Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?







The shape of the heart is an IVY LEAF, the symbol of Bacchus, the male deity of wine and orgies (debauchery, from his name).

Bacchus corresponds to Nimrod and Tammuz, and also the archer, Saggitarius or Cupid.  Another name for him is Orion, the hunter.  The arrow penetrating the heart-symbol represented mating.  Bacchus is seen in art wearing a wreath of ivy leaves on his head during his mating rituals.  The familiar heart symbol comes from Pagan Rome, and echoes their idolatry, as the symbol of Bacchus.

The heart symbol is the symbol for orgy, or orgiastic love.   

The occulted (hidden) meanings behind all symbols of witchcraft are on two levels:

esoteric  -  the true inside meaning is revealed to those initiated into the upper levels.

exoteric  -  the surface meaning shown to the masses.


New Year toasting, Valentine's, Easter, Mothers and Fathers Days, Halloween, Christmas, and all birthday celebrations.

Valentine's Day is the occult (hidden) fertility festival of Dionysus, the Greek deity of orgies and wine.

Rome called it Lupercalia: wolf festival.

They have spun new reasons for observing this fertility festival, what they call it, and shifted it from Feb. 15th to Feb. 14th. The hearts, arrows, and Cupid idol are being programmed into the children in most schools to ensure they will grow up to teach this behavior to their children.
The things the world loves are oftentimes things Yahuah despises because He knows the true origin of them.

The old adage, "it doesn't mean that to me" won't fly when the reapers come to burn all things offensive.

As we are being refined, we purge the dross out of our lives. I remember when I had to eliminate all the cross-shapes from my life over 30 years ago. The Truth is like a bright light, and exposes the darkness - but the gentiles find the darkness very pleasing. The symbols they cherish don't mean anything sinister to them because the meaning is "occulted" meaning hidden to them. Generally all they see is the "exoteric" meaning. When we show the "esoteric" (secret insider's meaning), they react with "it doesn't mean that to me."

They are only familiar with the exoteric (outsider) view, so the esoteric (hidden) meaning seems ridiculous when they hear it.
The Christmas Trees, wreaths, Maypoles, rabbits/eggs, and so on don't seem to be connected with fertility at all to most people. The heart-shape is more repulsive to Yahuah than only the shape of an ivy leaf.

Think about what it looks like, and you'll see what He sees. What has been hidden is being revealed, and shouted from the rooftops.

Maypoles are a form of witchcraft closely related to all the other fertility customs. As Arthur Conan Doyle (a promoter of Spiritism) said in one of his books,

"You see, but you do not observe."


Have you ever attended a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting?


It is the symbol of debauchery, derived from the name of the deity, BACCHUS. It is Bacchus' symbol meaning ORGY.

It is now promoted in association with "Valentine's Day."

The Greek deity of wine and debauchery was Dionysus.

The Roman culture called him Bacchus.

The heart is the image of an ivy leaf, worn by Bacchus / Dionysus during his feasting and orgies.

He was honored for the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, fertility, theater, and drunkeness. The name Bacchus is the source of the word debauchery.

 Orgiastic love is represented by the penetrating arrow, the occult images of the male and female depicted as other objects.

When you see a heart-shape with an arrow through it, you are really seeing the symbol for "orgy" - to Yahuah it is debauchery (from the name, Bacchus) and the highest level of fornication, rubbed into His face. People simply don't realize what they are training their children to perform.

An archaeological discovery was made at the site of the ancient city of Ephesus. It was a sign indicating the directions to a brothel, and depicted three symbols: a WOMAN, a HEART, and a FOOT.

Basically, this said "walk this way for sex."

When we ignore the instructions of Yahuah, our children inherit the futility of their fathers to the third and fourth generations before them who hate (love less) Yahuah.

“When you come into the land which Yahuah your Alahim is giving you, do not learn to do according to the abominations of those gentiles."  -  Dt. 18:9

The Catholic Circus adopted every vestige of paganism and revised the meaning to apply to some aspect of the new faith. This is called syncretism, and is exactly what Yahuah told us to not ever do.


What has been concealed will be revealed (Mt. 10:26).

Pagan shrines are only about one thing: sexual fertility. 

On the first Sunday of April in Kawasaki, Japan, Shinto priests officiate in a festival called Kanamara Matsuri, or penis festival.

At least 95% of the population is Shinto or Buddhist, and they view their behavior as completely normal. Instead of feeling shame, they are profoundly gleeful about their behavior.

With the same kind of warm-hearted fervor the western world embraces Christmas and Santa Claus (who is vicariously Nimrod), the Japanese culture celebrates sex. Giant penises and vaginas are paraded through the streets and around the Shinto shrines.

