December 25th has been someone’s birthday for over 4000 years.

The birthday of Nimrod was the first birthday celebration, and Nimrod became all the Sun deities everywhere in babbled names, including Shammash, Mithras, Molok, Baal, Apollo, and Santa Claus / Krampus. NIMROD'S SECRET IDENTITY

"Men like the opinions to which they have been accustomed from their youth;  they defend them, and shun contrary views;  and this is one of the things that prevents men from finding truth, for they cling to the opinion of habit." - Guide For The Perplexed
Maimonides (1135-1204)      



Nimrod, Molok, Mithras, Ahura Mazda, Apollo, Zeus, Odin/Woden, and many other names have been used in various times and places.

All refer to the same being; the opponent of Yahuah: ha shatan.

Santa is a re-packaged version of Molok, the detestable idol of the Moabites, to whom children were burned in the idol's belly - a red-hot furnace.

Natsarim are here to expose, and awaken the world to their offensive behavior from the point of view of our Creator, Yahuah.


 BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS   How much does Yahuah like them?


In ancient Moab, MOLOK'S LAP was a red-hot iron furnace where priests placed children for immolation. Today, parents place their children into the lap of a big fat man that supposedly comes through FIRE to visit an ASHERAH (tree) decorated with symbols of male fertility.

The fireplace, wreath (female item), tree (male items), big red fat man, and the date being the ancient time celebrated as the sun's BIRTH, all point to rituals about FERTILITY.

How is Yahusha in any of this? Only satan is in it, because

it's SATAN'S BIRTHDAY, not Yahusha's.

Christmas was outlawed in the Boston colony:

People say "I believe in (Alahim)" and feel that's enough.   It would help out if they also "believed in SATAN."  SATAN is a true believer too  -  this being KNOWS the Truth, but would never act on it  -  but instead promotes counterfeit schemes to deceive everyone.   Have the teachings of demons embedded themselves into our familiar customs at all?   If we objectively look for Satan's handiwork, is it possible to find it imprinted on any "human traditions" (opinions of habit)?    This fallen being which Scripture calls ha shatan (the adversary) is neither male nor female, but is among the most powerful, intelligent, and beautiful of all created spirit beings -- and has existed since long before the Earth was formed.  "He" really is "older than dirt", or the sun, moon, and stars.    Know the schemes of your enemy, and you will be better prepared to identify when you are being deceived.   Although there are many who directly and consciously choose to worship this being, it doesn't please diabolos nearly as much as being able to deceive the intelligent people of this world who are really intending to do what is right. Their hearts are good and pure, but they can be deceived very easily, so diabolos masquerades as a messenger of Light for them.  The Latin word Lucifer means light-bearer.   The people who willingly choose to serve him are really worthless to him, and mean very little. They are often weak-minded and misinformed individuals, with little education or life experience (such as those who might join the Church of Elvis, or join a cult to follow a Guru, or read Tarot cards and study their horoscope in the newspaper).  The elect are the target of Satan's schemes, because they are Yahuah's wife.  Deut. 12:30,31 forbids us to learn the Pagan's ways, or to worship Yahuah in the Pagan way. If we adopt a Pagan pattern or try to clean it up, we violate Deut. 12:30,31. It is like putting lipstick on a pig, thinking we have changed the situation by cleaning it up. Peter told us we must avoid becoming entangled again in paganism in exactly these terms:  

"'A dog returns to his own vomit'  and 'A washed sow returns to her wallowing in the mud.'" 2 Peter 2:22


Who is the master of ceremony in this world?  A being having no name, but is known by many pronouns  -  from Greek: diabolos, the devil;   from Hebrew:  ha shatan, the adversary.  Brief definition of term:   "ceremony" is from the Latin, caerimonia, for religious rite, custom, or set of acts established by social convention.    Our "opinions of habit" may have been inherited from Pagan patterns - let's stay alert for that as we research them.   Blending the faith with Pagan customs has been called revisionism, syncretism, and "missionary adaptation".    So, the true faith once delivered to the saints has become a "hybrid" faith, having absorbed traditions which are lies and things of no profit (Jer. 16).

     The objective of Satan's game:  to divert our obedience away from serving the true Creator of the universe, and influence us to do things his way instead.  In other words, by following Satan's practices, we are obeying HIM.   He knows that we will not serve him consciously, so he tricks us by means of schemes, devices, or snares.   He attracts us to what looks good, then convinces us that it is what we should be doing.   He is a gifted entertainer, and a master of ceremonies!  We must become aware of the "wiles" and schemes that have been set in human traditions that are offensive to Yahuah.  Many things we have accepted to be innocent are not innocent;  look at the "Christmas Tree" custom from Yahuah's perspective:  ASHERIM (click for link).

