DEAD" who will be raised incorruptable at Yahusha's coming must not be "in heaven", since they will awaken when He calls them out of their graves.  The chosen (elect, those living with belief in Yahusha and living in the Covenant) will be alive, and changed in the twinkling of an eye, not raptured away in advance of the great trib;  their "rapture" will be when they are clothed with immortality.   The days will be shortened (the length of the great trib) for the sake of the chosen.

Here's what Scripture says:

"For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time; no, nor ever shall be.   And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; BUT FOR THE ELECT'S SAKE, those days will be shortened." (Mt. 24:21,22)   IF THE ELECT ARE NOT STILL ON THE EARTH, THEN THE DAYS WOULD NOT NEED TO BE SHORTENED.

So, we can easily see that the "ELECT" (Israel of Yahuah -- all 12 tribes) will be there to the bitter end, not whisked up in the air like the books and movies say it will happen.  The elect will be the reason that this horrible tribulation will be SHORTENED. The parable of the wheat and tares (weeds) is also an illustration of the timing of the harvesting of the Earth:

The harvest of the Earth (Day of Yahuah) is one of the secrets of the Kingdom of Yahuah (Mt. 13:11). Mattit Yahu 13 is full of the examples of how it will be. At Mt. 13:24-30, in the parable of the wheat and tares, the workers asked:

"Do you want us, then, to go and gather them (the weeds) up?" But He said 'No; lest while you are gathering up the tares, you may root up the wheat with them. Allow both to grow together UNTIL THE HARVEST; and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, 'FIRST, GATHER UP THE TARES and bind them in bundles to burn them up; but gather the wheat into my barn.'" (See also Mt. 3:12)

The harvesting reapers are most likely seraphim, the fiery ones. They will take out the offensive weeds first, then gather the elect (Natsarim) into the barn, the New Yerushalayim.

The Christian rapture culture believes the elect will be spared the tribulation because they infer the wrong order of things from Paul's writings, and completely ignore the parables because they are spiritually discerned "mysteries".

Q: Do you believe in a literal hell, as being an eternal place of punishment for the wicked and unbelieving?

Answer:   HELL -- This word is from the Old English word "hell", meaning "hole". It referred to a place below ground, and became the popular word used by translators to convey the concept of Gahanna in Greek, from the Hebrew SHEOL, which is either a literal grave, or used to refer to the state of the dead. The fiery destruction of the unrighteous in Scripture seems to be having themselves tossed into what is called YAM AISH, meaning lake of fire. The phrase lake of fire is an example of an idiom; we must never take idioms literally. This destruction is called the SECOND death. The first death is required of all flesh, but the SECOND death seems to be the permanent eradication of the spirit being of each unrighteous creature. A death implies and end to something.

The "breath of life" has been said to apply to only the physical life (nefesh) by some, but I tend to go one step beyond this idea, and take it to include the "living soul" also (some say this is a concept from Paganism). Our spirit or nephesh comes from Yahuah, Who is Spirit, and "it" returns to Him also. It may be more than oxygen's chemical reaction with our physical composition. Scripture speaks of our "spirit" as well. The state of the unrighteous may end up simply as recycled spirit energy at their second "death". Now, I am not dogmatically opposed to the possibility that there may also be "eternal punishment", existence apart and without Yahuah, but if there is, then this would ALSO be "eternal life"; this is why I only tend to lean toward the idea that the unrighteous may not be around to suffer. They may, but this presents a logical conflict -- eternal life is eternal. If a creature is to be punished for all eternity, it would also seem to be necessary to have eternal life (a conscious existence) to sustain them for the torture.  Another thing about the idea of eternal punishment is, it seems outside of Yahuah's goals and character.  He would not have one of us torture another creature, and being Creator, and the embodiment of love, He probably would simply destroy the unrighteous.  The texts that seem to say "eternal burning" and "smoke that rises forever" could be idioms.  "Hell" has been used to put fear into men's hearts, and if this gets some peoples' attention, it serves well enough.  I'm mostly concerned for the unrepentant because of the loss of eternal life they will suffer.  They just don't realize the enormity of such a loss.

Q: How can a person go to heaven?   Is keeping Yahweh's commands required for salvation?

