By putting the right spin on a teaching, the opposite of what we should be doing can easily become accepted.   "Doctor" is Latin for "teacher," and "spin" means to "twist," or invent from ones’ imagination.   In my early years I lived according to all the reasoning we've commonly heard in Christian preaching.  

One day I crossed over into another realm, and left behind the old spins found in footnotes and commentaries. Gentiles in Christendom are taught there is a dispensation, and Yahusha's own people can also join into it if they accept Yahusha as their Rabbi.

Christendom uses the name "Jesus," a corruption from the original, True Name for the Mashiak.  

The Truth is somewhat different. The way of deliverance is open to Gentiles to come in by grafting into the original fig tree (Israel, Yisharal) to become fellow citizens. The dividing wall is broken down.   Both Gentile and Yahudi are one body, and obey the same Torah.  Yahuah promised to make this new covenant, as Christendom correctly calls it, at Yirme Yahu (Jeremiah) 31 -- the first one was at Sinai, commemorated by the commanded convocation called Shabuoth, or Pente-cost (meaning count 50, for the 50 days between the Shabath after Passover to the giving of the Torah at Sinai)

This giving of the instructions (Torah) defines exactly what a sin is (1 John 3:4).

Atonement, which Paul explained is completed gets confused with the eternal Covenant.

Peter’s words of warning at 1 Peter 3:11-18 explain how Paul is misunderstood on this.   Shabuoth/Pente-cost is a wedding anniversary, when the bride (Yisharal) promised to obey her husband, and take His Name. A Yahudi is a worshipper of Yahuah.

The bride broke this Covenant, and assimilated the Pagan ways of the Gentiles, and became a harlot, mixing the ways of the heathen into their walk. 

The designers of Christendom like Constantine used devices that trace all the way back to Nimrod of Babylon, twisting (spinning) them to mean something different.

2 Pet. 2:2,3:  "Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the Way of Truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up."

They are spin-doctors. Torah is the Way of Truth.

The Renewed Covenant is with the house of Yisharal & the house of Yahudah (YirmeYahu / Jer. 31).   

It is the same Torah, written upon their hearts -- and this happened to the first Natsarim. These were the 120 gathered in obedience on Shabuoth, 50 days after the Passover, after Yahusha rose from the dead. He became the fulfillment (object resolution) of First-Fruits. 

At this time, the prophesied renewal of the Covenant occurred.  It is happening over and over again as each new convert reaches the point that they stop resisting the Spirit of Yahusha, and receive from Him the LOVE of the Torah. When they repent and are immersed into His Name, they become children of Yahuah, and show it by the spiritual circumcision expressed outwardly in their obedience (aka baptism).  

This is explained at 1 Pet. 3:20.  Throughout Acts, Luke ;mentions many Shabaths, and mentions Shabuoth several times. He also speaks of a "Shabath’s distance" (Acts 1:12), and the "Fast" (Yom Kippur). These things seem to go unnoticed until you overcome the false teachings. Sadly, Christendom would rather be free from the Torah, and follow the bondage of satan by keeping Babylonian Customs like Sun-day, Easter/Ishtar, the Christmas/Solstice re-birth of the Sun, and eat pigs (see YashaYahu 66:17-24).  

Yahuah does not change His ways, and has shown us we CAN obey through the power of His Spirit, and receive a love for His Torah.   We worship (obey, serve) Him as Creator by resting on the weekly 7th day from sunset to sunset (see Isaiah/Yasha Yahu 66).   Paul lived by it, and found it a joy to teach others to live by it.  

Constantine changed the day of rest to the first day of the week in honor of his Sun deity Apollo,  and everyone in his empire to "have nothing in common with the hostile rabble of the Yahudim." This fulfilled  accomplished) Daniel 7:25.  

We will keep the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth)  during the Millennial Reign of Yahusha, and any nations who rebel will receive no rain (Zech. 14).  

It makes no sense that there would be Shabaths for a time, then no Shabaths, then Shabaths again.

The world is living under a delusion.

These warnings come out in both of Peter's letters, and they explain future heresies, and how those who started them will be severely punished.

Paul described the changes too.  

Money is not involved in the spreading of the message of the coming Kingdom of Yahuah. The message is free. At Acts 20 Paul called the elders together to explain how distorted things would get, and even told them that they should not be a burden, but work with their own hands, and even give to the support of their flock. He told them -- the elders -- that Yahusha Himself said "it is more blessed to give than to receive." The flock is being exploited by false teachers and funded to propagate a false message.

This Nicolaitanism is hated by Yahusha, and carried forward into Rome's Catholicism under Constantine. 

