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The purpose of this endeavor: restoring the lost, scattered tribes of Israel (to Yahuah's Covenant). This is Yahusha's primary objective, to teach His Ten Commandments to the nations. The nations are lost to their own identity, scattered into all the nations. Yahusha is pursuing them through His Natsarim to awaken them prior to His return.

Torah Institute defends and upholds the Word and the Name above all (Psalm 138:2).

This is the Torah Institute project, and Yahuah-willing, it will bear much fruit by making the Truth accessible and understandable to all ages. 

Over and above the regular expenses, we need to keep up with periodic book re-printing, copying DVD's and articles, many of which are sent without cost (such as to prisons), and mailing expenses which can be short on by hundreds of dollars each month.

Some items like DVD's, CD's, or book downloads have intrinsic costs associated with them. To cover those costs as well as the multitude of other costs, we charge a nominal amount, and still fall short. After we consider postage, electricity, computers, printers, ink, production printing expenses, gasoline, boxes, tape, blank DVD's & CD's, labels, envelopes, boxes, free articles sent to prisons, a dry room to work in out of the weather, we are not "selling" the information we help people acquire. Having dedicated all our time without pay because every dollar is used for expenses, we wish we could charge nothing, but can't.

We work from 10am to 8pm everyday but Shabath doing what Yahusha has equipped us to do for His body, and want to do more! The only reason we can keep going is because of a few supporters that consistently send regular funding from what has been given to them by Yahusha.

"I lift up my eyes to the hills; Where does my help come from? 
My help comes from Yahuah
, Maker of the heavens and earth. 
He does not allow your foot to be moved; He who watches over you does not slumber. See, He who is guarding Yisharal Neither slumbers nor sleeps." Ps. 121:1-4

Thank you all for sharing in this work of Yahusha.

“But when you do a kind deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your kind deed shall be in secret.

And your Father who sees in secret shall Himself reward you openly."  Mat 6:3,4 

  With honor and praise to Yahusha, certain individuals have provided support never before experienced by this ministry of Yahusha.  We pray for all those laboring in His work to receive support from those who are fed, grinding the grain so that many other people might be fed also.

 We thank Yahusha ha'Mashiak and give the honor to Him for allowing and sustaining His work through all His servants.     

Please consider what you can do to help us cover our monthly expenses.

For helping with monthly expenses, send your support to the above address payable to "Lew White", and it will be tax-free to us.  Please mention what it is for so we can apply it correctly, or just label it for "expenses". 

Or, to offer help right now, click on the Monthly & Special Support Link next to my photo below.

  Without help from those prompted to do so by Yahusha, this work would be fruitless  -  but fruit is being seen from the constant flow of the Truth into lives all over the world.  When the good seed (Torah) is planted in the good soil, it bears a crop yielding more good seed.  We Messianic Natsarim Israelites are beginning to get noticed.  In fact, we are tracking a great number of "hits" on this web site that originate from ROME, ITALY.  Even Jesuits can learn the Truth, and repent.



Direct support to this work of Yahusha may be made securely by clicking on the link above.

As Yahusha’s work was supported by a few women of means (Luke 8:1-3), His ministry needs regular supporters today. 

If you are so enabled, even a small monthly offering will make a huge difference in our overall effectiveness — in service to Yahusha.

Mission & Goals

We are Natsarim, promoting the Name of Yahuah and His Torah (Word, Instructions) to all mankind.  

Two primary goals are:

1. to restore the scattered tribes of Israel to the Covenant;

2. to prepare them for the coming Great Distress spoken of in Danial, MattithYahu, and Revelation.

3. to present His bride without wrinkles

The books, studies, and other tools we distribute help equip the saints for their work here in the end-time harvest in Yahusha's ministry.  Specifically, we are diligently working to restore the lost tribes to the Covenant, although they are living as Gentiles, believing they are Gentiles.  When the fullness of the Gentiles has come in (to the Covenant), Yahusha will return to re-gather us.  We pray that the Owner of the vineyard will send many more workers into His harvest, to teach all nations everything He commanded us (Israel, those who obey His Covenant) to obey also, and engraft into Israel.  When you enter His Covenant, you are engrafted into His people, Israel, and are set-apart.  Israel is a PEOPLE, not a land.  The land that is promised to His people will one day live in peace, but for now it is under constant threat of attack and in tribulation.  We strive to increase the PEOPLE Israel, and are most concerned for the NEXT GENERATION of Israel, that they remain faithful and become the priests to the nations they are intended to be. 

We are watchmen (Natsarim, Acts 24:5, Jer. 31:6 meaning also branches), and consider all believers to be on the path to redemption through repentance, immersion, and obedience to the re-newed Covenant through the work of Rabbi Yahusha ha Mashiach, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.   We do not judge or separate people into denominations (even if they do), but steadfastly press on toward the perfecting of the saints.   Your denomination will not matter when you pass into eternity, so it has no bearing on anything now either, other than others' control over you.

Our goal, and the goal of all Scripture, is love.   We teach the 10 Commandments (Torah) as the Covenant of Love, which they are called (see Dt. 7:9-12, 1Ki. 8:23, 2Ch 6:14, Ne. 1:5, Ne. 9:32, Dan. 9:4).  Yahuah said He would keep His Covenant of Love (Torah) to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep (guard) His Commands.  Literally, if 20 years is a generation, that's 20,000 years;  if 40 years is a generation, that's 40,000 years.  Christians believe the Covenant has ended;  but it has been renewed and every word and letter stands, now written in our hearts.

Our mission is to seek out the lost sheep of the House of Israel dispersed among the Gentiles, who are called and chosen to receive a love for the Truth (Torah). Our objective is to instill a love for the 10 Commandments. Having them written on each human heart and mind will produce the 9 fruits of the Spirit:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.  We hope this is your objective also, and that we can work together often to accomplish it as we are enabled to by the Spirit of Yahusha, our soon-coming King and Redeemer.   This objective is the renewed Covenant with all of Israel, the 12 tribes spread abroad, and foreigners who will engraft into this olive tree and become Israel.

Yahuah calls His people "Israel," and He calls His land "Tsion." Tradition has distorted this distinction. The "land" (Tsion) of "Israel" (Yahuah's people) will one day be completely restored to them by Yahusha, Who will return to establish His Reign on this Earth forever and ever.  The Tree of Life is not going to be in "heaven", but here on the renewed Earth, and all Israel will be joined eternally to our Creator and King, Yahusha.

“Blessed are those doing His Commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the Tree of Life, and to enter through the gates into the city.” Rev. 22:14.   Those outside will be those loving and practicing falsehood, whoring, idolatry, and generally living as they choose.   

You may mail contributions for the ministry by check, money order, or on your bankcard by calling, faxing or mailing-in your request to help. (9am - 6pm). We can set up an automatic bankcard billing for your monthly contributions, and if you would like it more occasional,  you may also use PAYPAL to send funds directly into our account;  send by PayPal to our email account:


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If you make items payable to “Lew White” the funding will not change, but it will be seen as a “ministry gift” from the government’s point-of-view, and our taxation will be zero. This is possible since we are not a 501c3 organization, and they cannot control what we teach.  A 501c3 tax status now means such entities are agencies of the U.S. Federal government.

Since we're not 501c3, we are not controlled by government oversight; and every contributed cent is tax-free to us when donated to "Lew White."  Many ministries are 501c3, and this is partly why they are so rigid and resistant to speaking out on erroneous traditions. They are agencies of the US Federal Government, but we are ambassadors of the Reign of Yahuah.


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