Answer: These two questions are very much related. The entire Brit Chadasha (New Covenant) discusses the Kingdom of Heaven (or more accurately, the Kingdom of Yahuah). The lawless, murderers, liars, idolaters, perverts, and general Yahuah-haters will not enter the Kingdom, called the world-to-come by many. The pure in heart (those without hate for Yahuah or His Creation) provide ample proof of their inner nature by their thoughts and actions. Yahusha was asked how a person could inherit the Kingdom of Yahuah, and His answer was "Keep (observe, practice) the Commandments". This is impossible for those in the "mind of the flesh", meaning they serve their flesh. Those who walk "in the mind of the Spirit" do that which is after the Spirit, and their fruits are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. The Commandments are spiritual, and the mind of the flesh cannot obey without being led by the Spirit, so if we don't have the Spirit of Mashiach, we are not His, and will not inherit the world-to-come.


Q: What commands are we to keep?

Answer: This is the question which Yahusha answered the young man who asked Him how to inherit the Kingdom of Yahuah. Yahusha began to enumerate the Torah Covenant, at Exodus 20. For a long and blessed life, one should also pay attention to the laws at Lev. 11, 19, 23, and observe the annual moedim (appointments) at Deut. 16. Yesha Yahu (Isaiah) 56 closely ties in the observance of His Sabbaths with salvation (verse 6).   The Redemption plan of His bride/wife (Israel) is fore-shadowed in the seven annual High Sabbaths.

Q: How are we to keep the Sabbath?

Answer:   A Shakespearian way of asking this might be, "To rest, or not to rest;  that is the question."   The Sabbath is about one thing:  identification with the Creator because He rested during the first week of Creation.  How is it observed?   Every 7th day, Israel of Yahuah is to REST from work.   Do that, and you have satisfied the requirement.  Israel had to be trained in how to do this also, and for 40 years Yahuah used the manna (not the moon) to show them.  "Let no man go out of his place on the Sabbath" (Ex. 16:29) is a favorite example I like to use, so if we stay in our vicinity and rest, we have accomplished what is implied by the Commandment.  If you are unconscious for the entire duration of the 7th day, you have done no wrong.   Doing relaxing things is certainly O.K. too.   The Sabbath was given to us, we weren't given to it.  It's Yahuah's Sabbath, and one important aspect of it is that it is a commemoration of Creation, how we imitate Yahuah by resting as He rested (Heb. 4).   The logical result or consequence of not remembering the Sabbath is: belief in evolution.   At the setting of the Sun on the 6th day, beginning at evening (or twilight), my family gathers around the dining table to break bread, drink of the fruit of the vine, and I place the Name on my children (Aharonic example, Num. 6:22-27).  This practice simply serves to "separate" the profane days of the week from the qodesh day, although it's not required;  but you can develop family "tradition" that helps mark the time clearly in the minds of the growing children.  We relax and play together as a family unit mostly, enjoying Creation.  We work during the week for 6 days, and rest and relax on the 7th.  Acts 20 shows that the Natsarim gathered after the Sabbath in someone's house, and Paul spoke until midnight (overly long because he planned to leave the next morning).   The word “shabua” is Hebrew for week.  At the end of the Shabbat, it was dark and considered to be “the first of the week”.   So, it was the beginning of the evening of the 1st day of the week when they actually assembled in that community.  If there were a place nearby my home, and people were gathering there to study, I'd certainly go for a couple of hours each Sabbath.   1 Cor. 14:26 states that when we assemble, EACH ONE has a teaching, a prophecy, a tongue (language), and so not just one person dominates the group -- Yahusha speaks through each of us to His body.

Q: What is your religious background?   Were you raised up in a specific church or denomination?

