New Pope Francis 


What is the IMAGE of the BEAST? (link)

New Pope Francis, S.J. (Societas Iesu)

The objective of the Jesuit Order is to restore all civil and spiritual authority to the pope lost to the effects of the Reformation. The beast's head received a deadly wound.

The Question:
Shalom Lew! Just wondering what your thoughts are about the new pope just voted in?

Thanks for your personal response.

Thank you for your question sister. Since I don’t know the man personally, I’ll share what little I’ve gathered about him.

I’m sure you’ve seen others bringing up all sorts of negative comments, but we are to treat our fellow human beings in the same way we would want to be treated - that’s the ruling demanded by our Head, Yahusha.

We should refrain from any personal attacks on this 76-year-old man from Argentina, however his actions will reveal whether or not he is a follower of Yahusha.
We can all assume the pope is a Catholic, specifically a Roman Catholic. There are other kinds of Catholics, such as Anglican Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Catholic. This one happens to also be a member of the darker “shadow” government within Roman Catholicism, the Societas Iesu, or Jesuit Order. Mind-control through meditation and “exercises” are part of the lifestyle of the Jesuits. They follow their leader without question, having their conscience seared (numbed) due to having been completely reprogrammed with illogical thinking patterns.

I know, because they used these techniques on me during my entire primary schooling. It failed to program me because early-on I had questions, and they failed to provide valid answers.

I rejected most of what they taught, and this prepared me to seek for the answers to the questions, which eventually lead to my book, Fossilized Customs.

If a person is weak-minded, these training techniques will conquer a young mind, and the new thinking patterns will become “fixed.” Bill Clinton was mentored by a Jesuit, Carroll Quigley. Jesuit universities prepare the young, and the “chosen ones” are culled-out of the herd if they are found to have been well-adjusted to the programming, and able to be controlled. Their conscience is destroyed, and they are able to be inhabited easily by fallen malakim, which explains quite a lot of political behavior and decision-making that seems wildly illogical.
The interesting thing about any papal choice is that those who “vote” on the man select from their own small pool of men who are in control of over one billion people. Like any political group that has usurped and consolidated power, they have designed mechanisms that maintain that systemic power. It is a political entity posing as a religious institution, and they hold the wider majority of the world in a delusional pattern of thinking and behavior. It is the greatest show on Earth, a literal circus. It controls the media, banking, and every major government through a network of well-placed operatives, and is at the heart of the United Nations. The “ecumenical” movement finds its logical conclusion in the U.R.I., the “United Religions Initiative,” and this is the goal of what “universalism” is.

Catholicism means universal.

United Religions Initiative (URI) of the UN

The UN has established what is known as the U.R.I., or United Religions Initiative. It's goals include a one-world religion of Humanism, the same goal of the original rebel, Nimrod. The Georgia Guidestones exemplify the rules or commandments of this new religion.
Most of the Natsarim (original believers in Yahusha) are learning to avoid all teaching "authorities" other than Yahusha. Religion is man-made, but our Creator (we call Him Yahusha, "I am your Deliverer") was disappointed in the shallow, lukewarm religion of men. We have a burning love for His Name and His Word, and pursue the "higher-calling" of the first resurrection at His coming on the Day of Yahuah. We hope to celebrate our Covenant of marriage with Him very soon.

The new pope is a Jesuit, and holds to the Jesuit oath:

This oath stands in conflict with the teachings of Yahusha, that we love our enemies, and to beware of the "leaven" (doctrines) of men, adding to the instructions of Yahuah.

If we identify the tree's fruit as being love, it is a good tree. Knowing that the Jesuits were the militia used against the Protestants, and over 83 million perished at their hands over a 600-year period, the identity of the tree becomes obvious. If we abide in Yahusha's Word, we will know the Truth, and the Truth will set us free. (Yn 8:31,32)

What is wisdom?  Yahuah's Torah, what else?

What does it teach us?  LOVE! The tree that exhibits love as its fruit is a good tree.  To claim to love Yahuah, yet not obey His Torah, is the evidence of a hypocrite.

Lew White


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