THE LETTER W  (double-U)   dubya


The English alphabet contains the three letters U, V, & W in order. 
The SOUNDS of V & W are rather NEW, but still the U, V, & W are closely related to each other.  They are derived from the SAME SOURCE, coming to the modern world directly from the sixth letter of the ancient Hebrew alef-beth (alpha-bet);  a letter commonly expressed today as WAW
But, the letters U & W are new developments, and are mutations of what began as a Hebrew letter, then went into Greek, and finally Latin.  The original Hebrew shape was Y;  the Greek shape was also Y, and called UPSILON;  the Latin dropped the stem, and became V, but still was sounded as a double "O" (oo) as in "school", and better understood as the sound of the modern English letter, U.   To the Orthodox and Chasidim, the word for school is SHUL (Yiddish).

The Hebrew Uau became the Greek letter Upsilon, and sounded like the "U" in HALLELU YAH.

Our letters U, V, and W came from the sixth letter of the ancient Hebrew alef-beth, a letter shaped: Y (yet it is not our modern letter that looks like this)

This Hebrew letter became the Greek letter UPSILON, also shaped Y.  The Latin form of this letter dropped the stem, changing the shape to V, but keeping the sound “OO” as in our modern U”.

Within the last 700 years, this letter shaped  V with the sound of “OO” developed into our modern letters U and W.

Please verify this using online encyclopedias and other sources.

The Tetragrammaton is therefore more accurately rendered as YHUH, standing for the 4 letters YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY

If preferred, it can be expressed YHVH, as long as it is understood that the "V" shape is sounded as our modern "U".

Our modern letters U, V, and W are all derived from one letter:

That letter is the Hebrew letter originally shaped Y. 

The Greek UPSILON maintained the sound and shape, but the Latin dropped the stem and it became shaped V”.


   Our letter U was originally written as we now write V”, which was a Latin version of the Greek letter UPSILON (written Y).  The Latin form of this letter dropped the stem, and it became written "V".  The rounded form U began to gain in popularity in the late 1300’s, using the rounded shape within words, but using the V-shape at the beginning of words.  The “V” shape originally had the sound of our modern letter U, but the labial sound of “V” (lower lip with upper teeth) is a rather new development;  via” was pronounced “uia”.  Many sources still erroneously imagine the letter “double-U (W) as they cite the sixth letter of the Hebrew alef-beth as WAW”, when it should be more properly understood as the Hebrew letter UAU”.  The shape and sound of our modern W is not the same as the Hebrew letter, although the Hebrew is the origin of the letter UPSILON - Y  - deriving from the palaeo-Hebrew letter having the same shape and sound.  The Hebrew letter UAU (Y) is the source of our modern sound U”.  The letter W did not exist until it first appeared in certain words as a UU (double - U) during the 14th century.  “Witch” was originally spelled “vvitch”.     

V and W developed into their modern sounds within the last 700 years from the Hebrew UAU and Greek UPSILON, both shaped Y The main confusion over these letters is caused by their modern shapes.  What we read today as a V” used to sound like our modern “U”. 

Please verify this using several online encyclopedias and other sources, because even the sources are in conflict on some of the details.

The Tetragrammaton is therefore more accurately rendered as YHUH, standing for the 4 letters YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY. 

When we spell the Creator’s Name with English letters as YAHUWAH, then we are tripling the third letter of His Name, because the “W” is literally two U’s:   YOD-HAY-UAU-UAU-UAU-HAY  (only one “U” is really needed, YAHUAH). Many words used to have two U's in them, such as the term "lituus". It's a Latin thing that was brought over into our English.

   Letters are the building-blocks of language.  They are like the individual notes of music, which when properly arranged will form a familiar melody.  When properly arranged into words properly sounded, letters are the foundation of our thoughts, and give meaning to our speaking and writing. 
I've used the letter "w" six times in the first 2 sentences here, but how long has the letter really existed on this planet? 
Many people are becoming aware that translators of Scripture have used modern, recently-invented letters to convey the sounds of words or names from older languages, and allowed the distortions of Greek to influence spellings.  Because Greek has no "SH" sound, the Hebrew word SHEMITE became SEMITE (pertaining to the descendants of Shem).  Another example is the letter "J", having appeared around 1530 CE, developing from the Greek letter, "IOTA".  The use of the Greek IOTA was a desperate attempt to convey the sound of the Hebrew letter YOD.  Reality must remain in contact with what we accept to be Truth, otherwise our Truth is not a reflection of reality.