Answer:  My parents raised me and my 4 brothers in their system of beliefs, which was (and still is to them) Roman Catholicism.  I was trained throughout elementary school by nuns, and in high school by Jesuits. From the age of 18 to 22, I served in the U.S. Air Force.   The next 7 years were spent earning a Bachelors degree at the University of Louisville Business school.   I continued to study the sciences every spare moment, but only found human conjectures.  The Roman Catholicism I had been raised with had faded, and I was no longer "drunk" by the programming.   I now hold that system to be filled with the grossest idolatry imaginable, and most likely is the seat of the Anti-messiah.  I was taught to kneel and talk to a cracker/cookie, which the priest-craft teaches everyone to believe is the living body of "Jesus" because the "priest" uttered the words "HOC EST CORPUS MEUM" over the cookie.  When I had to time to investigate the history of Catholicism and its practices, it led to my study of various sciences -- since I just wanted the Truth.  Later, I turned to the Scriptures for my answers, and only there could I find them.    Those who are Christians but not Catholics may have a "tag" or denominational name for their sect/group.   They are a few small steps out of Babylon, because they are not Catholic in their method of worship;  but, they are still 95% like a Catholic, but don't know it.   They still have Sun-day, Easter, Christmas, and lawlessness they feel is justified because in their own words they may claim they don't have to "obey" certain Commands because "we're not Jewish".   The truth is, Israel is 12 tribes, and the Jews (Yahudim) are only one of them;  the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem are named for these 12 tribes, and there's not a single gate that is for Catholics or Christians.  You MUST engraft into ISRAEL, to partake of the Covenant and the promises (Rom. 11).  Being "chosen" before the foundation of the world, the House of Israel (10 lost tribes) were sifted / dispersed into the nations (Amos 9:9), but they will be regathered and joined to the House of Yahudah in the END TIMES (see Ezek. 36 & 37)  -- they were 2 sticks, but will be made into ONE STICK in Yahuah's hand.   Come out of her, my people!  Come back to Yahuah's House, and obey the Covenant - the bread you hunger for.   Catholicism?   All it offers is the "sacraments", a deceptive alternative to receiving the Truth, dispensed through a man-made priest craft.   Being a Christian means you've left 5% of this system, and you need to come all the way out.

Q: If you previously were attending different church denomination, was there a specific event that lead to your leaving the denomination you were previously involved in?

Answer: Being about 18 years of age, I entered the US Air Force.  This was the first break in my life from being enslaved to the weekly Paganism / witchcraft I was involved in.   After having time to reason through the incredible farce I had been involved in, I carefully evaluated whatever I decided to be Truth from then on.  Personal research revealed more and more errors to me that were found in the religious traditions practiced by most denominations, so I approached the subject of religion from the standpoint of Yahusha's own religion.  Going solely by what Scripture tells us, there was quite a lot of excess baggage that I could put down -- it was a load that I was glad to be relieved of carrying.   Being in any "denomination" lays a different foundation than that which was laid, so denominations are Scripturally illegal - our only foundation is Yahusha.   His "religion" is not Christianity, but rather He is the High Priest of Yahuah, serving as a Priest forever, according to the order of Melkizedek.   Yahusha is the Mashiach of Yisrael, into which Gentiles must "engraft", andno longer will they remain Gentiles, but they become fellow citizens of ISRAEL (Eph. 2:8-13).  Israel is the only "denomination" that will be redeemed. 

I remember an event occurring that started a huge change in me.  The study of the Sabbath, or "Shabbath".

This is the sign (or mark) of the eternal Covenant (Ex. 31:13-17, Ez. 20:12-20), and is referred to in the book of Acts many times. 

The 12th verse of Acts 1 even mentions a "Shabbath's distance" from the city. 
Luke wrote Acts about 31 years after the ascension of Yahusha, and
yet Luke was still using this term "Shabbath" many times throughout the long account. 
When I first discovered the reality of the existence of the Shabbath, I was a Christian doing a personal study on Revelation 13.
I became traumatized when I read the verses, because I understood that "buying and selling" was something I would not do
on a "Sunday" for most of my life, and I had been tricked; by tradition.  No one showed me this truth but Yahusha in the Word.
As I read the text of Revelation 13 and the realization hit me, I was frozen for several minutes, with tears rolling down my face. 
The Gentilized form of religion inherited from Catholicism hated anything remotely "Jewish",
and Constantine had moved all the "duties" of the Shabbath to his Sunday  --  fulfilling Daniel 7:25.
The beast (in Daniel and Revelation) has "thought" to change times and Torah (law), imprinting his MARK or sign on those 
that belong to his system.  They are free to "buy and sell" on the Shabbath, but those of us not having his mark cannot buy and sell.  We wouldn't even think of doing so.   I have observed Yahuah's day of rest ever since the day I discovered it.
"Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of a festival, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days which are a shadow of things to come for the body of (Mashiach)." Col 2:16-17

Q: Do you believe that all Anglo Saxons are part of the lost tribes of Israel?

