This is a sensitive area to deal with, and it is becoming very divisive among the Natsarim today.   A great deal of mean and judgmental discussion is on-going over it.  The divisive aspect of it is what I'm mostly concerned about.   If what some believe and teach on this subject is fact, then the patriarchs (such as Ya'aqob) were adulterers, and the women that gave birth to the tribes of Yisrael were adulterous affairs.  The population of the Earth needed to be increased at one time, but now the population pressure is a huge problem.  Today, what is allowed by a secular government (such as the US or other western nations) must be obeyed.   We are not at liberty to act as we please under the governmental authorities allowed to be in place over us.  We are obliged to have only one wife by most of these governments.  If the governments of the Earth were wiped out, and only one man and three women survived in some part of the world, then such circumstances certainly can make a difference.  The ideal (perfect example) of a marriage portrayed in Scripture is one man and one woman, united for life as the foundation of the family unit.  Yahusha is married to one bride, Yisrael, the united houses of Yahudah and Yisrael.  Afraim is the prodigal son now being restored to the Covenant after 2730 years of captivity.  Some things he is learning about the past need not become part of his life today, such as multiple wives.  They were permitted at one time, but now the activity is not necessary, and even considered to be evil.  Whatever has the appearance of evil should be avoided for the sake of the success of the real mission; to restore the lost sheep to the Covenant.

The IDEAL is shown to us by Yahusha, and note the use of the word "two", not three or more in His discourse:

"And He answering, said to them, 'Did you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, "For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh"?  So that they are no longer two, but one flesh.'" Mt 19:4-6

   Yahuah commanded us to “be fruitful and multiply”, and there was no barrier at that time to take a sister as a wife, and certainly no limitation as to how many sisters or close relatives one might choose to claim.  The goal was population growth, with little else in mind.  Food was plentiful, taxes were non-existent, and life-spans were quite long;  and the human "genome" was much more pure than today.  Things obviously changed as pressures came to bear from many directions. 

   Today, a single religious population is exploding upon the Earth.  The single reason that Islam is the fastest-growing religion on this planet is that they produce more children, and this is (as far as I can tell) due to their multiple wives.  This population is “wired” with a false religion, and it may be the “little horn” that arises in the end-times to bring devastation – and beheadings – to the qodeshim.  The average Muslim family boasts over 8 children (average), while the entire European community is not reproducing (1.3) at a rate that can sustain the civilization past about 2030; by then, Europe will be Muslim.  The US population birth rate is below sustainability also.  The minimum sustainability for a population is 2.11 children per household, and the US is well-below that birth rate (1.9).

   Without a doubt, in less than a century, the world population will be overwhelmingly Muslim, unless Yahusha comes very, very soon.  The primary purpose of women in the Islamic culture is propagation.  To educate girls is so disdained by the Muslim world, many attacks are directed against facilities which teach female children of all ages.  This, and female circumcision (female genital mutilation to frustrate orgasm), are among the most heinous activities allowed to exist in all of human history.

   Polygamous teachings will make many stumble today, but in the past it was not so.  For the higher goal, the winning of the lost, and for the sake of peace among the Natsarim, all should acknowledge that one man and one woman is the ideal marriage. 

   If anyone persists in teaching or promoting the idea that multiple wives is justified by examples from Scripture (in defiance of civil government), they must conclude that owning SLAVES is also permitted (in defiance of civil government).  Look briefly at Wayyiqra/Lev 25:44-46:

‘And your male and female slaves whom you have from the nations that are around you, from them you buy male and female slaves,

and also from the sons of the strangers sojourning among you, from them you buy, and from their clans who are with you, which they shall bring forth in your land, and they shall be your property.

‘And you shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them as a possession, they are your slaves for all time. But over your brothers, the children of Yisra’ĕl, you do not rule with harshness, one over another."   -  Lev. 25:44-46

   If we feel we may do as we please regarding polygamy or the enslavement of other people because Scripture gives us the license to do so, we err greatly because we will find ourselves at odds with the civil authorities which Yahuah has placed over us for our good. 

"For in much dreaming and many words there is futility.   But fear Alahim."   Ecc 5:7

"What the eyes see is better than what the desire goes after.   That too is futile and feeding on wind."  Ecc 6:9

  • "I also gathered for myself silver and gold and the treasures of sovereigns and of the provinces.  

  • I provided male and female singers for myself, and the pleasures of men – a woman and women."    Ecc 2:8

  • "A man could do no better but to eat and drink, and enjoy himself in his labor!   That too, I saw, was from the hand of Alahim.

    For who eats or who finds enjoyment without Him?"

    For He gives wisdom and knowledge and joy to a man who is good in His eyes.  But to the sinner He gives the task of gathering and collecting, to give to him who is good before Alahim.  That too is futile and feeding on wind."  Ecc 2:24-26

    These words were written by the man known as Solomon (Schlomo), perhaps one of the most well-known among the most polygamous men in all of history.

    His final analysis of the desires of living:  futility and despair.  The keeping of Yahuah's Torah is all that really matters in life.


    "These six matters Yahuah hates, And seven are an abomination to Him:

    A proud look, A lying tongue, And hands shedding innocent blood,

    A heart devising wicked schemes, Feet quick to run to evil,

              A false witness breathing out lies,  and one who causes strife among brothers."  Pro 6:16-18


    brother Lew


    The strife and contention surrounding this issue is extremely intense, and even though I've stated above that multiple wives were not prohibited until the western governments made laws to restrict it, Emails are fired at me to challenge the idea of obeying their laws. 

