If Yahushua was not conceived by the Ruach haQodesh, then He would then have been the product of fornication, since it is clearly stated that Yosef was puzzled over Miryam's pregnancy, and "knew her not" until she brought forth her first born Son.

   Notice that in this “KJV” text based on the Received Text of each word used in the Brith Chadasha (N.T.) there are several statements concerning “how” and “Who” conceived Yahushua.  It is even clearly stated that Yosef 
“knew her not” until she brought forth her first born Son  -  yet some have stated that it is through the line of Yosef that Yahushua may claim the line of David (Da’ud).  The true lineage from Da'ud comes down through Miryam.  Here we see that that Miryam was a virgin. 
Please excuse the bad translation of many terms and names; this KJV is useful because it provides the actual Received Text concordance numbers:
      Luk 1:26,27:  And1161 in1722 the3588 sixth1623 month3376 the3588 angel32 Gabriel1043 was sent649 from5259 God2316 unto1519 a city4172 of Galilee,1056 named3686 Nazareth,3478
       To4314 a virgin3933 espoused3423 to a man435 whose3739 name3686 was Joseph,2501 of1537 the house3624 of David;1138 and2532 the3588 virgin's3933 name3686 was Mary.3137
    Notice this text details “how” and “Who” will do the “overshadowing” to conceive Yahushua:
      Luk 1:34,35:  Then1161 said2036 Mary3137 unto4314 the3588 angel,32 How4459 shall this5124 be,2071 seeing1893 I know1097 not3756 a man?435
        And2532 the3588 angel32 answered611 and said2036 unto her,846 The Holy40 Ghost4151 shall come1904 upon1909 thee,4571 and2532 the power1411 of the Highest5310 shall overshadow1982 thee:4671 therefore1352 also2532 that holy thing40 which shall be born1080 of1537 thee4675 shall be called2564 the Son5207 of God.2316   (Notice it is not the Son of Yosef or a Roman soldier, but the Son of Elohim).
    In the following text, Yosef is reassured by an alien being (Gabriel) that the Fatherhood of the pregnancy is the Ruach   haQodesh, because Yosef was absolutely CERTAIN it wasn’t his child:
      Mat 1:20-25:  But1161 while he846 thought1760 on these things,5023 behold,2400 the angel32 of the Lord2962 appeared5316 unto him846 in2596 a dream,3677 saying,3004 Joseph,2501 thou son5207 of David,1138 fear5399 not3361 to take3880 unto thee Mary3137 thy4675 wife;1135 for1063 that which is conceived1080 in1722 her846 is2076 of1537 the Holy40 Ghost.4151
      And1161 she shall bring forth5088 a son,5207 and2532 thou shalt call2564 his846 name3686 JESUS:2424 for1063 he846 shall save4982 his848 people2992 from575 their846 sins.266
     Now1161 all3650 this5124 was done,1096 that2443 it might be fulfilled4137 which3588 was spoken4483 of5259 the3588 Lord2962 by1223 the3588 prophet,4396 saying,3004
      Behold,2400 a virgin3933 shall be with child,2192, 1722, 1064 and2532 shall bring forth5088 a son,5207 and2532 they shall call2564 his846 name3686 Emmanuel,1694 which3739 being interpreted3177 is,2076 God2316 with3326 us.2257 
       Then1161 Joseph2501 being raised1326 from575 sleep5258 did4160 as5613 the3588 angel32 of the Lord2962 had bidden4367 him,846 and2532 took3880 unto him his848 wife:1135
      And2532 knew1097 her846 not3756 till2193 she had brought forth5088 her848 firstborn4416 son:5207 and2532 he called2564 his846 name3686 JESUS.2424
          Isa 7:14  Therefore3651 the Lord136 himself1931 shall give5414 you a sign;226 Behold,2009 a virgin5959 shall conceive,2029 and bear3205 a son,1121 and shall call7121 his name8034 Immanuel.6005
         Isa 9:6,7  For3588 unto us a child3206 is born,3205 unto us a son1121 is given:5414 and the government4951 shall be upon5921 his shoulder:7926 and his name8034 shall be1961 called7121 Wonderful,6382 Counselor,3289 The mighty1368 God,410 The everlasting5703 Father,1 The Prince8269 of Peace.7965
Of the increase4766 of his government4951 and peace7965 there shall be no369 end,7093 upon5921 the throne3678 of David,1732 and upon5921 his kingdom,4467 to order3559 it, and to establish5582 it with judgment4941 and with justice6666 from henceforth4480, 6258 even forever.5704, 5769 The zeal7068 of (YAHUAH)3068 of hosts6635 will perform6213 this.2063
        Perhaps the first mention (below) of the virgin birth is the most compelling, describing the “seed” of THE WOMAN (not any man's seed).  A male child was to be born of the woman’s seed, a warning and a sign to the adversary of what was to come.  In due time, the adversary manipulated myths concerning virginal births in the design of Pagan religions in various places, based on what was revealed to happen.
        Gen 3:15  And I will put7896 enmity342 between996 thee and the woman,802 and between996 thy seed2233 and her Seed;2233 He1931 shall bruise7779 thy head,7218 and thou859 shalt bruise7779 His heel.6119
These texts should be enough evidence “from the Hebrew Scriptures” to convince anyone who believes that the Word of Yahuah is inspired and trustworthy, and profitable for teaching:
2     Ti 3:16, 17: All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of Elohim might be fitted, equipped for every good work.
It's best to be aligned to what Scripture tells us, as well as what it does not tell us. 
If we are to teach, we have to be “equipped” for the task based on Yahuah's revealed Word.
brother Lew


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