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"Because he cleaves to Me in love, Therefore I deliver him; I set him on high, Because he has purchased and worn a kipa and prayer shawl."

- Book of Imagination 6:66  (non-existent text) People behave according to excuses they are taught, and their leaders / teachers are leading them into confusion.

Everything we see around us in the world, and everything we are taught by men directs us toward a bitterness toward obedience, rather than a bitterness toward sin.

The Hindu influences reached the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean region) around 200 BCE along a trade route out of India known as the Silk Road. The Hindu scarf called a KHATA became the rabbinic KATAN, and the Catholic (and protestant) STOLE. When Yahusha's pupils asked Him how to pray, He didn't hand them any Shiva beads (rosary) or a prayer shawl, or show them how to "daven." In these last days we are choked by men's traditions, yet a few are learning to abide by the Word, not traditions of men. As the 7 days of Unleavened Bread approaches each year (Exodus / Shemoth 12:14), we should understand that leavening is physical and represents something abstract. Leaven isn't only SIN, but it's the added (puffed-up) teachings of men (traditions).

Purge the leaven from your home, and your heart.


Yahusha's yoke is not a statement listing our beliefs.

We have misunderstandings, and every one of us would be shocked if shown all our errors by Yahusha. There are plenty of teachers that will do this, and no two teachers agree!

As Natsarim, we are all at different levels of comprehension, yet stand equally before our Head, Yahusha.  We can make a list of our beliefs, but must keep it from becoming a tool to divide us. All have strongholds (mental fortresses) holding them captive to false ideas. Sometimes these false ideas appear in doctrinal statements that divide us more than unite us. 

  The “two Yahuah’s” is not a teaching found in Scripture, but became popular through teachers over the last few decades.  Our yoke is receiving the teachings of Yahusha with a submissive heart that He may teach and guide us into all Truth. He does this with the goal of love in sight, since His yoke is His Torah of kindness, His Covenant that teaches us how to love.  His yoke produces the fruits of His Spirit (Ruach).

  If someone asks what we believe, we should show them the foundation we stand on: His Name and His Word.

First, we believe Yahuah is One, and we are to love Him with all our being.  Second, we are to love our neighbor. Both of these are goals addressed in the 10 Commandments, and Yahusha added clarity for us by ordering us to love one another. Everything that may follow after these things are details that either bring greater unity, or destroy unity.

  Yahusha is working through all of us to bring the house of Yahudah and the house of Yisharal together. The process is made turbulent when every teacher has a privately-hatched idea about when the new moon arrives, or the first month, when a day begins, and so on.  The older brother has been doing things properly for thousands of years. The tequfah (equinox) is thought to be certain day, or even a moment; but it is really a period that may span an entire week.  If the 1st moon (Ex/Shemoth 12:2) occurs a few days before the exact center-point of the equinox, it’s still the 1st moon. 

Many observe separately because their teachers say so.  What the older brother misses in their calculations only involves the “sign of Yunah”, since Abib 16 is not always First-fruits, as Yahusha did not resurrect until the end of the weekly Shabath.  He became the First-fruits and presented Himself on the morrow after the weekly Shabath during Matsah week. So, counting seven complete weeks from that point causes Shabuoth to be on the morrow after the 7 Shabath; the Yahudim miss this, due to not seeing the meaning of the shadows cast by the annual festivals: redemption.

The crescent seen at sunset shows the fully-built 1st day of each moon, signaling the 2nd day is beginning. Late each month, one can watch the waning crescent at sunrise, not sunset, and know the next day the moon will be new because it cannot be seen, and light is building. One must measure time from zero, we must not begin measuring at “one”.

  We must remember the goal of Yahusha is to bring the two sticks together (Ez 37).  We must walk together in agreement, and not vex one another, but serve one another.

At NekemYah 13:19, we see that the governor ordered the gates to be shut when it began to “grow dark” before the Shabath each week.

There is no historical record that this pattern was altered, and was recognized during Yahusha’s time among us.

  Lev / Uyiqra 23:32 shows clearly the tenth day of the 7th month is observed “from evening to evening”. Some try to make this an exception, but straining out a gnat causes us to swallow a camel. As for genealogies, we should follow brother Paul’s advice:

Titus 3:9:  “But keep away from foolish questions, and

genealogies, and strife and quarrels about the Torah,

for they are unprofitable and useless.” See also 1Tim 1:4 

  Divisions are caused when people who teach us do not see the goal:

1Ti 1:5-7:  “Now the goal of this command is love from

a clean heart, from a good conscience and a sincere

belief, which some, having missed the goal, turned

aside to senseless talk, wishing to be teachers of

Torah, understanding neither what they say nor

concerning what they strongly affirm.”

 Statements of beliefs often fail to include love as the goal.

Stay on the firm foundation of love, Yahusha’s yoke, which are His teachings that guide us to the destination of love.

The Goal of the Torah, Not the End of the Torah

"For I bear them witness that they have an ardour for Yahuah, but not according to knowledge. For not knowing the uprightness of Yahuah, and seeking to establish their own uprightness, they did not subject themselves to the uprightness of Yahuah. 
For Mashiak is the goal of the Torah to uprightness to everyone who believes."
- Romans 10:2-4 (BYNV)

The highest pursuit of all is to learn how to love, and be loved. The witness of Yahusha (or great commission) is to teach the instructions of love to all, but these instructions have been interpreted to be a law that ended with Yahusha's death.

If one reads the instructions as being our best hope in learning how to love, it will dispel the false idea of being about religion. The universe obviously didn't create itself. 
The One that did create the universe expressed the highest possible thoughts of love, and how to live that love in His Ten Commandments. 
"And He answering, said to them,

“Well did Yashayahu prophesy concerning you hypocrites, as it has been written, ‘This people respect Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. 
And in vain do they worship Me, teaching as teachings the commands of men.’ Forsaking the Command of Alahim, you hold fast the tradition of men.”
And He said to them, “Well do you set aside the command of Alahim, in order to guard your tradition."

- Mark 7:6-9 
With Yahusha's words in mind, what
traditions have come to replace the Commands of Yahuah? Christmas; Easter; Sunday; Halloween (feast of dead saints); sacraments; steeples; bells; crosses; eating unclean animals; apostolic succession; celibacy; veneration of human remains, images; holy water; indulgences; trinitarian ideas; prayer beads; prohibition of true Name, Yahuah, Yahusha; prayers to the dead (necromancy); infant baptism; and much more. 
Men have set aside the Commands of Yahuah for their traditions. Men's traditions are leaven, and we are to clean out the leaven from our hearts (minds).

The leavening of Nimrod has to go.




What Is Wormwood?
Do you feel a bitterness toward obedience, or a bitterness toward sin?
One of these is the mindset of the flesh, and the other the mindset on the Spirit.
When men teach us to disregard the instructions of Yahuah, we have eaten wormwood (altered patterns of behavior by altering His Word). 
Those who teach us do not regard YashaYahu 8:20.
We have endured centuries of false teachings under false shepherds, eating their wormwood.
Wormwood is bitterness toward the idea of obeying Yahuah's Torah, His instructions in how to bring what we believe out into the open world around us, and exhibit their purpose: LOVE!



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