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Email subject:  Biblical Hebrew Ysraelites

My name is (withheld).  I have been following your lectures and videos for a while now, and your websites is very informative.
I have learned a great deal and most appreciative of it all.There is one thing i haven't yet  seen on you site or video lectures and that is,lectures or videos or posts about the' biblical Hebrew Ysraelites' . In regards to, who they truly are,were they are today,ancient  pictures, lost tribe info,etc.I was hoping you had some of this kind of information on some of your great lectures and vids .And if you do, please guide me to to spot. Thank you..Hoping to hear from you soon.  Blessings and Shalom ......  Aminadav Ysrael

Lew White's response:

  We don’t use the term “Biblical” since Byblos (bible) was a city named for a Pagan fertility deity named BYBLIA, and the city produced writing parchment that became the Greek word for “paper”.  Calling Yahuah’s Words by a reference to a Pagan deity may offend Him, so we avoid doing so.  Exodus 23:13 comes to mind in this regard.  I’m not criticizing you personally, but I wanted to point that out in case you are open to receiving this perspective out of love for Yahuah.


  In truth, the lost tribes (all of them are included, not just the assumed 10) are the prodigal son in the parable given by Yahusha.  Some today are coming to their senses and returning to Yahuah’s household (Torah), and are learning once again how to love.  Without Torah, they have been dead for many generations, perhaps as long as over 2700 years since they were scattered.  After Shalomoh (Solomon) died, his son Rehoboam made taxes even higher, and so the 10 northern tribes broke away from united Yisharal.  For the northern 10 tribes, false worship was introduced, along with falsely appointed priests, and an apostate temple for observing the annual festivals.  An 11 Commandment was added, causing the people to keep the festivals at Mount Gerizim, not in Yerushalayim.  The northern King “Omri” set up a powerful government in the community we call “Samaria”, which in the original Hebrew is Shomeron.  His son Ahab, married a Sidonian princess (Isabel) from Sidon (hence “Sidonian), which violated Yahuah’s Torah concerning intermarriage with pagans.  She supported hundreds of Baal & Asherah priests during the time of EliYahu, the prophet used mightily by Yahuah to identify the true Creator.  The drought of 3.5 years caused most of the northern occupants of the land to flee to the sea colonies.  In northern Africa, the colony of “Carthage” (Kiryath Chadashah, “new city”) swelled to over 1 million people during this famine. 

The balance of the population was finally overcome by the Assyrians (capital city, Nineveh), and over 14,000 were carried away after decades of attacks, culminating around 722 BCE.  Those who died were mercilessly butchered by these pagans, which included being skinned alive.   A relief here depicts the Assyrians flaying the skin from their captives, and one is holding a decapitated head:


  The southern tribes (house of Yahudah) were likewise driven away to Babylon in 586 BCE.  70 years later, less than 10% of them returned with NehemYah.  The world is filled with the lost tribes of Yisharal, thoroughly mixed into the “dough” of humanity like yeast leavening the whole lump.

If we think we know something concerning “Who’s Who?” at this point, even our best guess could easily be completely off-track.   


  The word “Phoenicia” is Greek, invented by Herodotus to describe people he associated with the “date palm”, since Phoenicia is Greek for date palm.  The people were in fact a combination of the tribes of Yisharal (the majority), with other people who were in an alliance with Shalomoh, the cities of Tyre and Sidon.  The Tyrians and Sidonians made up part of the crew on the vessels dispatched to the colonies of Yisharal, and these vessels sailed all over the Earth.  They would typically return with their precious cargoes after roughly 3 years.  The colonies included Scandinavian sea ports, North and South America, and they sailed to ports in India around the cape of South Africa.  The colonies were made up of a mix of all these people, and yes some were Tyrians and Sidonians.  The tribes of Yisharal were intermarrying with these groups against Yahuah’s instructions, and even Shalomoh himself made this mistake.


We shouldn’t put too much stock in the markers used by the DNA people, they set what they want to look for and make many false assumptions about them. 

All Yisharal is mixed into the nations genetically, and so are the ancient Tyrians and Sidonians.  Some want to make their point that identification of Yisharal in the past is a racial thing.  There was a mixed multitude that came out of Mitsrayim and became the nation joined to Yahuah through His Covenant.  He created all the nations, races, and tongues, and it is His will that none perish.  If we want to track Yisharal today, then we look for a marker  -  not DNA, but the only true mark is Shabath.  Those who obey and teach the Covenant are the children of Yahuah. Read YashaYahu 56.

Love is the goal, and Yahusha said it would be evidence that we were His followers.


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