Star of David   -   Is it Pagan?  
  Is it the star of Rompha” seen at Acts 7:43?
THE SEAL OF DAUD (aka "David") 

  The "star of Rompha", also known as Kiyyun or Topheth, refers to Molok, not the seal of Daud (David).

According to Ezekiel (Yekezqal) chapter 8, the leadership of Yisharal was corrupted by the influences of the Zodiac, or living animal signs in the heavens. They had decorated Yahuah's Mishkan (Dwelling Place) with symbols from Babel's mazzaroth, particularly the star patterns known as constellations.

The two triangles, the doubling of the letter dalet in palaeo-Hebrew.    Those who point to the seal of Daud (aka David, pronounced "da-OOD") as the “mark” of the beast” are chasing the wind, trying to find a place to stand on.  The true “mark” of the beast is in direct opposition to the “mark” of Yahuah, His Sabbath. The “six pointed star” is simply the seal of Daud, employing two “daleths”, the beginning and ending letter in the king’s name. The seal of Daud is not a “religious” symbol of any kind, according to historical use and the orthodox “rabbi” Kolatch in his Jewish Book Of Why. It’s use is irrelevant, and certainly will never be adopted to keep people from “buying and selling”.  The Sabbath does that, the “sign” of the eternal Covenant. Those who can buy and sell ignore this sign, and by doing so have received the “mark” of the beast through their actions, or “right hand” (practices, work).The mark is “in” their forehead, because it is a stronghold (false teaching) they have embraced.

   In ancient Hebrew, the king of Israel's name was spelled:  DALETH-UAU-DALETH  (three letters).    Because the Babylonian script (called "modern Hebrew", or Aramaic) is what is typically thought of when people think of Hebrew letters, the original, ancient letters shapes are not widely known today. What is called "modern Hebrew" is a foreign alphabet, but used by the returned Yahudim after the Babylonian Captivity.
The original shape of the Hebrew letter "daleth" is a simple triangle, a pictograph representing a "door" (as to a shepherd's tent).   The name of a king was an important item, and was commonly used as a seal.   The seal of the presidency of the United States serves to do the same today for the office of the president.   
A seal is the same as a "mark"; a sign indicating the owner's authority or sovereignty, and the authentication of of one's words (see shibboleth). 
The seal of the United Nations (world government, New World Jesuit Order) is the Earth encircled with the olive leaf laurel/wreath of Caesar, the laurel wreath being the ancient Roman symbol of world rule. Emblems, animals or names may be seen in seals. Yahuah placed the name of Daud in the snowflake.
Yahuah is the only true KING of Israel, however Israel (better "Yisharal") requested a human king, to be like the nations.
     The 2nd human king of Israel was a fellow with incredible zeal for the Name of Yahuah, and dealt severely with the Dagon-worshipping Philistine (Filistim, Palestinian) Nephili Pagan "am I a dog?" GOLYATH, slinging a stone into his forehead for blaspheming the personal Name of the Most High  --  then he removed his head, and allowed the birds of the air to eat his flesh.   He did this with no armor;   his only weapons were a stone, a sling  -- and of course the Name of Yahuah.
     This fellow is known today as "DAVID", the son of Yishai ("Jesse" is the form it took in English).  
Yasha Yahu (Isaiah) chapter 11 lets us know that the day will come when the wolf will dwell peacefully with the lamb, and dangerous animals will become eaters of straw, and a child will lead them.   The Earth will be filled with the knowledge of Yahuah as the waters cover the sea.   11:10 tells us "In that day" (a future time), there shall be a sign of the ROOT (offshoot) of Yishai, standing as a BANNER to the people  --  this can refer to the Mashiach and His Testimony also, but could literally be a couple of other things.  Then, at 11:12 we see that a BANNER is raised by the Mashiach for the nations, to GATHER the outcasts (diaspora, scattered, lost) of Israel  (all 12 tribes sewn into the nations, Amos 9:9).   What is on this banner (like a flag)?   Possibly the NAME of Yahuah, or the SEAL OF Daud, dude, used on the flag of Israel today!
("Daud" means "beloved" in Hebrew).   It could have been pronounced "DUDE", since if we attempt to transliterate our word "dude" into Hebrew, it has to be spelled DALETH-UAU-DALETH to make it happen.    "Yahuah NISSI" means Yahuah is my banner.
     Aside from being an identifying mark or sign of Israel, the seal of Daud basically represents the king's name (upon which the throne of Daud is to be reestablished).  It was (and may be again) used as a signet, to prove authenticity of authority, or for security-sealing documents (bulla).     It is synonymous to a "logo" or trademark as we understand it today.   This symbol has also been called the "seal of Shalomoh", and may have been used to mark his property.   Several decades ago, a discovery was made about 20 miles from Lima, Peru, in what appeared to be an ancient abandoned gold mine.   Deep in the mine, 3 enormous cut stones weighing many tons each contained the seal of Daud at one end, cut into them with great skill.   Some have postulated that this was one of the mines from which was extracted what is called the "gold of Ophir" in Scripture.    Yahuah uses fine gold as a metaphor for His most special treasure, His bride - Israel.
     The Mashiak (Yahusha ben Yahuah, YAHUSHA) will be seated upon the throne of Daud as a King and Kohen, and the house of Daud will be reestablished (Luke 1:32, Acts 15:16).   This "logo" will be used to draw Israel from among the nations like a magnet attracts iron.  
Daud is not Yahusha as some have come to believe, but He will sit on the throne of Daud.
     The star of Daud (as it is referred to in modern times) was adopted by Pagans, just as the serpent Nehushtan on the pole was, but the original articles remain undefiled.   As with many things, it's the use that they are put to that really matters.   Kabbala, Masonry, and other symbol-oriented sorceries borrow from all kinds of sources, and interpret the signs and omens of them in order to beguile the fertile minds of the unwary.  So, while people may dredge-up their "proof" of the symbol being used by Satanists or other Pagans in the past, It really doesn't mar the original item in the least.   The same can be said of wholesome Hebrew words which were adopted by Pagans, like "al, or el".   Sure, the Pagans named one of their deities " AL, or EL", but the word existed as a pronoun before that.   If people call on the "name" EL, that's certainly wrong;  however if they simply use the word "al" as a pronoun as seen in Yahuah's Word, it's fine.   If Pagans suddenly decided to adopt the 7th day as the day of rest to honor their false deity, that doesn't make our Sabbath profaned in the least.   The original item remains pure  -- Pagans cannot bend what Yahuah has made straight.   Hostility against Israel can take on many forms, so we should expect that one of the two most important recognizable symbols of Yisharal (aka Israel) would be under attack.   Scholars both within and without Israel admit that the seal of Daud is certainly NOT any sort of "religious" symbol in any way;  it is merely the symbol that refers to the personal name of the king, and his secular throne.   

