Natsarim Yisharal  -  (Google any words you find foreign to you)

The Followers of Yahusha of Natsarith 

These are those He has chosen, and written His Torah on their hearts. 

Yahusha is the real Name of Yisharal's Mashiak, undefiled by the Greek language. His Name is not ISA, IESV, IHS, IES, IESOUS, IC-XC, or JESUS.

READ Rev. 14, which describes the first-fruits, and ask yourself:


Group #1: 

NATSARIM who "obey the Commandments of Alahim AND hold to the Testimony of Yahusha."  - They don't just believe the Word, they do the Word.

There are those who are born in the Covenant (Torah) yet don't believe that Yahusha is the Mashiak;  these are usually called "Jews" by modern terminology. As long as they observe the Covenant, they are "Yisharal."  They don't "hold to the Testimony of Yahusha," so they are not "first-fruits"  -  but because of the Covenant they are Yisharal (YISHARAL).

People will claim these to be Judaizers and legalists, but so-be-it. Those who guard the Shabath were condemned at the council of Laodicea, but Yahusha warned us to "pray that your flight not be in winter or on a Shabath" when His pupils asked Him about the signs of His return in the last days (Mt. 24).

Group #2:  

There are those who believe they "hold to the Testimony of Yahusha," but admittedly DON'T observe (do, perform) the Commandments of Yahuah (the Covenant, or Torah). They feel that simply believing is all that is necessary  -- anything beyond that is attempting to save themselves. 

They are also taught that the "Old Covenant" (Commandments) were "done away" or "nailed to the cross" and that only Jews (Yahudim, one of the 12 tribes of Yisharal) have to obey the Covenant, the 10 Commandments. 

They are trained to think they are "spiritual Yisharal" through their belief in Yahusha. Because of this, they are victims of "Replacement Theology" and we can see clearly that this group is not the "first-fruits" spoken of at Rev. 14 either. But, most dangerously, because they don't observe the Covenant, they are NOT Yisharal, and therefore are not in any "Covenant relationship" with Yahuah in any way -- although they are taught that they are.

They don't "obey the Commandments of Alahim" therefore they cannot be Yisharal. Ephesians 2 explains that we become citizens of Yisharal through the Covenant, and Yahusha is the Mediator of it, writing it upon our hearts.  This group must continue to believe in Yahusha, and are grafted into the commonwealth of Yisharal by observing the Commandments of Yahuah, as He wrote them.

Group #3:   

Those who "obey the Commandments of Alahim AND hold to the Testimony of Yahusha" are the "first-fruits" and are called Natsarim (watchmen, branches), or Natsarim Yisharal. Foreigners are "formerly Gentiles in the flesh" but when they believe AND obey, they become citizens of Yisharal  --  they are NO LONGER GENTILES.

The Covenant is a marriage between Yahuah and Yisharal, His bride;  and Natsarim Yisharal (aka Nazarene Yisharal) represents the first-fruits of a great harvest. Yisharal is the only bonafide group named in Scripture (denomination), and the Natsarim are an elect group within Yisharal, as they are called by Yahusha as workers in His harvest of mankind. They are a treasured possession whose names are written in a special scroll called the Scroll of Remembrance (Malaki 3:16-18). 
The Name of the Creator and the symbol of His Torah are on the banner below, a prophesied reality taking place in the Earth Ps. 20:5, 60:4, Jer. 51:12.  
Yahusha removed His menorah (lampstand) from the 1st assembly in Ephesos, Rev. 2:5.  It has been restored to Natsarim YYisharal today.  
The menorah is a symbol of the TORAH, and it also is the most widely known symbol for Yisharal.   

The TORAH and Yisharal are inseparable.


The Creator designed the menorah; it is not of this Earth.  The design was shown to Mosheh.

Who are these people called Yisharal by the world? Put in the simplest possible terms, Yisharal is any being that observes the Torah of Yahuah

It is not so much a religion, but rather a relationship. The sign of this Covenant is the Shabath; to rest from work, buying and selling, or traveling on the 7th day of each week. The "eternal" Covenant is everlasting.

This is an area where foreigners as well as "Yisharalites" are both more than a little skewed in their thinking.  The primary test to evaluate a person being of Yisharal has been misplaced, causing people to think there is some group of individuals who are automatically Yisharal determined by their bloodlines.   People are looking for bloodlines; but there is much more to it as we see at YashaYahu 56. 

If a person discharges themselves from obeying the Torah (Covenant, Ten Declarations), they are no longer Yisharal  -  they're cut off from their people (Yisharal).   All the tribes that were once Yisharal were dispersed into the nations  -  the 10 tribes of Northern Yisharal (Samaria, "Samaritans," or House of Yisharal) were carried away into captivity by Assyria in 722 BME. (Before Messianic Era), never to return until the last days. About 136 years later, in 586 BME, the Southern tribes (House of Yahudah) were taken to Babel.