Answer    The key word in the question is "part", and I would hesitate to say "all" Anglo-Saxons are.  The more proper Scriptural term is "House of Israel", which was sifted into the Gentiles over 2700 years ago by the Assyrians.   See Amos 9:9, Ezek. 36 & 37, and take special notice of YirmeYahu (Jer.) chapter 3:6-25, and the distinction between what Yahuah calls "sisters", by the terms "Israel"  and  "Yahudah".   In general, I feel that the "lost 10 tribes" of the House of Israel are in the 100's of millions now, and are not primarily in one place, nor one "race".  Abraham's name means "father of nations", and he is literally so through the 12 tribes of Israel.   After the disruption between King David and his son Absalom, there was a split between the "north" (the House of Israel, 10 tribes in Samaria), and the "south" (the House of Yahudah).  This is important to comprehend if you wish to see the whole picture more clearly.  Yahusha tried to calm the hatred between the House of Yahudah and those remnants living in the "north", called "Samaritans", because they are Israel also.  He even declared that He was only sent to the lost sheep (lost tribes) of the House of Israel.  They are the "prodigal son".  It is probably true that many are now among the Anglo-Saxons; but I feel certain that the Ethiopians and many other black and Oriental peoples are also of the lost 10 tribes.  Yahusha, in us, is still seeking these "lost sheep" today.   The founding fathers of the USA believed that the native Americans were of the lost tribes of Israel.  The Ethiopian eunuch was a Cushite (descendant of Cush, a black gentleman, Acts 8:26-40) and Philip helped him understand Yesha Yahu 53.    I'm not one of those "White is Israel" people at all.   Most probably, a GREAT many Hispanics are a mixture of all 12 tribes, since ancient Spain was known as Tarshish, and later "Safarad", seen today in the word "Sfard".  It was Israel (all 12 tribes) who settled the ancient land of what is now Spain, even before Solomon's time.  The book of Yonah discusses Tarshish, the region settled by Israelites in what is now southern Spain.   The time of "Ya'aqob's trouble" may partly involve trying to sift through the catastrophe of being dispersed among the Gentiles, sown by Yahuah (Amos 9:9).   In the end, Israel is he or she who obeys the Covenant - we need to get over the genealogy, and accept our brothers and sisters without vexation.

It has been hypothesized that the "coat of many colors" worn by Yosef (the technicolor dreamcoat) has been echoed down through the descendants of Ephraim, and found itself in the colorful "government of Tartan" we see in the plaids of Scot Land.  The Angles are all of the same same stock, so the Scottish, Irish, and English may have among them much Ephraimite blood.  In the Tartan system, one color means you're low-born, 2 means your family line is more important, and if your family colors are 3 or more, it's a really big deal.  The one who wears the most colors is the ruler of all, and this reflects back to Yosef -- quite possibly.  In my estimation, any who re-program their lives to the Torah are Israelites, and they are called by Yahuah (Yahuah) to be children engrafted -- no branches are to look askew at the others!    YermeYahu 31 tells us of the "hills of Ephraim" (a term referring to the descendants of Yosef, who are not "Jews"), and from these "watchmen" (Hebrew NATSARIM) will arise when Yahuah rebuilds the maiden of Israel, also called Ephraim.   Read all of YermeYahu (Jer.) 31.   Yahuah is bringing forth the remnant before our eyes.  They have been in captivity in the nations for 2730 years, or more.  The House of Israel was dispersed by the Assyrians after the northern tribes split away from the house of Yahudah, and because they were a sea empire known as "Phoenicians" to the Greeks, many fled to remote colonies in northern Africa (Carthage, or Kiryath), Spain (Tarshish, Iberia), and the islands we now call Britain and Ireland (Hibernia).  Note the "IBER" in these terms, relating to "EBER".  Beginning in the late 8th century BCE, the empires of Carthage, Scythia, and Parthia developed, and were made up of these "lost tribes" of the house of Israel.