What are we to think of the modern letter we call "double-U"?

   The letter double-U (or just "dub") doesn't have a great deal of history to it.  There are some who have strained to imagine this letter to have begun during the 7th century CE, when it first appeared by writers of Old English as a pairing of the letter U, (uu).  The word "witch" was originally spelled vvitch (vv).  The use of the double-u certainly didn't begin to become popularized until the 13th century in any other languages.  Slowly, a diphthong (dipping of the tongue) evolved in words using the combination eu (or ew), so other languages began to adopt it by writing it as vv (two v shapes).  Still, the shape of "V" was pronounced as a "U" in English, but Germanic influences began to exert pressures, so this spawned the modern letter "V" that we all know and love. 


   The sixth letter of the Hebrew alef-beth is best rendered as a long "o" or long "u" sound.  It can be heard in the phrase, "halleluYah" (spelled hay-lamed-lamed-uau-yod-hay).  If we are to be consistent, from now on we should render the name of the Hebrew letter UAU instead of WAW.  If you perform personal research on a number of Hebrew words which use this letter (uau), you will come to a fuller understanding of how it is to sound.  To use a modern letter to transliterate ancient Hebrew is corrupting, and misleading.

   This information is not intended to judge or bash anyone's personal beliefs, and hopefully any reader who may be disturbed by it will be challenged to do further research on the subject.  The distortions of this Hebrew letter over the centuries has caused most of the world to lose an accurate understanding of how to pronounce the Name of the Creator, and the Mashiak (Messiah) of Yisharal (Israel).

   The Hebrew letters yod-hay-uau-hay (the "Tetragrammaton", or four-letters) for the personal Name of the Creator has been thought to be pronounced YAHWEH (by dictionaries and encyclopedias).  It may be this Name is best rendered in English letters as YAHUAH  (YaHUaH).  It is found a minimum of 6,823 times in the TaNaK (O.T.).  The root "HAYAH" should be investigated.

   The world has been led to believe that the Hebrew letters yod-hay-uau-shin-ayin are pronounced "JOSHUA" after being drawn through Greek (IESOUS).  It transformed into IE-ZUS in Latin, then since the 16th century, it has been accepted as "JESUS" by way of the latest editions of the KJV and other translations.  The proper sound of the Hebrew letters may be YAHUSHA.  There are 216 uses of the combination yod-hay-uau-shin-ayin (YAHUSHA) found in the TaNaK (O.T.), and 2 uses of the combination yod-hay-uau-shin-uau-ayin (YAHUSHUA).  The Name "YAH" is definitely the primary component, and the Hebrew root "YASHA" (meaning deliverance) is seen in the second part.

   Some brothers believe that the best transliteration for the Name of the Mashiak is Yahuwshua, Yahshua, Yeshua, Y'shua, Yahusha, or Yahushua  -  some of these are very close, and two of them seem to be as close as we can get (with present understanding). "Yahu + sha" conveys all the Hebrew letters perfectly.
Others steadfastly cling to the Greco-Latinizations like Jezus, Jesus, Hesus, Jesu, etc.,.   The Islamic world calls Him "Isa", and the orthodox rabbis of Rabbinical Judaism refer to Him by the term the Talmud uses, "Jeschu" (YESHU), a term intended to represent an acronym for "may his name be blotted-out" (the Hebrew phrase is "Yemach Shmo u'Zikro").  Whatever we believe at a given point in time, all would agree on two things:

1.  His Name means "Yah is our deliverance," or alternately, to translate the full meaning, "I am your deliverer."

2.  His Name is the same Hebrew spelling which was applied to the successor of Mosheh (Moses), because the underlying Greek letters are the same for both the Mashiak and the person the KJV calls "Joshua" (Hebrews 4, Acts 7). 