The western mind is appalled at such open debauchery, yet they fail to see how they do the same thing with the Christmas tree, ornaments, tinsel, and wreaths. These are the western versions of penises, testicles, semen (tinsel, and rice at weddings), and vagina-wreaths everywhere. Yahuah ordered us to never bring such abominations into our homes (Dt. 7:25-26). December 25th was originally the time of the rebirth of all solar deities, the nativity of the Sun. Nimrod was worshipped as the Sun, which is why we see his ancient figure we now call Santa flying all around at this time of year.

Nimrod is the first “super-man” to be deified, and became every solar deity from Krishna, Molok, to Constantine’s Apollo. Our guilt remains since we claim we see. Nimrod's Secret Identity (book)



“So this I say, and witness in the Master, that you should no longer walk as the gentiles walk, in the futility of their mind, having been darkened in their understanding, having been estranged from the life of Alahim because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart, who, having become callous, have given themselves up to indecency, to work all uncleanness with greediness.”  - Ephesians 4:17-19 BYNV


 The dragon, who wages war against the Covenant and Bride of Mashiak, presently controls the kingdoms through 3 estates or orders: Clergy, Nobility, and Commoners.

  The world remains in a mold, or image, of institutionalized power formed long ago. It's a huge, blind, authoritarian monstrosity.

 The teaching authority of Babel is called a beast, and currently resides in the most powerful empire, ROME, the seat of ha shatan.

This bureaucracy will not perish until Yahusha returns.


Pagans worshipped the sun, and used fire, the hearth, wreaths, circles, pillars, bells, and many other items seen today as relics of their rituals. Some of the early Roman beliefs came from the Etruscans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, and of course Babylonians.  The central foundation of Roman nationalism began at Roma, the original name of the city and language of the proto-empire.  The mythology of the Romans taught that the empire began with two orphaned boys named Romulus and Remus, who were nurtured by a she-wolf.  Their importance to the early Romans was observed by a national day of purification, associated with the wolf (Latin lupis) that preserved their lives. 

Each year on their February 15, a purification festival was held which was called Lupercalia, or wolf festival. 2 youths representing Romulus and Remus ran around the city in the nude, laughing and whipping strips of wolf skins dipped in blood. Unmarried girls exposed their posteriors to be lashed with these bloody wolf hides, supposedly to imbue fertility.  As part of the ritual, every eligible girl’s name was collected and placed in a large vat or jar, and all the young men would draw a name from it. This gives us the phrase luck-of-the-draw. Whatever name a young man would draw out, that girl would be his consort in the festival. This was a very solemn religious process.  Lupercalia was changed into Valentine’s Day and moved to the 14th after being Christianized. Instead of having nothing to do with the idolatry, it was simply altered slightly and adapted to the new universal (Katholic) religion. This is where we inherit the custom of Valentine’s cards, and HEART SHAPED symbols.

We cannot change people by pointing out their faults. We must sow the seeds of the Kingdom of Yahuah.

The Name and the Word are the highest of all knowledge, and the goal is to know Yahuah, and become like Him.

The fruit of this will be love.  The message of love is going out into the world through Yahusha's Natsarim.


The Catholic Circus adopted every vestige of paganism and revised their meanings. They absorbed all the Greek and Roman symbols, costumes, and timing of the their festivals.

Paul spoke to the formerly pagan Galatians about this, but Christianity has twisted his words.

They compel people to think the Galatians, who didn’t know Yahuah, were somehow turning-back to “weak and poor elementary matters” and being enslaved again, as if he meant Torah:

But then, indeed, not knowing Alahim, you served those which by nature are not mighty ones.

But now after you have known Alahim, or rather are known by Alahim, how do you turn again to the weak and poor elementary matters, to which you wish to be enslaved again? You observe days and months and seasons and years. (referring to the pagan festivals, not Yahuah’s)

I fear for you, lest by any means I have labored for you in vain.

- Galatians 4:8-11

 This confusion is a symptom of syncretism, and is exactly what Yahuah told us not to do.


When someone says “will you be my valentine?” the idea seems innocent on the surface because they are under the spell of some fable about a fellow named “Valentine.” The confusion is on purpose.

This fable disguises the true origin of the practices.

Replacing the word “orgy” with “valentine” gives the true sentiment of the occasion. A person is inviting another person to an orgy, but they’re too drunk to know it.

When we think of how all the schemes of the devil are strongly supported in the many circuses pretending to walk in righteousness, it is apparent it is all a gigantic masquerade about doing everything we were warned against. Instead, teachers tell us not to live as Yahusha lived because that would be “legalistic,” and He did-away with the Torah. He said not to think He came to abolish Torah, but He came to fulfill Torah. When we show them their error, we become a threat to them.

And no wonder! For satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light! It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works!  - 2Kolossians 11:14-15 

“It is a shame even to speak of what is done by them in secret.”

 - Ephesians 5:12

For the wrath of Alahim is revealed from heaven against all wickedness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness . . .”   - Romans 1:18