Instead of worrying about bloodlines, I am more concerned with who is awakening to the Truth, and if they are thirsty to learn, then Yahuah is calling them. They become chosen when they are immersed into the Name of Yahusha, and this is their circumcision into the faith of Abraham, Yitzhak, and Ya'akob. Then, I know beyond all doubt they are included in the household of Israel.  Read about "interracial marriage" below for some "culture shock" many are not prepared to accept.

Q: Many people past and present claim to be saved by believing in Jesus Christ

and calling on his name. Because these people have not used the Hebrew name

Yahusha do you believe that Yahweh will accept them? What will be their fate?

Answer    We will be judged by the measure we judge, so Yahusha wisely instructed us to "judge not".  He indicated that those in ignorance would receive few blows, but those whoknew and did not act on their knowledge would receive many blows.   Most of the teachings of Christianity stem from the Catechetical School of Alexandria, Egypt, the fountain from which all of Christianity originally sprang from.  Since the late 1500's, most people have been taught to believe that the Messiah's Name is "Jesus" because it has been aggressively promoted by the "Jesuits", a Catholic sect of priests called "the Society of Jesus".  The Jesuit-General is referred to as the "Black Pope".  They explain the Messiah's name in English by-way-of Greek.   They also use Latin as a basis for spelling the Name.   The Hebrew is avoided, and by the time the listener is exposed to their Greco-Latinisms, they are probably sorry they ever brought it up.  Some of us simply won't give up, and keep on pressing for more Truth.   As I said, we are all a "work in progress", and it is never my intention to offend or injure the faith of a new believer by personal criticisms on their condition at a given snapshot in time.  As we grow in understanding, we find Scriptural reasons to abandon practices which are man-made.  Repenting certainly involves moving away from past errors, inherited from our fathers which are of no profit.  Excusing errors in the traditional teachings of men is where Yahusha Himself was most critical of the Torah-teachers of 2000 years ago.  The "restoration of all things" involves removing the human traditions, and restoring the Commandments of Yahuah.  "Overcoming" the traditions is not easy, and the made-up name "Jesus" is simply of human origin.  I feel Yahusha will bring all those whose hearts are pure to Himself in the last day. If we hold grudges, and insist on what we have decided is "perfection" in those we associate with, then we may be in for a rude awakening.

We are our own worst enemy sometimes because we try too hard and strain to get the details correct, but miss the big picture -- it's only about love.   I've seen people develop under the guidance of Messianic pastors, and they  get so involved in keeping hair, arms, and legs covered that they are in  worse bondage than humans can bear up under.   Cleaning the outside of the cup is doing nothing;  a white-washed tomb is just for show.  Developing Statements of faith that basically exclude all other believers who may be slightly different (because they may observe the moon as a crescent or black ball, or some other difference), sometimes cause confrontations and divisions within the Body.   Such things are "shadows" of what is to come.  Personally, I believe it's possible that some "Sun-day" - keepers will be in the world-to-come, because even though they had many things wrong in their training they could rise above their petty pride and accept others in love, and in their hearts they love Yahuah.  They don't know what's wrong or right yet, so have no sin.  It's when they learn the Truth that they become responsible for it.  Yahusha is Truth personified, and He realizes that each of us is a work in progress -- our problem is we don't seem to be conscious of that fact very often in our personal lives, and as we watch others work out their salvation.  To me love is the highest calling we must commit ourselves to. Being right about every detail isn't going to earn us any points, but loving others enough to accept them with their flaws is the greatest test of our true nature.  If Yahusha loved them, while still in their sins, enough to be nailed to wood -- then the least we can do is have a little courtesy and patience ourselves.  The Yahusha I know isn't the type that writes people off very easily.  If they are chosen, He will wait and continue to work on them.