Conclusion:  The English alphabet today contains the three letters in order, U, V, & W.  The V & W are derived from the U, which comes to the modern world directly from the ancient Hebrew letter, UAU.  To use a modern letter to transliterate ancient Hebrew is corrupting, and misleading.  Let's try to gently, peacefully, and lovingly correct our written and spoken references to our Master, Who seals us with His Name.  His Name is His seal.

Since His Name means Yah is our deliverance, it means that Yahusha is Yahuah, if our deliverance is through Him, and no man can come to the Father but by Yahusha.  "He who has seen Me has seen the Father." (Jn/Yahukanon 14:9). 
We may not all agree on that, but that is what His Name means.
ESAU (AYIN-SHIN-UAU) is not "ESAUW", but we discover that some add the "W" out of habit or custom to some names:


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The Door That Holds The Key
Do you know that you say part of the Creator's Name when you say, "HalleluYAH,"
The first part of His Name is YAH for HalleluYAH means Praise be to Yah,
The second part of His Name I will give you a clue,
Many of His people were called by His Name and were called Yahoos (YAHUs),
Today that term has been altered and they are called "Jews."
Look at the following names of the prophets that contain the Name YAHU,
AliYAHU, YAHUchanon, ZephinYAHU and YeshaYAHU just to name a few,
Here's a list of names with their meaning that contain the Name YAHU,

AchazYAHU  "YAHU has Seized"
AchiYAHU  "Brother of YAHU
AdoniYAHU  "Master of YAHU
AdaYAHUA  "YAHU is Adorned
AmarYAHU  "YAHU has Said"
AtsalYAHU  "Strength of YAHU"
AzanYAHU  "YAHU has Reserved"
BaqbukYAHU  "Heard by YAHU"
BenaYAHU  "YAHU has Built"
ChananYAHU  "YAHU has Favored"
ChizqiYAHU  "Portion of YAHU"
DelaYAHU  "YAHU has Delivered"
AliYAHU  "My Al is YAHU"
GedalYAHU  "YAHU is Great"
GemarYAHU  "YAHU has Perfected"
KenahYAHU  "YAHU has Planted"
KonYAHU   "YAHU will Establish"
KonanYAHU  "YAHU has Sustained"
Ma'azYAHU  "Rescue of YAHU"
MalikiYAHU  "YAHU is King"
MattanYAHU  "Gift of YAHU"
MattithYAHU  "Gift of YAHU"
MeshalemYAHU  "Ally of YAHU"
MiqneYAHU  "Possession of YAHU"
Miyka YAHU  "Who is like YAHU"
NathanYAHU  "Gift of YAHU"
NehemYAHU  "Comfort of YAHU"
ObadYAHU  "Serving YAHU"
SemakYAHU  "Supported of YAHU"
TebalYAHU  "YAHU has Dipped"
TobiYAHU  "Goodness of YAHU"
TsephanYAHU  "YAHU has Secreted"
UriYAHU  "Flame of YAHU"
UzziYAHU  "Strength of YAHU"
YaazanYAH  "Heard of YAHU"
YeberekYAHU  "Blessed of YAHU"
YekdiYAHU  "Unity of YAHU"
YekonYAHU  "YAHU will Establish"
YigdalYAHU  "Magnified of YAHU"
YishiYAHU  "YAHU will Hear"
YoshiYAHU  "YAHU will Lend"
YashaYAHU "Deliverance is Yahuah"
ZebadYAHU  "YAHU has Given"
ZekarYAHU  "YAHU has Remembered"
ZerakYAHU  "YAHU has Risen!"

Even in our modern times, Israel's Prime Minister is named Benyamin NetanYAHU ("Gift of YAHU"),
The tribe of YAHUdah holds the final important key,
Our Creator's Name is spelled the same in Hebrew as YAHUDAH minus the dalet or our letter D.
The dalet in Hebrew represents a door and this door holds the key,
Open this door and you have the Name of our Creator...Can you see,
So if you take the Messianic Tribe's Name YAHUDAH,
Remove the D, and you have the Creator's Name...YAHUAH.  HalleluYAH!


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