    Here is a very balanced view of this divisive issue from a brother that sees what is "permitted" is often not the ideal to pursue:


    Brother Lew, I agree with your views in your article on polygamy.

    Your point is well taken that the Torah permitted many things which it never held up as being ideal, or perfect. The proper question to ask is not, "Is this behavior permitted?" Rather, it should be asked, "Is this behavior in accordance with the spirit of the Torah, and the perfect will of YHWH?"

    It is clear that Torah permits slavery. Yet the spirit of the Torah is found in the message of Pesach. "We were slaves in Egypt, but now we are free". Freedom, not slavery, is the perfect and ideal thing according to the Torah's teaching.

    It is also clear that the Torah permits divorce. But Yahshua told his disciples, "Moshe permitted divorce due to the hardness of your hearts, but it was not so from the beginning." When Yahshua said this, was he contradicting the Torah? No, he was truly stating the spirit of the Torah, that YHWH hates divorce, but permits it to exist as a necessary evil. A Pharisee might say, "Divorce is permitted." But a disciple of Yahshua would say, "Divorce is hated by YHWH. Why then should I care greatly whether it is permitted or not?"

    Regarding polygamy, I have one scripture reference to add to those you have already collected in your article. Shlomo says in Koheleth (Ecclesiastes) 9:9 that the portion YHWH gives one in this life is to "live joyfully with the wife whom you love". This suggests that it is not possible to either have love, or derive joy from having additional wives. It makes it clear that having one loved wife is the ideal state for a man, because having the one loved wife is a portion of joy given to the man by YHWH.

    To demand that "proof" be produced, showing that polygamy is "forbidden" by Torah, misses the entire point. One who brings this argument is no different from a Pharisee who argues with Yahshua that divorce is permitted. Yahshua did admit that divorce was permitted. But Yahshua told his disciples the truth, that YHWH hates divorce, and even though he permitted it, he did not intend it from the beginning in Eden. Now, YHWH also permitted polygamy. But polygamy is apparently a vanity in which there is no love, joy, or portion from YHWH to be found. Is it permitted by Torah? Yes it is, but that is the wrong thing to be concerned with in the first place, for a disciple of Yahshua, who has the Torah written on their heart.

    To allow all voices to be heard, here is the full content of a recent Email sent by another brother who wants to see the evidence from Scripture that we must obey the government over us concerning polygamy (they have many other prohibitions too, like marijuana possession, driving over the speed limit, loud mufflers, and so on).   For this brother, it seems that if a specific prohibition of an activity by a government is not cited by Scripture, then that prohibition can be ignored:


    "Regarding your Polygamy Article: I disagree, your claiming that earthly govt's have precedence over the Creator's plans. PRODUCE your evidence from the scripture that Polygamy was "abolished and done away with"...in light of that let's review Matt 5 17-25...there are 23 cases of polygamy in the scripture, and it is NEVER called evil or wicked...regarding whether we are to obey the Eternal or Man, I think you know the answer to that ....I'm really disappointed regarding your article about "obeying every civil authority" that comes along..that is absolute bullshit, and there are multiple examples of "righteous" men and women in the scripture in direct violation of the local civil authority so that they could be in obedience to the scripture. I'm not promoting polygamy, i'm not really interested in practicing that at all, but it is a precept promoted and encouraged by the Eternal himself ( he said he GAVE King David Solomon's wives )..and to make the claim regarding the "population issue", is just nonsense..I strongly disagree with your article regarding that..PRODUCE YOUR SCRIPTURE that claim this is now "done away with, and nailed to the cross", because that is what i see being written. Women absolutely HATE the doctrine of polygamy...sorry about there luck..." 

    (the brother provided his name, but for the sake of this web page his name is withheld).


    The same brother went further to explain his position below.  It seems that the motive of the state, taxes, is the real issue behind the laws.  If we live in a polygamous situation, they have difficulty taxing us.  I'm not sure if he is recommending civil disobedience or not, perhaps he will make a recommendation on that one way or the other next time.

    Further comments from the same brother:

    Obedience to Civil Govt, is fine until they ask you to violate the scripture..when we make the claim that the "state" can define what a sin is, then we are just worshiping the state. For example: regarding your claim about Marijuana Posession, if you recall, in Genesis, it states that "EVERY" green herb is put out there for our use. Now, I'm now promoting the use of Marijana, but when you examine the scripture, is there a statute or law, prohibiting it's use ???..probably under the witchcraft statutes ..Regarding your comment about "speeding laws", NOWHERE in the scripture does it claim that "speeding" is a sin...and what is the real purpose behind "speeding laws", is it for the benefit of the public , or is it as a revenue enhancement scheme ( ie a tax ) for the municipalities, or is it to protect the claims window at the insurance company...Were there "speeding laws" while we were riding around in wagons ? ..if not,...why not ? Now regarding Polygamy, which is a much larger topic than what is talked about here. The crime regarding polygamy is when you apply for multiple state marriage licenses. The applying for a marriage license is the "sin" according to the scripture, and the "strings" attached to the requirments under that license is that the state will outlaw polygamy. You can have ALL THE WIVES you want, and can support, but WITHOUT a state issued marriage license. The purpose of the state outlawing polygamy is a property and control issue. Polygamist familes produce a huge amount of wealth,that is difficult to tax. That is REAL issue behind this...has nothing to do with "population" issues.


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