     If you looked at the 9 fruits of the Spirit and tried to imagine what their "opposites" might be, you'd see the traits of the mind of the flesh.  The fruit of the Spirit consists of:   LOVE - JOY - PEACE - PATIENCE - KINDNESS - GOODNESS - GENTLENESS - FAITHFULNESS -  & SELF CONTROL.   The world without Torah produces hate, despair, war, ruthlessness, and the like.   Basically, sin is hatred; hatred of Yahuah, and hatred of our neighbor (produced by pride, and selfishness).   Read Philippians 4:5-8, and you'll see how Yahusha views our world, and we strive to imitate Him. If we simply "do what Yahusha would do", we probably won't be too far off the correct path.


Q: Regarding Peoples of different races; African, Indian, and Asian Peoples,

how do you believe they fit into Yahweh's plan? Can they be truly saved?

Can they claim all the same promises as White Anglo Saxons?

Answer:   I believe I've already answered this above.  Yes, the verses at Yesha Yahu 56 clearly guarantee that all nations will be granted the right to Yahuah's mountain, and at verse 6 He ties it to keeping from profaning His Sabbaths, and holding to His Covenant.   I'm "white"; I understand genetics enough to realize that white people have lost genetic information just as the polar bear has -- the black bear is the same animal, but contains more information.  Over time, each generation loses genetic information.   It's my belief that Adam and Chuwah were black, Noach was an albino, and the races of Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasoid all came about through Noach's three sons Shem, Ham, and Yapheth.    White people have lost genetic information;  their melonin content is severely lacking.   It was slowly bred-out, most likely because populations became isolated.  The original human had to have had a very black complexion.   Ham was black, and Cush was of his lineage;  Cushites are black (Acts 8:27), and so are Ethiopians (Jer. 13:23).   This distinction was troublesome to "racists" even in the time of Mosheh (Num. 12:1), but we must remember whichever race we are, if we view other races with disdain, WE JUDGE THEIR MAKER, and this puts us in a very precarious position -- Yahuah could strike us with leprosy for it as He did Mosheh's sister, Miryam.   Then your skin would be so hideous, you'd gladly become whatever race in exchange for your problem.   We are truly evil in our hearts, but Yahusha wants us to see ourselves as He sees us - in love, great enough to lay our lives down for one another.    Being a living sacrifice is better.

Q: What about intermarrying of people of different races?

Answer:   Interracial marriage:    I know that there are those who teach against this practice, and even Mosheh was criticized for being married to a black girl -- (Num. 12:1) -- but this was shown to be wrong to criticize.  This circumstance would also indicate that Mosheh was not black.  When we "rank" ourselves or judge the worthiness of others based on any external trait, we judge their Maker, and this is also taken as a personal insult to Him.   The 3 primary races on this planet are the descendants of Shem, Ham, and Yapheth.   These three brothers along with their wives provided all the human genetic material we see in the world today.   In a few moments you'll gain some insight into what's been happening between the races, from a genetic viewpoint.    After you comprehend my reasoning, you'll understand completely why I'm not "prejudiced" toward other races.  Although I'm a Caucasoid, I love the Orientals and Cushites and have no superiority complex or racial bias.    If anything, I feel inferior because I'm not "racially mixed"  --  and there is a genetic basis for this.   The fact that we even need to ask the question about whether intermarrying between races is appropriate is an indication that we have been influenced by social attitudes implanted into our thinking through cultural biases.   Personally, I feel the offspring of inter-racial couples are BEAUTIFUL people; and in just a few moments you'll understand why.   The races (Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid) can be viewed to be "breeds" of human beings, similar to the way we think of the "breeds" of cats, dogs, and other living species.  "Breeding" also means "selecting" -  and what is selected are "traits", which appear as dominant when other dominant traits are taken away, or selected-out.  You see, our DNA contains an enormous amount of information;  and it is either "on" or "off" -- but it's still there.  When a gene is switched "on", this means the trait is expressed, such as hair or eye color, or whatever trait the gene controls.  Our traits arise from genetic information in our DNA,  manifesting a diversity of dominant characteristics  --  but we are all of the same blood, and origin, and have 46 chromosomes.   The idea of "cross-breeding" arises from a mistaken assumption;  if we inter-breed the races, we are really restoring what had been separated-out.   Greyhound dogs and wolves are the same species, it's just that the Greyhound has lost a great deal of genetic information, by "breeding-out" that information, not breeding more in!   If I were in the market to re-marry, I'm sure I'd be attracted to a woman who had a balanced genetic background from all 3 races, more so than from being genetically isolated to one of the races.  Our thinking is so confused, we have made up terms like "half-breed" and "mutt" to describe the re-blending of the DNA content to the original, restoring that which was lost.   Genetically, inter-marrying is the best thing that could possibly happen;  but we have to overcome the mental blocks, and de-program the cultural errors of millennia.

