PILOT TEXT  -  (Isaiah) YashaYahu 13:5-9:

"They are coming from a distant land, from the end of the heavens, even Yahuah and His weapons of displeasure, to destroy all the earth.

Howl, for the day of Yahuah is near! It comes as a destruction from the Almighty.

Therefore all hands go limp, every man’s heart melts, and they shall be afraid. Pangs and sorrows take hold of them, they are in pain as a woman in labor; they are amazed at one another, their faces aflame!

See, the Day of Yahuah is coming, fierce, with wrath and heat of displeasure, to lay the earth waste, and destroy its sinners from it."

The obedient ones will not be "howling," and yet will look on as ten thousand die in their sight (Psalm 91:7).

Imagine the two witnesses going around teaching everyone "unconditional love";

that Yahuah accepts you no matter how you live before Him - "His love is unconditional".

Not likely, is it?
We are constantly hearing the maxim, "
unconditional love."

This implies we can do our thing, and Yahuah will still love us.

He must do more repenting than we do, AND MUST IGNORE THE PENALTIES HE ESTABLISHED.

Of course, this maxim sends a false message, and is heard from the lips of false messengers. When a huge lie is repeated often enough, it eventually is accepted as truth. Unconditional love might be fine for puppies, but Yahuah desires us to become imitators of His character, and aim for perfection. Love can only be achieved when a person eats and digests the Ten Commandments, which teach us HOW to love.
If "You do not murder" means what it says, and we accept the conditions that it relates to, we will not murder one another, even through our words.
Most of us realize that a close relationship with our Creator depends upon our response to His instructions. Some believe what Scripture says, that those who claim to know Him obey His Commandments (1 Yn. 2:4). Others are taught that obedience to the Commandments is legalism as if being “legal” is a negative standing before Him. He tells us He has a secret, and He will reveal His Covenant to those who fear (respect) Him and call on His Name (Psalm 25:14, Yual [JOEL] 2:32, YashaYahu [ISAIAH] 42:8).
There is an imposter being promoted by false messengers.
Proclaiming another name (identity), they exploit the sheep, and make them think they are following the Truth.
For thousands of years these false messengers have concealed the identity of the TRUE Creator, and replaced His Name in translations with “LORD” (BAAL in Hebrew).
While Yahusha was among us in His physical body, EVERYONE wanted to know WHO He is. They still do. They asked “Who are You?” Yahusha told them they did not know Who He was because they did not know His Father. He also said only He could reveal Who He is to those whom He wished to reveal Himself (Mt. 11:27).

In spite of this, men attempted to identify Who He is without His revelation.

Athanasius (church father, 4th century) proclaimed a creed that the only way one can be “saved” was by means of believing in “one GOD, three persons”.

His creed never mentioned our atonement is only by the precious blood of Yahusha, but rather the “belief” in “one GOD, three persons.”

He emphasized that this belief in “one GOD, three persons” is the:

“Catholic faith.”
(See Athanasian Creed)

If we allow “sola Scriptura” (Scripture alone) to guide our doctrines, we will not be led down any rabbit trails, or accept any myths. Scripture omits any reference to any “Catholic faith”, and gives us no directions to consider our deliverance to depend on a belief in “one GOD, three persons.” We don’t rely on how much we understand, we rely on Yahusha to guide us into all Truth, in order to better equip us to serve His body.

Rather than going down rabbit trails and becoming bogged-down in men’s traditional ideas about Yahusha’s identity, we will consider only what is revealed in Scripture, and what Yahuah tells us about Himself. We need to put aside everything we’ve been taught from outside sources.

Because of disobedience and idolatry, Yahuah removed His Name from the lips of the Yahudim, and “Judeo-Christianity” has intentionally concealed the Name ever since.

By every means at their disposal, they have made it virtually impossible for the general population to learn the true Name - the identity of the Author of life.

The Natsarim are guardians of His Word and His Name, and the dwelling place of His Name on Earth. If His Name is not in a person, they do not belong to Him (Romans 8:9).

We are leading people to Yahusha, and no one else.

They must empty their wineskins (hearts) of the old wine (men’s teachings), then allow Yahusha to fill their hearts with the new wine (His Mind, to understand His Word). There are conditions. Yahusha is the only path to eternal life. If you know Him, you give your will and whole being over to Him.
Repent (and obey the Ten Commandments), or perish.
Break the stronghold of "unconditional love." See Malaki 4:4-6
When the bowls are underway, and Earth is burned up with the fire of the wrath of Yahuah, the philosophy of unconditional love will be no shield for the disobedient. Yahuah will show everyone what "global warming" looks like, Who caused it, and why. Change course now, and unlearn what men's traditions have taught you. The time is short.


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