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The KJV is Anglican Catholic, and used to teach English to the whole world by missionaries, which explains the current confusion over the Name of our Deliverer, Yahusha. Speaking the King's English is a well-known idiom that refers to the KJV being the medium used to teach the babbling lips of the entire Earth. English is the dominant babbling lip, and now we can show the world how what was whispered in secret by the Templars, Masons, or members of the Societas IESV is being shouted from the rooftops: They all removed the Name of Yahusha and replaced it with a device, LORD. The Dead Sea Scrolls' discovery at Kumeran is another testimony of how important the Name of Yahuah is.


A Black Swan Event is a term used to describe an unforeseen event that comes as a major surprise with monumental effects.

It is impossible to predict, but with the benefit of hindsight it can be identified for what it is.

For over 400 years the KJV has trained the entire world to speak the English language.

Now a prophecy is being fulfilled:

average people are learning the Hebrew Name of our Creator is Yahuah, not GOD or LORD.  

Furthermore, the evidence of a huge conspiracy to hide the Name is exposed.


The KJV is an Anglican Catholic translation.

It was used to teach the English language to the whole

world for 400 years.

It now helps point out what was withheld from us.

Truth is being restored, and tradition exposed.

The famine of Yahuah's Word is ending as people are discovering the Hebrew Name of our Creator.

The Name is the key of knowledge withheld by those who were responsible for teaching the nations the message of deliverance. The English language fulfills a prophecy at YashaYahu (Isaiah) 28:11, that Yahuah will speak to this people through a jabbering lip and a foreign tongue (language).

Yahuah allowed the British colonies to flourish around the globe just as the printing press was invented to teach the English language throughout the Earth, using the KJV to do so.

Foreign students learned English by reading from the KJV.

This training for 400-years prepared the world so they would eventually understand the conspiracy to hold back the true Name. The famine is over for those who are hungry for the highest of all things: the Word and Name of Yahuah (Ps. 138:2).


Translators hijacked the Name.

For those who diligently seek the Truth, the tools are available to find the true Name of our Deliverer. Translations have hidden His Name from us, as anyone can see by reading the preface of their NIV.

They admit substituting the Name with a "device," replacing

it with the English word LORD in all capital letters.

The English translations developed in several stages through men who were motivated for Yahuah's Word to be known by average people.

In 1382, an English Catholic priest named John Wycliffe

published an English translation of Jerome's Latin Vulgate.

His extensive work laid the initial foundation for all the English translations that followed. Translations of Yahuah's Word into any language but Latin was met with extreme prejudice. (They would kill over it).

The translators and those helping them were killed, some having their bones exhumed and burned many years after their deaths. Some people were burned alive for simply teaching their children to recite what is known as the "Lord's prayer" in English.

For over 1200 years, Jerome's Latin Vulgate was the only text used by Catholics. Printing it in Latin was the first major project for Gutenberg's movable type printing press in the 1450's.

The Gutenberg Bible became the basis for the English Translation known today as the Authorized Version, or King James Version. The Latin Vulgate used a code known as a christogram for the Name of Yahusha: IESV.

The Latin Vulgate used this device in place of the proper

Name of our Deliverer. The first edition of the KJV carried it straight from the Latin Vulgate into the English text.

The Hebrew Name Yahusha is not found, and instead the letters IESV are inserted to obscure the true Name from

the reader.

75 years after the printing of the Latin Vulgate by Gutenberg, William Tyndale published the Natsarim Writings (NT) from Greek into English (1526).

In 1536, King Henry VIII arrested him and had him strangled and burned at the stake for his English publication which he smuggled into England from Germany.

This was the first major effort to mass-produce the Scriptures in English.

In 1890 James Strong produced a concordance of every word of Scripture based on the KJV.

Each word could be quickly associated with a Hebrew or

Greek word it was translated from.

It was then possible for anyone without a knowledge of

Hebrew or Greek to research the texts, and it ignored the

Latin entirely.

An average person could now perceive the conspiracy to

hide the Name of our Creator, and break through the

language barrier that concealed the true Name.

The conspiracy to annul the practice of Torah and conceal the Name began with the earliest beginning of Christianity. Constantine called the elders to meet at Nicaea in 325 to formulate the ground rules.

Athanasius (Aged 27) was invited, and represented the views of Alexandria's Didascalia.

(Didascalia is Greek for teaching authority, the Catechetical School at Alexandria, Egypt)

He defined Catholicism as the belief in "one god in three persons," thus rendering the ideas of Arius to be heresy.

Arius denied the traditional doctrine of the Trinity. Constantine imposed the death penalty on all who denied the Trinity doctrine. A belief in the Trinity is central to one's salvation according to Catholicism.

In 1553, John Calvin burned the theologian Michael Servetus at the stake at Geneva, Switzerland for his denial

of the Trinity. Michael believed that Yahusha is Yahuah in

the flesh, and His blood bought us. (Acts 20:28)


King James was born into Anglican Catholicism.

He was born June 19, 1566 at Edinburgh Castle.

He was baptized on December 17, 1566 in a Catholic ceremony at Stirling Castle.

He was six months old an age too young to walk or have meaningful speech skills.

Those who believe his Authorized Version to be inerrant and superior to all other English versions have to admit it is a Catholic translation.

It inherited all the errors of the Latin Vulgate, including the word CRUX. The Greek word STAUROS matches the Hebrew word NAS, and is a single upright pole.