     We can track Satan's Seat across the Earth over time by studying Scripture.   He brought the populations together to serve him by designing a religious order or process that remains in perfect condition today.   He used creation itself as a vehicle to make men follow his patterns.  The cycle of the seasons, and the signs (constellations, solstices, equinoxes) and lights in the heavens became his snare for mankind.  The calendar used by western civilization today represents the foundation upon which everything we think and do rests.   In general, this "measurement" or "numbering" of time became the background for Astrology, Satan's original religious order.  Our enemy is not flesh and blood -- but a spiritual being in control of the powers of this dark world.


     Satan invented sun-worship.  In the northern hemisphere, where all people lived at first after the Noachic Flood, the sun rises on the eastern horizon at its most northern point at the Summer Solstice (Sol-stice means "sun-stop").   At the winter Solstice, it is at its lowest point south, and was believed to be dying.   For roughly 4,000 years, people have celebrated the "re-birth" of the SUN at the winter solstice.   The principle object of worship in the ancient world was the sun (among those who were ignorant of the true Creator).   Behind all Pagan deity worship stands Satan himself.   He accepts honor in whatever name we wish to call him; Baal, Moloch, Marduk, Venus, Odin, Krishna, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Zeus, Amon-Ra, Mithras, Ahura-Mazda, Dagon -- male or female, it matters not.   The most important day in the life of a witch or sorceror is their annual birthday.   This is because the celebration of the sun's birthday was the winter solstice, which was what we call December 25th today.   Originally, common people did not observe their personal birthday;  the earliest birthday observances were reserved for the Pagan deities (all of these are Satan).    Later, Kings observed their birthdays, as we see Pharaoh doing in the book of Genesis.  Much later, common people began the practice, but only among Pagans, since that is the origin of birthday celebrations (consult the book of JOB and you'll see how each of his children had a party in their house "on their day".   For roughly 4,000 years, the SOLSTICE has been -- by proxy -- the day of Satan's birthday celebration (because he is the designer of the original astrological religious pattern, and deceived mankind to cause them to worship the sun).Deut. 12:30, 31 clearly forbids the worship of Yahuah after Pagan ways/methods/patterns.  Many believe "All Hallowed's E'ven" (Halloween) is the birthday of Satan;  but it wears no disguise as Christmas does.  The deceiver uses insidious trickery to overcome us by means of traditions he's sown into our cultures.


     As a master of ceremonies, Satan disguised his religious deception by what scholars call "revisionism" over time.     Here is what the dictionary says about revisionism:

"revisionism: n. 1. A policy of modification or change, especially of a political or religious doctrine."   (doctrine is Latin for teaching  -- doctor means teacher)

History shows that the Roman State religion was one of sun-worship (Mithraism) at first, then Constantine enforced a blended form of Christianity and Mithraism on the empire. He outlawed the true Sabbath, and enforced Sun-day worship under penalty of death. He established Catholicism (Latin meaning: Universalism) by setting the dates for observing the weekly "sabbath" as Sun-day, and Easter for the empire.   Easter was already one of several vital Pagan observances, originally "Ishtar", commemorating the impregnation of the Earth-Mother nine months prior to the winter solstice!   Who designed sun-worship? The father of lies.  

Are any lies told around Christmas time?

In the year 525, Dionysus Exiguus (Dennis the Little) came to Rome from Scythia.   He was a "monk" of some sort, which all Pagan religions seem to have -- but such a term is not found in Scripture as playing a role in true worship.  Coming upon the time of the Solstice festival celebrating the birthday of the sun, he witnessed all Rome in revelry.   Wreaths of greenery were hung on the doors of homes as emblems of the sun.   Every good sun-worshipper had a round wreath on the door of their home.  Everyone exchanged gifts, and drunken partying was everywhere.   The color RED was also symbolic for the sun, bringing to mind HEAT.   In ancient Babylon, gifts were placed on trees of the grove as offerings to Tammuz / Nimrod on the winter solstice.     Nimrod was associated with greenery, and was worshipped as the sun idol after he was slain.   The "Christmas trees" represented Nimrod to the ancient sun-worshippers (Jer. 10:2-5), and sunrise worship services involving "branches" were even found in Ezek. 8:17, where the priests turned toward the sun with their backs to Yahuah"s Temple.   The wreaths were emblems of Nimrod, and suggested the round solar shape.   Learning that these practices in Rome were in honor of the ancient sun idol, Dionysus Exiguus was shocked and dismayed.  Reasoning that it was to be impossible to stand in the way of the frenzied fervor, he sought to "revise" the meaning for it by claiming it to be the celebration of the birth of the Messiah, not the Pagan sun idol, Mithras (Satan) -- thus justifying it by adopting this satanic ceremony into "Christianity" (violating Deut. 12:30,31).    He invented the concept of "B.C. & A.D."  The apologists call it "inculturation" when we steal a page out of Satan's book and take it as our own.   When we peel back the mask or layers which conceal these truths, most people don't want to look at the pure truth straight in the eye.   They are disturbed by the "attack" and only want to go back to their slumber of deception. So, they often accuse the messenger as being from a cult, or hateful, critical, and judgmental.

