Olympic Games

How the Greeks worshipped Zeus

The cauldron is an altar, and the fire from the torch is the presence of the deity of the Sun. You can see the altar in this photo of the 1936 Olympic Games.

Altar of Zeus:    "Let the games begin" would be more accurately phrased, "Let the worship begin." 

With the occult, a secret is displayed openly, yet its true meaning remains concealed to the uninitiated.

The lighting of the torch with the rays of the sun on Mt. Olympus, the altar of Zeus set up at the site of the games, and the ceremonial lighting of the altar with the essence of fire, all point to the mystical and pagan behavior on display for all to see. Fire is considered the presence of the Sun deity, and it is in the honor of Zeus the games are held.

The ancients worshipped the sun; and the principal element of the sun deity was FIRE. The sacred fires were kept burning by Vestal Virgins (nuns) in the local temples; fires from which the local population would light their home fire-places. Having this sacred fire near, they believed their deity was always with them.  

They would carry the presence of their sun deity into battle, and on journeys, for protection  -  using a torch bearer. Watch for the Olympic torch when the Olympic games are held; it always comes from the sacred fire kept burning perpetually on Mt. Olympus, and this fire is carried reverently by a torch-bearer to the site of the altar of Zeus. It is a worship ceremony, and all the attendees and athletes honor the fire and lighting of the altar.   The most important aspect is participation in this false worship  -  not to win.  You can verify everything stated here, and more, by taking a quick peek at:




Greek Counterfeit of Garden of Eden

Kuah (aka Eve), and her Greek counterfeit, Athena  

Anthropomorphism - turning real people into mythic deities or seasons of the year

People get with ideas that there are bloodlines of the adversary among our human population, or the "seed of Qayin/Cain." 1 Timothy 1:3-5 needs to be kept in mind. The descendants of Kain all died in the Noahic Flood. The "way of Qayin" re-surfaced after the Great Flood, but the way of Qayin is not about genetics, and is simple rebellion in various forms.  

The way of Qayin has the goal of re-gaining the "serpent wisdom" - the occult. Our worship is really obedience, the doing the will of Yahuah. If we neglect doing what He expects of us, but assume our intentions will serve the same results, then we didn't understand the Fall, the golden calf incident, nor why Qayin's (Cain's) offering was not pleasing to Yahuah. "If you do well, shall you not be accepted?" (Gen. 4:7). Qayin made up his own mind how he was going to worship Yahuah, and what would be the offering.   How is Christianity any different? 

All the Sun-day assemblies, Christmas trees, and Easter baskets in the world will not be acceptable to Yahuah, unless He prescribed them as a form of worshipping Him. Our task is to find out what Yahuah expects, then do well so that He will accept our worship of Him.  Then, we can expect to hear the words, "Well done , good and faithful servant!" - Mt. 25:21. Doing the Word is obeying Him, not adding to it, or taking away from it, or adopting the Pagan cultural background as tradition has done.  

In the Greek mythology, satanism mimicked the Scriptural account of the first man and woman in the garden of Eden.   Qayin's way was to make up his own way of worship, as we see in his offering of vegetables, rather than what Yahuah desired as a slaughtering (sacrifice). This is the same kind of mistake made with the golden calf incident, where a formerly Pagan format was directed at Yahuah, as well as modern traditions such as Sun-day assemblies, Christmas, Easter, holy water, steeples, bells, black costumes, sacraments, man-made holy days, and many other formerly Pagan human inventions --  like Qayin's way, such things are not wanted or expected of any of Yahuah's people, Israel.   They are forbidden (Dt. 12).  We can't invent our own way of serving Yahuah and expect Him to accept it and us for having done so.  

Traditions have deceived billions: YirmeYahu / Jer 16:19 says,
"O Yahuah, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit."

