Babel Effect

    Even in our modern world, the names of "foreign" people are transliterated (trans-lettered) for us in all the forms of media (print, radio, television, etc.,.).   The former Prime Minister of Israel was "Benjamin NatanYahu".   The surname, NatanYahu, can be translated, but it is not translated;  it retains the sound of the original Hebrew even though it is brought over into English lettering.   If we "translate" the meaning of NatanYahu, in English it would mean "provided by Yah".   The first name, Benjamin, is also an example of "transliteration" (trans-lettering).   The original word which it is derived from in Hebrew should be spelled "BEN-YAMIN", but the letter "J" is often used as our "Y" in many European countries today.  "Yugoslavia" is spelled "Jugoslavia" to those who live in Jugoslavia, but in most cases we (in the US) mis-read the letter "J" and cause it to sound differently.  "Joshua" and "Jesus" are altered by Greek and Latin, producing these Anglicized forms of the Name Yahusha. The name "Yahusha" is formed by adding the letter YOD to "HUSHA" (often spelled Hosea, the Greek corruption of the word).  The form "YAHUSHA" is seen 216 times in the TaNaK. Y'shua is found one time, and Yahushua is found 2 times.
     The languages through which transliterated names and other words are brought cause varying degrees of mutilation or corruption.  The Greek is perhaps the most cruel alphabet to impose on words from outside, since it lacks the sounds necessary to "replay" the words properly.  Greek has grammar rules concerning word-endings, further mutilating original words, particularly names!   Shaul was changed to Paul, but the Greek requires an ending "S" to make the word "masculine";  so they changed it to "Paulos".  Greek has no "SH" sound in its alphabet, so, many words are effected.  Shabbath is not a Greek word, nor is there any equivilent word to "translate" the meaning clearly;  so, the Greek language spells the word "Sabbath", losing the "SH" sound.  Yusef becomes "JOSES" in the Greek;  and this is their attempt to make the same sounds!   There should be no emotionalism over the fact that the Mashiak's Name, Yahusha, should still be "Yahusha", and not "Jesus".   But, the liar and deceiver who presently rules this dark world can use many things against us, including our babbling tongues.   Primarily, it was the "Society", or the "Order" called the Jesuits who promoted the spelling "Jesus".   After all, their Order is the "Society of Jesus" (Societas Iesu).
     The arsenal of sounds which we call an "alpha-bet" (originally from the first 2 Hebrew letters, alef-beth) are simply the building blocks of intelligible noises which we manipulate to form words, which are ultimately units of meaning, concepts, or ideas.  They express feelings, desires, thoughts, actions, and so on.   Scholars often refer to writing as the most important human invention in all of history.   The ultimate objective of writing is speech, as written music is to be brought forth through the tonal generation of sound.   So, writing is simply a way of storing or recording information in notation, so objectively there is little difference between written letters and written musical notes.   A written word is to be "played" by our mouth and tongue, to vibrate the air.   If we distort the original sound by recording the characters (letters, notes) improperly, then the replaying of the sound will be different than the "composer" intended it to be.  The Composer of our speech was Yahuah, and He brought confusion to the Sumerians at the tower of Babel.   Ever since then, we have been trying to understand what the ancient language (Hebrew) sounded like, and meant.  

No small wonder that we are still somewhat confused.

The origin of the word, "AMERICA":

The chief "god" of the Maya in Central America is Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent.  In Peru, this "god" is called Amaru (as in Tupac Amaru, the last defender killed by the Spaniards) and the territory known as Amaruca.  Citizens of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, etc., are among 2 dozen countries that all call themselves "Americans", but few really know why.

Amaruca is literally translated "Land of the Plumed Serpents".  

The tribe of Amaru still exists in Peru today.  This "Quetzalcoatl", called Amaru, was a strange visitor / traveler, claiming to be a "priest" from a far away land.  He could transform into a feathered serpent.  Everywhere one looks, the serpent of old times can be found in the cultures of Earth.


“The malak of Yahauh also said to her:

‘You are now with child and you will have a son.  You shall name him Ishmaal, for Yahuah has heard of your misery.

He will be a WILD DONKEY of a man; his hand will be AGAINST everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.’"

BERESHITH 16:11-12      ~     “ISHMAAL” MEANS “Alahim HEARS”

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