When we exchange DARKNESS for LIGHT, we can expect eventual woe.  The schemes of the devil are directed at the children because he knows that if you train up a child in the way he should go -- he will not depart from it when he is old. "Oh, but its only for the children" they will tell you.  

The devices, schemes, snares, and wiles of diabolos have most people of the Earth obeying him.   "Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves servants for obedience, you are servant of the one whom you OBEY, whether of sin to death, or of obedience to righteousness?" Romans 6:16

     Revising, camouflaging, masking, concealing:  this is the process our enemy employs to deceive us.  Can we overcome the deceit, or will we drift along with the broad road to destruction?  Awaken --  You are dreaming a Babylonian nightmare.  There is no mask to peel away from what is True and right;  there is no Pagan underpinning to the Truth  --  it is clean and pure from its origins.


Christmas is a Catholic term, part Greek, part Latin.  Mixing again.  We are not permitted to MIX Paganism with our faith.  "Christ" is Greek for anointed, and "mas" is Latin for depart.   "Christos" also is originally a Pagan term, so look at the article on this at  when you can.   The Roman "MASS" is another inherited satanic practice from the worship of Mithras (the sun idol again), which was associated with the passover meal called "the last supper".   Again, revising things to appear Scriptural, Satan combined  (mixed) elements of both religious perspectives to conceal what he was really up to. Revisionism -- modifying religious teachings to fit into a new scheme -- is Satan's best method to deceive mankind.   He can make our conscience feel pure and clean as long as he can give us a good reason for something, like he did the first woman. He's still whispering lies to us from the "Christmas tree", and the leaders of Christianity are promoting them to the public.    Excusing them is not what we are commanded to do; we are to EXPOSE them for what they really are (Eph. 5:11-13).

     Mr. HO-HO-HO (Molok) is another related factor to this cultural event.   He's like a hero without a name of his own, an elfish creature linked to a man named "Nicholas".   "OLD NICK" is a euphemism for Satan.   The story of a "Nicholas" in Holland during the 3rd century who was generous to children is unsubstantiated by anything but relatively recent lore, but Christian he could  not have been.   Christianity made no inroads into the Norse areas until Patrick during the 8th century.   The name "Santa Claus" came from the name "saint Nicholas" as it was pronounced by the Dutch, and taken down as "SAINTNI-CHOLAS" by English people attempting to spell this name.

The color RED was adopted for Santa's costume by the Coca-Cola marketing department in the 1930's, but it is coincidentally the "seasonal color" inherited from the sun-worshipping Pagans. He flies horned beasts (by sorcery?) through the air at night, and enters homes by means of the fireplace -- the ancient Pagans' most sacred spot in their homes.  


Santa is really Nimrod, the first human being worshipped as a "mighty one." More on this is revealed in the book Nimrod's Secret Identity.

SATAN & SANTA employ the same letters, and are in perfect order right before your eyes, and all you have to do is move the "N". He's horning into the celebration, but what does he have to do with this time of year, even from the Pagan perspective?  (Occultists often use anagrams to conceal what they are referring to).   Identifying who he is, and whose birthday December 25th really is, should link up to some conclusions in your mind.   He is Nimrod, Baal, Moloch, Zeus, Venus, etc., ----- and these are all really one deceiving being: SATAN.

Santa is a re-packaged version of Molok, the detestable idol of the Moabites, to whom children were burned in the idol's belly - a red-hot furnace.

Christmas?   Yes, it's a birthday observance;  It's SATAN'S BIRTHDAY   

--  Our Messiah has nothing to do with it, and never has  --

     Regardless of what Christian teachers may tell you, Christmas was NOT a part of what the early United States of America stood for.   The first 13 American Colonies all had laws against this satanic observance, and their faith in the Messiah was the basis for it.   One would be fined and/or imprisoned for observing Christmas, because the early American settlers understood that this practice was one of popery's strongest promotions, and that it's origins were PAGAN (therefore satanic).    (Popery is tyrannical Nimrodism, and this can be proven to anyone from the book by Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons.    Remember the account of George Washington "crossing the Delaware"?   This was the day of the first successful battle in favor of  the Colonies, against the Anglican / Catholic British.  The enemy army was encamped across the Delaware, and George attacked with his men early in the morning and won the battle -- on CHRISTMAS DAY.    The enemy had been celebrating all night, and were in a stupor.   The surprise attack caught them off guard, big time.