From Yahuah's perspective, our worship is obedience, doing the things Yahuah expects of us. What He expects of us concerns love. If we neglect doing what He expects of us, but assume our intentions will serve the same results, then we didn't understand the Fall, the golden calf incident, nor why Qayin's offering was not pleasing to Yahuah. Qayin made up his own mind how he was going to worship Yahuah, and what would be the offering.  All the Sun-day assemblies, Christmas trees, and Easter baskets (link) in the world will not be acceptable to Yahuah, unless He prescribed them as a form of worshipping Him.   

The first 4 Torah commands teach us how to love Yahuah. The last 6 train us in how to love our fellow beings. They teach love, yet they are banned from being displayed in schools?

These Commandments oppose the serpent wisdom of the dragon, and the rebellion began by Nimrod.

In Greek mythology, real people were deified or transformed into mighty-ones. The first was Nimrod who began to be a mighty-one in the Earth. He became worshipped as the Sun, and all solar deities are modeled after him. Zeus is Nimrod in a babbled name.  
The adversary designed counterfeits for real people, and designed a counterfeit system of teaching, masquerading as righteousness (light).   

In the Greek mythology, Adam equates with Zeus, and Adam's wife, Kuah,  is identified with  Zeus' wife, Hera.

Abel had no off-spring; so Seth became the line of the good and Kain the line of the bad, or rebellious. 

But, in the Greek counterfeit mythology, Seth is the bad guy (called Ares), and his brother Kain is the good guy (called Hephaistos).  

Zeus loves Hephaistos, and hates Ares. 
Ares is the Yahuah-believing son!  The Greek religion is anthropomorphic, so actual men are considered to be mighty-ones (deities).  

The Wisdom of the Serpent 

Serpent: the devil, satan       

Wisdom:  the occult, or hidden secrets kept from the masses; metaphorically called golden apples

In the Greek mythology the real man Nimrod, is named Herakles (Hercules), who desired the "wisdom of the serpent."   The Greek mythology called Eden by the term Garden of the Hesperides in which was a tree with a serpent.   The serpent's wisdom could only be obtained by eating from the fruit of this tree, which were golden apples.  This is where Christians get the apple idea -- really we don't know exactly what fruit Kuah and Adam ate (it may have been a fig). 

After the Great Flood, the serpent wisdom arose again within the Pagan religions around the Earth.  

The serpent had originally promised Kuah that she would not die.   To make good on this promise, a "new Kuah" (Hera, the wife of Zeus) took a new name later on which meant deathlessness.  

The ancient Greek word for death is THANATOS. 

To put an "A" in front of this word changes it, and makes it mean the opposite.  "A-THANATOS" means "deathlessness"  -- and was shortened to "Athena."  Athena is the counterfeit Kuah, and Zeus is the counterfeit Adam.  Nimrod is counterfeited in Hercules who sought to find the golden apples in order to eat them and share them with his mother, A-thena, gaining the "serpent wisdom".    This "mystery religion" actually turns the true facts on their head, and other Pagan formats do the same.

Yahuah does not hold one person accountable for another's transgressions.  A child is not guilty of the transgressions of the parent.  Each person stands or falls on their own before Yahuah.  No matter how many books are written, or how many websites claim it, there is not an evil bloodline on Earth.  This leads to racism, and "ethnic cleansing".   Yahuah created the people, no one else.  A child is innocent and pure until they become aware of right and wrong.   The Torah teaches us love for Yahuah and our fellow human, and bloodlines are not involved in this education.    All have sinned and fallen short of the esteem of Yahuah, but those who put their hope in Yahusha are our brothers and sisters  --  even if their mom and dad were Pagans.    All judgment is Yahusha's.  All the Pagan models follow a thread of fact, yet they conceal, confuse,  and corrupt the original.  Mimicking and masquerading, the Pagan religions have mixed things together over time in such a way that trying to find the TRUE faith can be likened to a shell game for the casual observer.    The Garden of the Hesperides is the counterfeit Eden in Greek mythology.   Eden (means pleasant).  

The following picture is a photograph of the giant idol of Athena in the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee.   Her right hand holds "Nike", the messenger of Zeus.   Masonic Temples are decorated with serpents.