Roughly 10% of these returned as a remnant, and about 90% of these were permanently assimilated into the nations of the world, just as Amus 9:9 tells us. The re-gathering of the house of Yisharal and the house of Yahudah was promised at Jer. chapters 3 & 31 (and many other texts), but hardly understood; and it's happening now in these last days. Ezek. 37 and YirmeYahu 3 describes it very well, as does Eph. 3 and Acts 15.  If you read YashaYahu (Isaiah) 56, you'll find that when a "foreigner" who is not of Yisharal joins to Yahuah through the Torah (Covenant, Brith), they are Yisharal.    

The 10 Declarations/Commandments are that Covenant; without this there is no fellowship with Yahuah, nor with Yisharal. People think they can disqualify whoever they want, but they have no authority to determine who is going to obey the Covenant.  That's why it's so dangerous to listen to people who teach that "Gentiles" don't have to observe certain Commands, such as the Sabbath Day;  it's not their Sabbath, it's Yahuah's Shabath. It's the sign of the everlasting Covenant. (Ezek. 20:12-20, Ex. 31:13-17, Hebrews 4).

Yisharal is the bride or wife of Yahuah

And those who are Yisharal keep the Covenant of Yahuah. Because of this Covenant, they are a nation of priests(KOHENIM). The observance of the Torah, or Covenant, determines who is Yisharal, and those who do not observe it are not Yisharal. If you stop observing Torah, you are no longer Yisharal. But if a stranger down the street begins to observe the Torah, then they become Yisharal, even if they were formerly a circumambulating snake-tail-rattling moon-dancing witch doctor.

The 10 Declarations of Yahuah are to be taught to all the nations through the priesthood of Yisharal.

Yisharal is a nation of priests whose purpose is to teach the rest of the nations the Torah of Yahuah, but the best this nation has done thus far is preserve the Torah;  they are just now beginning to understand the mission. Those who return to the Covenant are Yisharal, regardless of their bloodlines.  YashaYahu 56 explains that the Covenant, with the sign of the Sabbath, will determine everything  -  no "foreigner" who keeps Yahuah's Covenant will remain a foreigner, but will be counted among Yahuah's people, Yisharal.  In fact, a foreigner that begins to study and keep Yahuah's Covenant is no longer a foreigner, but they become fellow citizens in the commonwealth of Yisharal, so says Eph. 2.    If we are constantly trying to figure out who is Yisharal by some other means than who is obeying the Ten Declarations, we'll be perpetually confused.  It's Yahusha's work to re-gather His lost sheep, and identify them;  we could not possibly do it.  If a person is called to the Covenant, they are Yisharal  -  with or without any man's approval of it being so.  The calling of Yahusha must not be brought into question.  The Covenant determines who is Yisharal, not a person's father and mother. 

These "two houses" of Yisharal are described in the parable of the Prodigal Son. The two sons represent the two houses; one left the Covenant while the other did not.  The returning son in the parable represents the lost tribes -  all of them - returning to the Covenant in the last days.

The bread in the Father's House is the Covenant  -  the Ten Declarations.  The famine of Yahuah's Word was prophesied (Amus 8:11-14)The bread we live by is Torah.  We cannot have life without the Covenant, and we must feed the nations with it.   We are the priests of Yisharal, and preserve the knowledge of the Covenant and teach it to all nations. If a being from outside the Earth came to live with us, and kept the Covenant, that being would be of Yisharal too.  It's not about who we are, or where we come from;  it's only about our relationship to Yahuah through His Torah, the Covenant. 

Read YirmeYahu (Jer.) 31 carefully.

Nazarene Yisharal is a special group within Yisharal;  with Yahusha, they are the first fruits.   These seek to "obey the Commandments of Alahim AND hold to the Testimony of Yahusha"  -  and are very few relative to the population of the world.  READ Rev. 14, which describes the "first-fruits" and ask yourself if you "obey the Commandments of Alahim AND hold to the Testimony of Yahusha."  Yisharal's primary objective is to obey the Covenant (Brith), or 10 Declarations, and teach these instructions to the rest of mankind, so there will be knowledge of the true Creator (Yahuah).  Yisharal is the wife or "bride" (Hebrew, ashah) of Yahuah, and the 10 Declarations represent the Covenant between Yahuah and Yisharal; this makes the relationship a marriage between them. This Covenant is referred to as the "TORAH"  - a Hebrew word meaning instruction.