The message of the Kingdom of Yahuah is "REPENT -- for the Reign of Yahuah draws near."  

Natsarim sow the seeds of the Kingdom, the Torah (teachings, rules, Commandments etc.,.)

Torah is Living Water (Ps. 1).  

What kind of Teacher would Yahusha be if He taught us to just believe He is our "savior" while we ignored the Commandments?


    A Christian pastor on the radio once remarked,

"if Christians stopped observing the things they do that originated in pagan worship, they would be left with absolutely nothing to do."  

Then, he went on to explain that it doesn’t matter to Yahuah that we -- human beings -- re-invented pagan customs to apply to Him now.

This attitude is like the pig, who after washing, returns to the mud (pagan customs), and the dog returning to what it vomited up (2 Pet. 2:22).  

Yahusha commands us, "Come out from her, My people, that you not share in her sins."

This is Christendom -- the Mother of Harlots -- the harlots are the daughters of Catholicism; Baptists, Calvinists, Lutherans, etc.,. Of course, the customs originated in Babylon, under Nimrod.

Christians celebrate Nimrod's Birthday

The Christmas Tree custom is a symbol of Nimrod, the re-born king of Babylon.     

There is nothing mentioned in Scripture that is anything like Christianity. In fact, Yahusha did not "found" anything new, but only said repent, and repeatedly corrected the Torah teachers for having set-aside the Commandments, observing the traditions and teachings of men in their place.  

The first Natsarim, both natural Yahudim and converts, observed the entire Torah with great zeal (Acts 20:21).  

Scripture records no condemnation of anyone for observing Shabath, avoiding blood and strangled food (Acts 15), or Passover keepers.   There is not a whisper of Easter, eggs & rabbits, Christmas, Santa (who is Nimrod), Sun-day, popes, nuns, monks, giving money to spread the Gospel, Halloween, indoor-altars holy water (inherited from Hinduism), statues, halos, steeples, bells, sacraments, wreaths, votive candles, Christmas trees, or anything you see in Christianity. Celibacy was inherited from the Hindus too.



Acts 15 records the decision of the Natsarim elders at their meeting in Yerushalayim about how Gentiles are to begin conducting themselves to become part of the commonwealth of Yisharal:  YaAkob (James) said;


"It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to Yahuah. Instead we should write to them, telling them to

(1) abstain from food polluted by idols,

(2) from sexual immorality,

(3) from the meat of strangled animals and blood.

    "For Mosheh (the Torah) has been preached in every city from the earliest time, and is read in the synagogues (congregations) on every Shabath." Acts 15:19-21. 

Kosher (appropriate) means without blood, and of course, a "clean" animal, as even Noah knew. 

Animals set-apart as food are all clean, but if they are not, they are not food.

The vision of Peter at Acts 10 was about Gentiles, not food. At Mark 7 Yahusha explains why His students do not need to wash their hands. He corrected the Pharisees and Torah teachers for observing the "traditions of the fathers." The traditions of the fathers refers to rabbinic rules set up by men, and are leaven. We must throw out the leaven. Men's traditions are a heavy yoke we must remove.  Kabbalistic traditions developed requiring a person to wash their hands when awakening, before taking more than a few steps. It was believed that demons (unclean spirits) inhabited a person when they slept, and upon awakening, these spirits clung to the fingertips.

Yahusha was challenging these traditions, not declaring all foods clean.  This is placed in italics in many translations, because it is not in the original text itself, but placed in the margins by the spin-doctors of antiquity.  If you have asked Yahuah for the truth, He will reveal it to you.  The key of knowledge is His Name. "Everyone who calls upon the Name of Yahuah will be saved;"  (Yual / Joel 2:32).  

Here are the eternal laws of the Reign of Yahuah:

The 10 Commandments

1. I am Yahuah your Alahim. Have no other before My Face.

2. You do not bow to images.

3. You do not bring the Name of Yahuah your Alahim to naught.

4. Remember Shabath, to keep it set apart.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. You do not murder.

7. You do not break wedlock.

8. You do not steal.

9. You do not bear false (harmful) witness (speech) against your neighbor.

10. You do not covet your neighbors house, wife, servants, ox, ass, or whatever belongs to your neighbor.

Love never fails. Love Yahuah by observing His Commandments.

Rebuke, correct, and train in righteousness  -  using all Scripture. You can't prove anything using traditions made up by men.

A good overview of what's happened can be gleaned from the article at

Keep studying, and in time you will be comforted.  The awareness you have right now is painful, but you will soon pass from this and be filled with joy.