Christianity is a religion with a GREEK name.  The only "way" or religion recognized by Yahuah is the "way" He established, which is His Covenant through His bride, Israel:  The Torah of Yahuah  -  CLICK HERE to look at a new book on the topic.

The word for serpent in Latin: DRACO (dragon).



  Oh, look who's next to Athena's shield.   The serpent.  And how about that helmet/head-gear.   Go compare this with the statue of Liberty, or Libertas, the same chick in the Roman pantheon;  these and more can be found in the book Fossilized Customs, published by this ministry of Yahusha.  The chick holding up two serpents is "Ariadne."  Serpent worship, and "mother goddess" worship is still going on. By the way, in case you didn't realized it right away, "Athena" is actually a disguise -- behind her (or any other idol) stands the real recipient of the worship:  ha shatan  (the adversary).

 The "re-discovery" of ancient Greek and Roman culture is the basis for Humanism today (defined below).  The Olympic Games are dedicated to Zeus, and it's the altar of Zeus they light at the "opening ceremonies".   The "five golden rings" are the Olympic logo, and have everything to do with sorcery, and magic  -  from the Far East.   The Catholics "syncretized"  or merged together a great deal of nonsense from Paganism, revising formerly Pagan elements in order to control the masses. It's a circus.

Humanism is at the core of all the Greek and Roman culture we're seeing in the world.

It is defined as: "A philosophy or attitude that addresses itself exclusively to human as opposed to divine or supernatural concerns, often coupled with that man is capable of reaching self-fulfillment without divine aid. A cultural and intellectual movement of a secular character that occurred during the Renaissance following the rediscovery of the literature, art, and civilization of ancient Greece and Rome."

The Twelve Days of Christmas

(12 Days of Christmas) Christian lyrics and music

Religious symbolism of The Twelve Days of Christmas    (The 12 Days of Christmas) (Lew's comments in purple):
1 True Love refers to God  
(true lovers of Yahuah show it by obeying Father Yahuah's Commandments, His Torah.)
2 Turtle Doves refers to the Old and New Testaments  
(Scripture cannot be divided, so maybe they mean the Old and New Covenants)
3 French Hens refers to Faith, Hope and Charity, the Theological Virtues 
This is taken from the idea of Love being the foremost among the 3 traits of belief, hope, and love (charity is an inaccuracy of translation at 1 Cor. 13 -- it should be the word "love", and it means helpful action in the Hebrew sense, not the emotion we assume in Western cultures).   Actually, there are also 7 "fruits of the Spirit" (Gal. 5):  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self-control    --  You will know them by their fruits.    
4 Calling Birds refers to the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists  
(for song lyrics, that's not too bad at all!)
5 Golden Rings refers to the first Five Books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch", which gives the history of man's fall from grace.  (Let's remember that the real basis for the "3-ring circus" is also occultic, as is the "5 Golden Rings".  Mythic / Occultic Magic was associated with the "hand of god".  Secret arts are still practiced) 
6 Geese A-laying refers to the six days of creation  
(followed by the 7th day rest, the commemoration established for remembrance?)
7 Swans A-swimming refers to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven sacraments  
(conveniently not for the seven days of creation, commemorated by the weekly Sabbath Day  -  they changed it to "Sun-day", Edict of Milan, 321 C.E.   Oops, I should also mention there are no "sacraments" - this is an invention designed to control civilization through a priestcraft that is not even needed because sacraments are only imaginary - it's all mind-control.   They want us to believe there are "sacraments" so we'll have to go to the "priest" to get them "dispensed".)
8 Maids A-milking refers to the eight beatitudes
9 Ladies Dancing refers to the nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit 
(love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control.  The Inquisition was certainly lacking in all of these for over 600 years.)
10 Lords A-leaping refers to the ten commandments  
(which Ten?  The Catholic list, or the real list?)
11 Pipers Piping refers to the eleven faithful apostles  
(It's OK, they elected a 12th one, and Paul said he was one also; that's 13 now.)
12 Drummers Drumming refers to the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed  
(The Apostles had nothing to do with the "Apostle's Creed"  -  how about the 12 Tribes of Yisharal, Yahuah's wife?)