     The other recognizable symbol for Israel IS a religious one;   the MENORAH.   It represents the Torah, the light of which all Israel and the nations should walk in.   The oil that burns in it represents the Name of Yahuah, and the wise will call upon it and depart from all unrighteousness.  Yahuah guides the wise in paths of righteousness for His Name's sake.

ISRAEL is a nation of priests (kohanim), and we are to teach the nations the Torah of Yahuah.   That is the reason we have preserved the Torah, and the reason we have been preserved until this day.


  The symbol confused by Christians to be the “star of Remphan” or “Rompha” (Molok) is a misinterpretation of Acts 7:43; it is only a seal.

  Seals were used to authenticate a document, and at Revelation 5 we read about a scroll written on both sides which was sealed inside as well as on the outside, having a total of seven seals.

The Name of the second king of Yisharal (Israel) was Daud (aka David), and his name was spelled with three letters: DALETH-UAU-DALETH.

No one has ever bowed down to the seal / symbol of Daud, yet at Acts 7:43 that is what Stephen described being done.

Act 7:43: “And you took up the tent of Molek, and the star of your mighty one Kiyyun, images which you made to bow before them. Therefore I shall remove you beyond Babel.”

The symbol is not “religious,” it is a seal of the name, Daud. Shalomoh (Solomon) spread the name of his father by using it as well, but not in any sort of “worshipful” way.


  People tend to see evil wherever they look. The geometric shape of the “hexagram” is considered to possess powers of protection by superstitious people, and they find a hexagram inside the shape of the two DALETHS (inverted in the seal of Daud). The pentacle is another geometric shape people with silly superstitious ideas use, originally a design favored by Pythagoras, a mathematician who discovered the “golden section” (a repeating ratio of 1.61 found in all living things). The intersecting lines of the pentacle reflect this repeating ratio. 

  Yahuah designed many of His living creatures using pentacle and pentagram shapes, from flowers and plants to starfish. Even snowflakes and other crystalline structures reflect this marvelous design.  Turning aside to myths, people will hold tightly to them rather than receive Truth.

Using myths from their own imaginations,  occultists simply usurped and twisted the things Yahuah created.