I feel that Paul's advice for us to "test ourselves" to make sure we were in the faith is good advice. As long as we avoid using our diverse statements of faith as reasons for divisions, I feel they are justified. I don't hang my "list" in others' faces, and I am also prepared to repent of any beliefs I hold that are in error. Sin is not just being wrong, it's hatred -- of Yahuah, and our fellow mankind.  We can claim to be a follower of Yahusha, but by our actions we can deny Him. When we love Yahuah and our fellow mankind, we have fulfilled the Torah.   The media programs our minds in subtle ways, and is constantly steering our culture.  Currently it is also being steered toward witchcraft, and promotes "toleration" of all sorts of abominations  -- but "toleration" of the Truth (such as Intelligent Design, or obedience to the Ten Commandments) is hardly seen.   "For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and stubbornness is as wickedness and idolatry." (1 Sam. 15:23).  The public schools/textbooks, libraries, book distribution, and general media (radio, TV, magazines, newspapers) have positioned people in specific positions to block Truth.   They allow Satanic and corrupt programming/printing to disseminate into the culture, in order to CHANGE THE CULTURE into what they want it to be.


Based on, and in accord with, the Statement of Faith of the Union of Two House Messianic Congregations

     I believe that YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY (Yahuah) is the only living Elohim, and that He is One. (Hear, O Yisrael, Yahuah is our Elohim; Yahuah is ONE!).  I believe the oracles of Yahuah were given to the children of Israel (families or tribes), and preserved by them as a witness to the Truth. I believe Yahuah is the Creator of all things seen and unseen, and from this Spirit proceeds all matter, life, energy, and existence. I believe that Yahusha (or more often spelled as Yahusha  - however both are found in the Hebrew texts) is the only begotten Son of Yahuah, Who came in the flesh by the sovereign power of Yahuah of a virgin, died, resurrected, ascended, and now awaits His return to possess the Kingdom. His Spirit indwells those in the New Covenant now, and He is seeking-out the lost sheep of the House of Israel (families, clans, or descendants), and drawing many foreigners to be obedient to the Covenant. These "lost sheep" are the prodigal son from the parable. The "older brother" in the parable represents Yahudah, or the tribe called "Jews" today, who remained with the Father in His Covenant, although they broke it.  I love my brothers, the Yahudim, the tribe of the Ruler of all children of Israel.

That in Yahusha (Yahusha) dwells all the fullness of omnipotence, and that Yahuah and His Messiah/Savior are both Yahuah (Colossians 2:9), one Being.  That Yahuah is rescuing from the nations and false religions, a redeemed blood-washed remnant by Yahusha's blood, and rebuilding ALL Israel by drawing them back to His Covenant (Ex. 20, Dt. 5).  This "Renewed"-Covenant Israel is defined as Judah (Yahudah) and Ephraim, the two houses becoming one again (Ez. 37), through our Messiah Yahusha. Their companions are the minority non-Israelites, who by Messiah's atonement, join the nation of Israel, and become Israel but may not be "Jews" in the sense of bloodline. We recognize that all Jews (Yahudim) are Israelites but also that all Israelites are not Jews (the other 10 tribes) -- First Peter 2:9, Ezekiel 37:16. That through the two-house restoration, both houses are having their blinders removed. Judah needs Messiah and Ephraim needs Torah, and their identity as Israel's other house restored (Isaiah 8:14). That all who obey Torah and are believers in Messiah Yahusha become children of Israel, regardless of whether they come from Judah, Ephraim (10 tribes), or have no Israelite blood, but have joined Israel's Commonwealth through submission to Israel's King Messiah Yahusha. Thus the ekklessia / kahal is Israel restored to the Covenant (Ephesians 2:8-19).

