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Why Do People Pray to Mary?

The worship of the earth mother plays a vital role of its own in the fertility symbols and doctrines blended into every culture.

The trinity of Babel was imprinted on the Hindu, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures, along with the worship of the “host of heaven” in the original Nimrod / Santa Claus / birthday mythologies. The original Babylonian trinity is about fertility, and reincarnation.

Semiramis was Nimrod’s wife, and after his death she was pregnant with a child from him, who became known as Tammuz.

Tammuz was thought of as a reincarnation of Nimrod’s consciousness, thus Nimrod became known as being both the husband and the child of Semiramis.

This was also the beginning of Baal worship, as Nimrod’s name was babbled in every culture, becoming all the names thought to be Sun deities (Apollo, Sol Invictus, Ra, Zeus, Krishna, etc.).

By a process of blending together differing religious ideas, the earth mother became the Roman circus’ Venus, which later evolved into the worship of Yahusha’s mother.

The blending together of false worship is called “syncretism,” and below is a link to a page explaining more about it.

How the Catholic Circus / Kirche began to literally pray to this dead woman and worship (venerate) her is discovered by looking at the timeline of Roman Catholic Dogmas.

Praying to the dead is inherited from Hinduism, and is called necromancy, a form of divination. Islam developed from a blend of Hinduism and Catholicism, and Muhammad’s wife was a Catholic nun who prayed to Mary. Today Muslims can’t explain why they also pray to her, but they do. Both Catholics and Muslims inherited the Shiva beads for repetitive prayers from Hinduism.








Videos with a simple message are now being produced. Scripture (Truth) will wash over your mind and give you the perspective of Yahuah's heart, springing to life in your heart with the Presence of the Word.

The world needs to see how we appear to Yahusha.

This is the objective of the new Torahvision project.

To experience how much Yahusha loves us even for one minute would send us into a completely different direction - it would permanently alter how we feel about one another, and make us aware of how we make Him feel when we act like we're better than others. We're not better, we are blind, naked, and pathetic little minds in His view, yet He died for us in spite of ourselves. This is why we have Romans 12 - to remind us of the Truth.

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 The Hebrew Name Yahuah is expressed in four vowels (yod-hay-uau-hay, YHUH). In the first foreign translation called the Septuagint (LXX) This Name was brought over into the Greek text, still preserved in the original Hebrew letters. Later copyists replaced these with the word KURIOS (meaning master, mister). The Latin Vulgate (Eusebius Sophronius, aka Jerome) used a term meaning the same thing, DOMINUS. This title was commonly used for Mithras, yet is not a personal name. The KJV inherited this meaning as it replaced the Name Yahuah with the English equivalent to Dominus, "LORD." Other KJV errors such as crux and Easter are also discussed in this 30-minute video.

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