2Ti 4:2-4:  Proclaim the Word! Be urgent in season, out of season. Correct, warn, appeal, with all patience and teaching. For there shall be a time when they shall not bear sound teaching, but according to their own desires, they shall heap up for themselves teachers tickling the ear, and they shall indeed turn their ears away from the Truth, and be turned aside to myths.” BYNV

When people fear shapes and objects, it’s a sign they have fallen for false teachings. If anyone bows to an object, it defiles them, and the object must be destroyed.

Stephen was telling the Sanhedrin about figures (signs of constellations) they had embraced, and even placed their images inside Yahuah’s Temple (verifiable by reading Ez. chapter 8).

I hope this information is useful to overcome the false teachings and stronghold of fear concerning this and other things mishandled by teachers.

  We have to either "continue in the true faith", or continue in the traditions.  Sincerely believing a lie does not make it true, and we know the majority (wide road) are on a path to destruction.

I feel much like Stephen (Acts 7) must have felt by saying all these things, but who will step up and say them? Who will go for us?

We are the Natsarim, a growing army of Yahusha-filled teachers.

The Lion is roaring in us;


written by Lew White


(secular style w/ magen Daud)          (Religious style with Name & Menorah)

For everyone who gets upset over the flag on the left, I'm submitting the one on the right above for you to consider as an optional choice.


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And the children of Yisharal shall guard the Shabath, to observe the Shabath throughout their generations as an everlasting covenant. Between Me and the children of Yisharal it is a sign forever. For in six days Yahuah made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.   BYNV Ex / Shemoth 31:16, 17  (Sun-day, the "day of the Sun", is not the Shabath; that change was made by emperor Constantine, a worshipper of the sun deity, Apollo)

What’s your sign?  A constellation, or Shabath?

The Host Of The Heavens, The Old Religion Of Babel
“Mazzaroth” is the Hebrew word referring to the sun, moon, and stars.
It can also refer to the Zodiac, “zoo” beasts thought to be living in the skies and influencing mankind.
The “host of the heavens” are the “way” of the gentiles (YirmeYahu / Jeremiah 10), and are THE SOURCE OF ALL SORCERY.

The harlot woman of Revelation 17 & 18 is the old religion of Babel, and is the worship of the host of heaven, through which all the nations have been deceived.  This is a culture of rebellion and witchcraft, concerning which we are commanded, “Come out of her My people!”  

It is the apostasy Stephen spoke of to the Sanhedrin, Acts 7:42, spoken about at Yekezqel / Ezekiel 8, as well as in the Covenant 10 Commandments, among many other texts. Some Natsarim teachers are falling for this deceptive, old pattern of wickedness from Babel.  There is perhaps no single pattern or way that could enrage our Creator more than to deceive His elect with these signs and wonders!


2Th 2:9-12:  “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power and signs and wonders of falsehood,  and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those perishing, because they did not receive the love of the Truth, in order for them to be saved.  And for this reason Alahim sends them a working of delusion, for them to believe the falsehood, in order that all should be judged who did not believe the Truth, but have delighted in the unrighteousness.”
Yahuah will send the delusion, as this text also says:
Acts 7:42: “So Alahim turned and gave them up to worship the host of the heaven, as it has been written in the book of the Prophets, ‘Did you bring slaughtered  beasts and offerings to Me during forty years in the wilderness, O house of Yisharal?”

 There is no Scripture from which to teach the message of deliverance using the framework of the Queen of Heaven (Babel). There is no "white magic", or form of Astrology that applies to the message of deliverance.  People are being led into false reasoning when taught about a “virgin” in a constellation. The quote in Iyub (Job) is asking him if he can bring forth the sun, moon, and stars: Yahuah is not asking Iyub if he can bring forth Orion as most translations render the term. The Hebrew word "KESIL" means "burly, colossal, immense", so "immensity" might even refer to the whole panarama of the heavens themselves. Translators have interpreted and passed-down their opinions in our English for centuries. The BYNV restores a fresh look at texts like this, without filtering ideas through old ideas. Orion is not in Scripture, neither is the Pleiades; that word means a cluster, herd, or group.

  If there is Scripture that we all need to have that explains how Babel's constellations show us the redemption plan for the world, bring them. If not, I'll have to stick with the redemptive shadows of the festivals that clearly give us the plan, without any mysterious blending of the wine of Babel, which drove the nations mad, and drunk from her golden cup of abominations (the Zodiac, zoo, heavenly beasts).

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