No other nation but Yisharal has any Covenant relationship with Yahuah, so in order to enter into one, the outsider or foreigner must obey the same Covenant, and join or "engraft" into Yisharal  The Mediator of the re-newed Covenant with Yisharal is Yahusha ha'Mashiak.   He is not a founder of a "new religion" (way), but He is the One Who created all things;  and He has established a renewal of the Covenant, cut in His Own blood, to redeem Yisharal from their transgressions of that Covenant.   He did not alter the Covenant;  instead He actively writes it on the hearts of His people, Yisharal.

When anyone --- whether they are native-born Yisharal or not ---  wants to partake of the re-newed Covenant, they must be convicted of their transgressions (realize they have not kept the Covenant), and repent (turn back to the Covenant), and be immersed in the Name of Yahusha of Natsarith for the remission of their sins.  This immersion is the "Brith", when an individual cuts the Covenant with their Maker, identifying with the death and burial of the Mashiak, Yahusha.   It also is their circumcision, done by Yahusha in their hearts, causing them to love the Torah because He writes a love for it on their hearts.   The immersion in water is the moment of salvation for the person, as the 8 beings survived who went through the waters of the Great Flood, and as Yisharal went through the waters of the Yam Suph fleeing Pharaoh.  We pronounce our belief in Yahusha's atoning blood, and promise to obey His Torot (teachings, instructions). If we do not obey, we will be condemned on the last day. Then, and only then, are we under the blood of the Covenant. At the moment of immersion, we become Yisharal, whether others say so or not.

Our Covenant is a bond between us and Yahusha, and no organization of men on this Earth can effect this in the least.  We are members of the commonwealth of Yisharal, not Christians (that's Greek, sorry).  We aren't Baptists, 7th day Adventists, Catholics, or Lutherans.  You name it, we're not that. We aren't practicing Judaism; we practice the Torah of Yahuah  -  and only that. Judaism involves the traditions of the fathers, the leaven of men's teachings. Sorry, no Talmud either. No additions, omissions, or blends allowed. We don't pray to the dead, wave dead chickens, put on beanies and blankets, or count beads to relate to Yahuah.

Love Him, and keep His Commandments  -  Yisharal is a nation that will one day fill the Earth, and outsiders will not be found. Sorry, no Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, apron-wearing Adepts, Athiests, or any who practice a lie will be found. Read Revelation chapters 21 & 22, then read YashaYahu 56. 

The whole world has been lied to. For more information on the word NATSARITH, CLICK HERE.  The more accurate sound for "Nazarene" is NATSAR, and the plural form, NATSARIM. Being a descendant of one of the tribes of Yisharal means your lineage is of the "natural branches," but to be counted among Yisharal of Yahuah, you have to be in the Covenant relationship.  Unnatural branches may "engraft" into Yisharal, and become the same as those who are native-born.   There is to be no distinction made between them  --  there's only ONE body.  You don't need any man or organization;  you only need to enter into the Covenant with Yahusha.  Believe, AND obey. Do the Word, and Yahusha will say, "well done." 

If we aren't very careful, we'll find ourselves using phrases from the programming many of us have been subjected to in our former lives as Christians.

The phrase "spiritual Yisharal" is one of those.  "Former Gentiles in the flesh" (Eph. 2) suggests that we are no longer Gentiles, but true Yisharal .  One body obeys the Covenant, the rest are not Yisharal .  The Mashiak is the Mediator of the Re-newed Covenant with only Yisharal , and no others.  He is also our Husband, since we were formerly without a husband, and in need of our "Kinsman Redeemer", as Ruth was. 

Through the Re-newed Covenant we are circumcised by Yahusha, entered the Covenant through immersion, and all who do this become Yisharal and walk in the Covenant by walking "in the Spirit" (guided by Mashiak in us).  We are literal Yisharal , a living Temple (dwelling place) of the Creator, Yahuah.   

We are the bride of Yahuah, the New Yerushaliyim, being built by Yahusha. 

Even ha shatan believes Yahusha is the Mashiak of Yisharal , but Yahusha came to overcome the works of this being.  Most are still under the influence of those "works of the devil", but Yahusha guides us into all Truth, exposing the wiles (deceptions, plots) of the adversary.  Yisharal is pursued by the adversary, but Yahusha overcomes for us.  We Natsarim are a special group within Yisharal , being the "first fruits" along with Yahusha.   We are far from being second-class citizens within Yisharal   ~  through Yahusha we are His prized possession.

No wonder Shaul called himself the "chief of sinners"  -  he had worked to kill the Natsarim for a long time! 