When Jerome (Eusebius Sophronius) translated Hebrew and Greek into the Latin Vulgate in the late 4th century,

he avoided the Latin word STAURO (matching the Greek word STAUROS) and inserted CRUX. You can’t find CRUX in the Greek texts, only the Latin.

Today's KJV uses the Latin-sourced word cross, the primary symbol of Sun worship, first brought into the new faith called Catholicism during the reign of Constantine.

The KJV eliminated the Name Yahuah because the Latin Vulgate replaced it with the Latin word Dominus.

Dominus was the title for the Sun deity Apollo (aka Sol Invictus Mithras) pictured on coins with Constantine.

Dominus means lord. LORD is the best definition for the Hebrew word BAAL. The 3rd Commandment forbids the destruction of the Name. To insert LORD as a proper

noun (BAAL) in place of the Name Yahuah is


IESV is seen in the first printings of the KJV underlined, IESV.

Later editions of the KJV introduced the name JESUS for the first time on this planet. Prior to the 17th century, no

 one had ever seen or heard this name, yet all Christendom

is united under it today.

JESUS has no Hebrew meaning whatsoever, but the true

Name Yahusha means I am your Deliverer.

Catholicism has defined a Catholic as one having a belief in "one god in three persons." This triune idea originated with Nimrod, his wife, and Nimrod's reincarnation as Tammuz.

This down-loaded into Hinduism's Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and spread into all other trinities found all around the world among pagans.

Constantine set up the policies of Christianity at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE/AD. Easter (Ostara to witches) was officially recognized and universalized at this same council.

Constantine ordered that Catholicism would have nothing in common with the "hostile rabble" of the Yahudim.

Passover and other appointed-times were prohibited.

Our biggest problem is still mixed worship; the blending of foreign ideas with the Truth (syncretism).

Constantine established his Sunday Law for the empire in

321 CE/AD specifically to honor the Sun. Later around 365

at the Council of Laodicea, the weekly Shabath was



28 times we see the word PASCHA as the Greek transliteration of the word PESAK, Passover. The KJV version is the only translation that ignores the transliterated word PASCHA at Acts 12:4, and flips it into the pagan Earth mother's name, Easter (Ishtar, Eastre, Ostara).

In the book of Acts, Luke refers to the feast of Unleavened Bread. He uses the word PESAK to apply to the entire period of Matsah, and not once uses the word EASTER.

Easter did not play any part in the true faith until Constantine's time centuries later. Luke would not have used PESAK to refer to a heathen rite like Easter, and yet in the KJV we see the word Easter at Acts 12:4. At Acts 12:4, even the Latin Vulgate transliterates the word PASCHA, yet the tradition of Easter was so ingrained in the Anglican Catholic translators, they opted to alter the meaning of the word. In every other use of the word PASCHA it is translated as PASSOVER. All other translations have corrected this error, but the KJV defenders still hold on to this blatant mistake, making it appear that the governor intended to release a Yahudi prisoner for his own pagan festival. This makes no sense, and ignores the Hebrew term. Christianity has adopted this word Easter, the name for Ishtar.

Yahusha is our Passover Lamb (aka Paschal Lamb), not our Easter Lamb.


King James ordered the use of the word CHURCH.

This word was only associated with pagan shrines, as

Tyndale used it twice to do so. He was burned at the stake

for using the word congregation, making no distinction

between the laity (common people) and the hierarchy.

James was baptized as a baby in a Catholic ceremony, and never observed Yahusha's Shabath. He and his translators did not call on the Name, nor guard the Everlasting Covenant.

He and everyone around him were Catholic.

When James was 40 in 1605, Jesuits led by Guy Fawkes plotted to blow him and all of Parliament to smithereens in the Gunpowder Plot, but at the last moment the plot was discovered. If the plot had succeeded, the KJV would have never existed.

Yahuah's hand was in this, to prepare the world to receive His true Name, even after more than 400 years later.

Those who do not call on the Name (Ps. 79:6), and guard the Shabath (Is. 56:6), are not Yahuah's people.

The Everlasting Sign Between Yahuah and His People is the sign of the Shabath. Yahusha said He is the Master of Shabath.

This is proof that Christians are not Yahuah's people: a Catholic council proclaimed Christians must work on the day Yahuah ordered NO work:

"Christians must not Judaize by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day, rather honoring the Lord's Day; and, if they can, resting then as Christians. But if any shall be found to be Judaizers, let them be anathema from Christ."

[they outlawed the Sabbath day]

We have to choose to either obey Catholicism, or

"live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of

Yahuah." (Mt. 4:4)

Constantine perpetuated the rebellion of Nimrod and the reign of Babel. Yahusha's reign will end all rebellion.

The restoration of the Name is a Black Swan Event for the world. If you understand, repent and obey His Word, and call upon His Name. He is speaking to you in a jabbering lip, and a foreign tongue.

"This is the way, walk in it."

(YashaYahu / Isaiah 30:21)

The Sign Of Who Your Shepherd Is

Psalm 23:1:

Yahuah roi (Hebrew transliteration)

Yahuah is my Shepherd (BYNV)

The KJV follows the Latin Vulgate:

Dominus regit me (Latin Vulgate)

The LORD is my Shepherd (KJV)

LORD is the Latin word DOMINUS, and the Hebrew word BAAL.

Obedience is the revolution. The Shabath is the sign of it.

There are many more errors in the KJV, among them are added words in italics, and mistranslated words that relate to their limited understanding of the skies.


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