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What is the IMAGE of the BEAST? (link)

A response to the article by Randy Alcorn; “Taking up Our Cross”?
True or false:
The origin of the sign/symbol of the cross is Babel, and it pertains to the Zodiac/Mazzaroth/Constellations.
The "slaying of the bull" in Mithraism related to the all-conquering sun, Sol invictus.
"In this sign conquer" was the message given to Constantine in his battle against Maxentius in 312 CE. 
Constantine worshipped Apollo, the Sun.
All solar deities are vicars of Nimrod in a babbled name.

Masons serve Nimrod, the original human being who became a "mighty-one" and worshipped as the Sun.
Secretly, Nimrod is the Great Architect of the World Order.


Nimrod is occulted in every culture's Sun deity, from Shammash and Krishna to Mithras and Apollo.
His is Molok, Odin, and that sneaky elf lurking around his birthday, December 25th:
Santa. All of these are vicars of Nimrod. Astrology's foundation is the birthday, and Nimrod was the first human being to be worshipped - and the first to have his birthday celebrated.
Every solar deity's birthday is on December 25th.
The occult has been around since Nimrod's Sun worship (astrology) spread from Babel into the whole world. Read all about it:

The sign of the sun was a crux, and it also pertained to the celestial cross, the time the sun would cross over the celestial equator.
The huge orb seen carried by Atlas, the primordial Titan (mythology also based on Babel's mazzaroth) was originally understood to represent the whole Kosmos.
The cross is the oldest religious symbol among pagans around the world.
It is the magic symbol of the sun, the very IMAGE of the beast (zoo, zodiac, living animal).
The beast is the hierarchy (bureaucracy) of Babel.

Take up your CROSS (crux) and follow Me?
The word translated into cross from the Greek is
Yahusha referred to the object He would be “lifted-up” on as being
like (as, the same as) when the serpent was lifted-up. 
This word used in Hebrew was
(Numbers 21), commonly known literally as a pole or stake.
It may extend to any number of vertical wooden objects, including stake, pole, mast, or staff.  Being in context with the idea to “take-up”
(AIRO) means this object is to be understood as a nautical idiom, as spoken to Yahusha’s audience of fishermen. 
“lift-up” one’s MAST (note the root in stauros
comes from the ST component), means to put one’s pedal-to-the-metal, and “get to work.” 
Staff, stave, stauros, stake, stockade, mast, etc., exhibit the “ST” component.  The “lift-up” word, airo, was the Greek term for cast off, or “weigh anchor.” 
Context helps us with idiomatic expressions.
I would offer that Yahusha was not referring to an instrument of death as you proposed, but rather He was referring to an activity and purpose for living. 
The Gnostics were obsessed with death, since they considered everything physical, like the bodies we inhabit, to be evil; and everything in the afterlife, or heavenly, to be good.  To follow Him to our deaths may have some application as to our resolve, but to live in the pattern He walks in is more likely His will for us. To walk in Torah is to follow Him, and to walk in darkness (mixing elements of solar worship into our behavior) certainly leads to death. 
Our objective (our eye of light) seeks life, never death. To obey is life, to disobey is death; just as it was in the beginning.  This is “legalism”, and no one will be cast alive into yam esh for being “legal.” 
It’s being
ILLEGAL that puts a person there.
When Jerome translated his Latin vulgate, he chose another word, CRUX, rather than the matching Latin word for the Greek STAUROS, which would have been STAURO.  So the Latin had an equivalent word for the Greek stauros. 
Why would a person promote the symbol of the sun (crux) in translating into Latin after Constantine’s alterations of the truth?  Because Constantine worshipped Apollo, the sun?  It is recorded that he had a vision of his sun deity Apollo, with the words "In this sign conquer." 
The words
xylon, xulon, and stauros can mean club, stake, staff, beam, and so on - but never “crux.”  William Ethelbert Bullinger, the esteemed English theologian, fully debunks many errors in the KJV like this one.
Natsarim are here now, to straighten many wrinkles in Yahusha’s bride before He comes.
Solar references like cross/crux are corrupting influences to the faith, even though one may believe that using pagan devices and patterns to teach the illiterate masses helps in some way. Romans, Hindus, Egyptians, Babylonians, Celts, and dozens of other ancient cultures used the magic symbol of the sun, and it was just another detail adopted into Christianity, along with trinities, steeples, bells, statues, holy water, trees/wreaths, haloes, transubstantiation, Sun-day, etc.,.  Here are just a few examples of the use of the crux symbol:

Image of Shammash

Shammash incense stencher

Symbol adopted by Catholic Magisterium

Celtic symbol of Sun, Odin (Woden, Woden's day)


Mark of Tammuz


Cross of Life, symbol adapted as a pallium worn by pagan priests.  It represents the act of sexual union.

Zoroastrian crux

The Roman Symbol For The Sun

The shape of the object Yahusha died on should not be a point of contention, since it is His blood that delivers us, not the object.
The crux became the symbol of Christianity during the reign of Constantine, and his deity was Apollo, the Sun, Sol Invictus. 
The symbol for this deity was the crux, identical to the Sumerian’s Shammash and many others. 
When translating the Greek into common Latin, Jerome (Eusebius Hieronymus Sophronius) did not use the Latin word (stauro) for the 
Greek word stauros. He chose the word crux for his Latin Vulgate. 
He also expunged the Name Yahusha, inserting a cryptonym - IESV – underlined, indicating it stood for the name of a deity, only discernable to mystagogues like himself.
It is important that we expose the cover-up, and the hijacking of the true faith by Sun worshippers. 
The Romans executed criminals in highly creative ways, unlike the myth invented by Catholicism. Cruciforms are revisionist history, and the idea they executed criminals using the symbol of their own Sun deity is illogical. They would hold the symbol of their deity in great reverence, 
not associate it in any way with the lowest criminals of their society.
The Greek (stauros) and Latin (stauro) best describe the object Yahusha was nailed to, and lifted up on, and logically match the Hebrew word (NAS). (compare Greek and Hebrew at Yn. 3:14, Numbers 21:8)
The Greek and Latin words (stauros & stauro) are obviously cognate, and their meaning stems from the letter combination st – a root – found in words referring to any form of upright wooden object: mast, stake, stockade, staff, etc.,.

These match the intended meaning of the Hebrew word NAS meaning pole.

Join with us and forsake the guile of the Catholic Circus.  We accept those who are weak, and gently guide them along.
We are the sect of first-followers of Yahusha, His treasured possession. 
Become one of us.
The Truth, in love, is our hallmark,
brother Lew


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