Ekklesia, Qahal, Church, Congregation

When Paul speaks of Jews, gentiles, and the "church" (congregation), we realize that the "Ioudia" (Jews) are the Yahudim, raised with the Covenant, or Torah.  These Yahudim could be believers in Yahusha, or those opposed to Him  -  the term can apply to either.
The "gentiles" (nations, goyim) spoken of are those who were originally foreign to the Covenant, or Torah, who join to Yahuah by living by the same Covenant, or Torah of Yahuah.  These cease to be goyim, and are then "fellow citizens" with Yisharal  -  they are not Catholics, Baptists, or whatever term people are taught to believe they are (Eph. 2:8-13).  It's the Covenant, the Torah, that defines whether we are Yisharal, not our parentage or former "religious" training.  The "church" which we read about in the Brith Chadasha (Messianic Writings) is actually the Hebrew word qahal, and may refer to either or both of the following:
1.  The congregation/assembly of Yisharal  (qahal). 
2.  The gentiles who converted and those Yahudim who came to accept their Mashiak (also qahal, called-ones).
 The Greco-Roman mindset has been failing to understand the foundation of the faith because they approach the Scriptures from a gentile (non-Covenant) point of view, where gentiles remain gentiles after coming to a belief in Yahusha.  This is erroneous, since there is one body, not two or three.  Gentiles must engraft (Rom. 11) into Yisharal,  Yisharalites do not engraft into a Gentile "church."  

The word "church" (KIRK, KIRKE, KIRCHE) is derived from a Pagan deity, Circe. It is found 3 times in Scripture to refer to a pagan temple / shrine.

The Greek term used for congregation or assembly (qahal in Hebrew) is EKKLESIA (called-out ones).  Coincidentally, we get our English word "call" from the Hebrew word, qahal.
Why would an Yisharalite need to change their way of living (halakah, walk, way) to accept their own Mashiak?
When we see the word "Jews" in the Brith Chadasha, sometimes it refers to those Yisharalites who have accepted their Mashiak (like in Acts 15).   In other verses this term (Greek Ioudia, or Hebrew Yahudim) refers to Yisharalites that did not believe in Yahusha, in fact were the faction seeking to trap Him. 

 From we get a glimpse of the tradition vs. the Torah on circumcision:

"Actually, there is no explicit commandment in the Torah requiring circumcision (or immersion) for proselytes [although this requirement is certainly implied in the text, for example, in the story of Dina and Shechem in Genesis 34].  The Talmud--the Oral Law--is where the laws and debates about initiation rites are found."   

Perhaps Yahusha, knowing this initiation into the renewed Covenant needed to be contrasted with the Oral Law's method, making it simple for the adult proselytes.  He certainly had the authority to establish the immersion as the outward sign.  The former outward sign, physical circumcision, concerned the LAND promised to the offspring of Abraham, it never involved eternal life. 

In the re-newed Covenant, the hands of men have nothing to do with it. 

It's the work of Mashiak Yahusha, Who circumcises our inward parts. 

He already did all the bleeding that will ever be necessary, so we trust in HIS work, not ours.  He will re-gather all of Yisharal.  It is Him, not us, joining the two sticks (Ez. 37) into one stick in HIS hand  -  we can only cooperate in what He is doing.   Some want to use their arm of flesh to return to the land of Yisharal prematurely - but Yahusha is in His people even now, living in His Temple, where ever they may be.  We, Yisharal, have a mission to the nations where we are for now.  We can do nothing without Him; and if we go against what He is doing, or try to do what WE think needs to be done, we will not succeed.

Physical circumcision of ADULT males is sometimes taught by various Messianic teachers.  We differ on this teaching, but don't consider this topic to be a threat to one's salvation  -- reading Acts 15 should clear it up.  But, if you need more to study on this issue, please read the article at 

We are the workmanship of Yahuah, and even though a convert may not be PHYSICALLY made to bleed, Yahusha HAS circumcised the heart of that convert. See Ephesians 2:8-13, Col. 2:11-13, 1 Cor. 7:19, Romans 2:28,29.  The unmerited loving-kindness of Alahim in giving us our faith (belief) saves us, not the "works" of the hands of men. Not our blood, but the blood of Mashiak has covered us. Brith (cut, covenant) is the Hebrew word for what we do when we enter the waters of immersion, calling on the Name of Yahusha (Acts 2) for our salvation. Our immersion IS our circumcision, but it is done on our heart by the Mashiak! New born males (our Yisharalite children) are to be physically circumcised on the 8th day from their birth;  it is not required for the adult male who converts (Acts 15).
When the circumcision that is performed on your heart by the Mashiak of Yisharal isn't good enough for you, and you need the help of the hands of men to perfect your flesh, you're not judging anything but Scripture, and devaluating Yahusha's workmanship.

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