  At first glance, it is easy to misunderstand what I'm trying to point out by preferring the Hebrew origin, rather than the Greek transitional language for the Name, and other terms such as "Christian".   The idea behind the word "Christian" is just fine, however the word has had prior Pagan usage.   So, to restore the purity of our lips, and restore the real term for Yahusha's earliest followers, I and many other scholars promote the term "Natsari" (for one), and "Natsarim" (for more than one).   Acts 24:5 reveals that Felix (and Shaul/Paul) felt that the followers were "Natsarim"  -  and so did brother Luke, who wrote it all down for us 31 years after the resurrection of Yahusha. 


  The Greek is a "foreign tongue/language" to both English and Hebrew.  I've heard folks tell me that they "speak English, so they're going to stick with the terms "Christian" and "Jesus".   That's very strange, because neither word is English, but rather what they were programmed with.   The "NT"  can be trusted; however the foreign elements which change/corrupt the true terms for what we are called and our Rabbi's true Name have been tragically handled by the scribes  -- and our hearts should leap within us to be able to restore the true language, the language spoken by our beloved Rabbi (literally, my leader, or my exalted one) Yahusha.   If we had only German or Japanese translations to learn the truth from, and then later someone informed us that we could acquire the knowledge of the original Hebrew, who would resist the learning and teaching of it?   I'll tell you;  only those who were content, complacent, and not interested in growing and learning more.   Traditions have replaced much of the original "way" taught by the apostles.


The term "JESUS" must not be preferred to the original True Name, Yahusha.  But, there's more reason to correct it than most know:

Q: Where did we get the form "JESUS" from?    (The true name is Yahusha, spelled yod-hay-waw-shin-ayin, and means Yah-is our-Deliverer).

A: The Jesuits   (They defend and promote the form "JESUS" using the Greek and Latin, hoping you'll never discover what you are about to read):

The form "YESHUA" is from the acronym "YESHU", a mutilation of Yahusha's Name used by unbelieving Yahudim during the late 1st and 2nd century CE. The letters in "YESHU" stood for the sentence, "may his name be blotted out" (from the scroll of life). This "YESHU" acronym is the real root of the form "JESUS", after going through Greek, then Latin:

YESHU (remember, this is an acronym, meaning "may his name be blotted out", referring to the scroll of life).

A rabbinic word-play, from the original Hebrew words: "Yemach Shmo u'Zikro" Acronyms are abbreviated messages; "SCUBA" stands for "self contained underwater breathing apparatus".

YESU IESOU - Going into Greek, the letter "Y" became an IOTA because Greek has no "Y"; also, the sound of "SH" was lost, because Greek has no letters to make this sound. The letter combination "OU" is a diphthong, arising from the Greek attempt to transliterate the sound "OO" as in "woof". Our letter "U" and the Hebrew letter "WAW" does this easily.

YESOUS IESOU took on an ending "S" to form IESOUS, since the Greek wanted to render the word masculine with the ending "S".

Going to Latin, the diphthong "OU" became "U".

JESUS In the early 1530's, the letter "J" developed, causing a tail on proper names beginning with the letter  i , and words used at the beginning of sentences. This "J" is really the letter "IOTA." Many European languages pronounce "J" as the letter " i ", or a "Y" sound. They even spell Yugoslavia this way: "Jugoslavia."  JESUS is not even in the Scriptures:  see the Geneva title page at www.fossilizedcustoms.com/geneva.html

Now you know. Tell everyone you know, and don't allow the Jesuits to succeed at this horrifying deception.

Yeh-Zeus is not our Mashiak. This is an excerpt from the web page: www.fossilizedcustoms.com/transliteration.html

Who's birthday is December 25th? 

Click here to find out . . .      SATAN'S BIRTHDAY   

Original Hebrew Name restored

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