     So, when you hear a Christian talk-show host or a preacher whining about how sad it is that "Christmas" is so secularized -- or that Christians are being deprived of their rights by not being allowed to put up a decoration on public property -- or have a public school play celebrating the birth of "Jesus" (Yahusha ha Mashiach) at this time of year, remember whose birthday it really is, and try to let them know.  Not many are bold enough to come out and tell them, but one day the whole Earth will know the Truth, and the Truth will set them free.    Traditions come and go; the Truth will never change.   If people choose something as "qodesh" (set-apart), they've added to the Torah.   What they've chosen to be special doesn't have any bearing whatsoever on what Yahuah has established as special to Him.  And, He has established observances, which most of mankind chooses to be worthless and "old".  Yet, what mankind does honor only reminds Yahuah of what He had warned them NOT to observe, even if intended for Him (Dt. 12:28-32).

The burning in our bones to help others "awaken" to the Truth is our Messiah working within us.  
People resist the Truth at first, but if we help them wrestle with it patiently, it is marvelous to see them awaken. 
It's important to understand that their struggle is really with their programming from their youth, and it's not 
simply our failure, nor their rebellion.  I'm impressed with the way it was put by the 12th century Jewish "Rambam", Maimonides.  He wrote:
"Men like the opinions to which they have been accustomed from their youth;  they defend them, and shun contrary views;  and this is one of the things that prevents men from finding truth, for they cling to the opinion of habit."
Maimonides - Guide For The Perplexed        

Maimonides / Rambam:   (1135-1204)

YirmeYahu / Jer. 16:19 tells us:    "In the day of distress the Gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the Earth and say,  'Our fathers have inherited only falsehood, futility, and there is no value in them.'" 

The adversary misled mankind with various fertility rites, and received worship through these rites. 
Yahuah doesn't
provide us with the details of the heathen rites, but we know generally from Scripture they performed their rituals in forests or groves.
He mentions how the Israelites would bring Asherim and put them near His Hekal (Temple), behavior which we see inherited as the Christmas Tree.   Stumps of trees found in groves were used as altars / asherim where offerings were made to the fallen Nimrod.
Yahuah has not wanted His people to study this demonic worship, yet it persists today. They had once practiced their rebellion openly, but then withdrew into secrecy to hide their worship behind symbolism, which could only be interpreted correctly by those initiated in the occult.
One dominant pattern found in occult behavior is the matrilinear (mother-goddess) ideal.  
Although the original form of Asherim worship has remained hidden from the general public, I feel that the acceptance of the solstice tree is drawn directly from the Pagan worship, rendered for public consumption. 
The Asherim were considered altars, where animals and humans were ritually sacrificed.   This altar was often a tree stump, with the trunk snapped-off, leaving jagged spike-like splinters.
The Christmas tree phenomenon is also a type of altar, where gifts and offerings are placed.  (Easter is a word derived from Ishtar, and Astoreth. Tree worship is the most prominent feature, however the serpent gets involved also.   It seems that the adversary has the tree and the serpent seared into his mind indelibly.   A serpent around a stump is one of the symbols we find used in ancient Pagan religions.   The Tree of Life (ets kayim) and the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil may be the sources this fallen being is borrowing from in the design of the false worship.   But we know it is forbidden to worship Yahuah in any false or perverted manner.   Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and we certainly know that any involvement with Asherah is witchcraft. 
"For of this you can be sure:  No immoral, impure or greedy person-such a man is an idolater  -has any inheritance in the kingdom of (Mashiak) and of (Alahim).  Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things (Aluah's) wrath comes on those who are disobedient.    Therefore do not be partners with them.
     For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the (Master).   Live as children of light  (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth)  and find out what pleases the(Master).  Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.  For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret .  But everything exposed by the light becomes visible,  for it is light that makes everything visible.  Eph 5:5-14

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Synagogue of Satan synagogue is a Greek word, meaning "house of study."  Satan (Hebrew shatan) means adversary and is the accuser of Israel;  this is a real, fallen messenger opposed to Yahuah, and is ruling the entire Earth in all religious, political, and mercantile areas.  Putting it together, the synagogue of Satan would be any house of study which teaches lawlessness or revised commandments (wormwood). If we can prove that there is a difference between what is written in Yahuah's Word (His Commandments) and what is practiced within a group that claims to worship Yahuah, then we have identified a synagogue of Satan. "Jews" is the word seen in translation at Rev. 2:9, from the Hebrew word Yahudim, and means worshippers of Yah. Claiming to worship Yah, but not teaching and practicing His Commandments, shows us who is of this synagogue of Satan.  It's not the Jews that the text refers to with this phrase, "synagogue of Satan" at all,  but rather those who push aside the Commandments of Yahuah, and cry "legalism!"


How much does Yahuah like them?




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