Although this book uses the terms GOD and Jesus Christ *[explanation below], it will open your eyes to the truth and history of anti-Semitism of the RCC, and the grisly past of the Jesuits. The controversial conspiracy theories about the globalists are really only telling the story of the Jesuits by different names;  they have operated under many different names, and they are master infiltrators, assassins, and teachers.

The Jesuit Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN (chartered by the CFR), and many more all lead back to the ultimate power on this Earth:  the Black Pope, Jesuit General, or papa Nero.

Now, the UN and the USA are arm-wrestling over which one of them will control the Internet.

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*[explanation]: These terms are another smokescreen the book overlooked.  Exodus 23:13 prohibits us from taking the names of Pagan deities on our lips.  With that in mind, the origin of the term GOD will exempt it from our use.  

The 1945 Encyclopedia Americana has this to say under to topic GOD:

GOD (god)  Common Teutonic word for personal object of religious worship, formerly applicable to super-human beings of heathen myth;  on conversion of Teutonic races to Christianity, term was applied to Supreme Being.

JESUS CHRIST  -  a promotion of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), using Greek and Latin, to corrupt the true and only Hebrew Name of the Messiah, Yahusha (Yah is our salvation).   "Jesus" means nothing in Hebrew, and cannot be transliterated back to Hebrew and maintain the original character of the true Name.   JESUS is based on IESOU (Greek), from a Hebrew acronym, YESHU, meaning "may his name be blotted-out".  

More information on this can be seen at  

Many "anti-missionaries" use the term YESHU to refer to the Messiah, Yahusha, and they do so intentionally to malign Him.   Research other websites . . . do an intensive study;  google "YESHU".

Disclaimer:  This is written with many of the standard "boiler-plate" perspectives of nominal Christianity, so not only will there be terminology differences but also profound differences in observance, or the lack thereof.  The primary value this book offers is the retelling of the activities of the RCC so that the current generation will be on guard, and not lulled into a comfort zone and caught by surprise.   The tactics used by the RCC are planned decades, and even centuries, ahead of time. 

The conclusions of the author may diverge from ours on several details.  



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