That the so-called 'church' does not exist apart from the historic people of Israel, and as such never replaced Jewish-Israel as Israel (Acts 7:38, Acts 2: 1-47). I reject all forms or derivations of Replacement Theology. Jewish-Israel's major covenants with Yahweh are eternal and unconditional (Jer. 31:33-34). That the only true eternal personal Names of the Father and the Son are Yahuah and the Son Yahusha (or Yahshua, Y'shua, Yahusha). While the spelling is not important, the usage is.  I believe Christianity developed from the early teachings of the "church" fathers, began in 190 CE at the Catechetical School of Alexandria, Egypt, and is NOT the faith once delivered to the Qodeshim, but rather a hybrid fusion religion based upon the ancient worship of Moloch.  The adversary usurped the oracles of Scripture and deceives the whole world by alteration of what is commanded, and directs all worship away from the true Creator, Yahuah.

That only the precious, set apart blood of the Lamb of Yahuah, Yahusha, can totally remove and remit one's sins (John 1:29).  We are delivered from our transgressions by the one-time offering of Yahusha'a blood, and now walk (live, abide) in the Covenant.  We are empowered to obey because Yahusha has given us His Life, which enables us to perceive sin as He perceives it, giving us the Mind of the Spirit, that we may walk in the Spirit, not the flesh.

That both Replacement Theology, (where something man-made called "The Church" replaces the Jews) and Separate Entity Theology, (where something man-made called "The Church" co-exists as a separate "Spiritual-Israel" entity alongside the people of physical Jewish-Israel) are both unscriptural doctrines and need to be silenced via correct teaching by those of the single body of New Covenant Israel, also known as the ecclesia the Assembly of Yahusha.  The children of Israel can only be defined, as those who are physical human beings, with a physical connection to Israel, along with a spiritual connection to Israel by being born again believers on and in Yahusha of Nazareth. Ephesians 2:11-19. Most of the "lost sheep" are in Christian denominations today, and many are awakening to their calling to return. Like the prodigal, they are "coming to their senses", and realizing who they are, and why they are finding they love Israel -- they are aware that they ARE Israel. They are finding they love the Torah, and are learning what the New Covenant really is.  This "restoration" to the Covenant is fulfillment of the secret of the ages, prophesied at Dt. 4, Dt. 30, Jer. 31, Eph. 3.  It is occurring while the lost tribes awaken in the places they were scattered.  Their "re-gathering" will occur at Yahusha's return.  To return to the land before that time will result in great tribulation and death.

That Ephraim's recognition of their identity and restoration with brother Judah through the Covenant is the truth that will become the salvation of all Israel in the millennial (Ezekiel 37:16-28, all of Ez. 48, and Romans 11:25-26).

That Yahusha's physical return to Earth, will result in the ultimate restoration of the Kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6), as He takes both "sticks" of Ezekiel 37 and makes them one in Yahuah's hand on the mountains of Israel, as all Israel is saved, honoring Yahusha, obeying Torah, and enjoying the restoration of David's Tabernacle which had previously fallen.

I'm opposed to any sects of White-Aryan Ephraimitism, or anything remotely anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti Zionist or that can be construed as being anti-Semitic. Most British-Israel groups have a limited racial viewpoint which I do not agree with.

I believe salvation and eternal life is only through Yahusha, and can be attained by being convicted of one's sins by hearing the Word (Torah, Covenant, Commandments), then repenting, and being immersed in the Name of Yahusha of Natsarith, and continuing on living in the way shown by the Torah -- without sin. The New Covenant is having one's heart circumcised by Yahusha's Spirit, so that the Commandments are written on our hearts (Yirme Yahu 31:31, Hebrew 8). Our immersion symbolizes this circumcision. Yahusha's message/testimony of the Kingdom is: "Repent, for the reign of Yahuah draws near."

His followers teach others to love Yahuah, love one's neighbor, and love one's enemies. Sin is hatred of Yahuah, and one's neighbor.

I believe that a person can claim to believe in and be a follower of Yahusha, but by their actions they can deny Him.



Who are the NATSARIM?




 Q:  Where did we get the form "JESUS" from? 

Is the author of Revelation still alive?

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