An English word from the Hebrew word for heart:  
(spelled lamed-beth)
The less accurate modern transliteration of this word is
LEV - LEB is the better phonology.
Hate is merely the absence of love.

The Hebrew term for LOVE is AHAB

The Goal (of life) Is Love

Yahusha is the source of the power to repent and obey.

Having His Mind, we see the purpose of life: to love.

If Yahusha removed His Torah (instructions in how to love),

the world would fall into the most severe darkness.

Paul explained the purpose of the Commandments to Timothy:

"Now the goal of this command is love from a clean heart,

from a good conscience and a sincere belief, which some,

having missed the goal, turned aside to senseless talk,

wishing to be teachers of Torah, understanding neither

what they say nor concerning what they strongly affirm."

1Tim 1:5-7

What Will Be Our Greatest Failure?
The sum total of all knowledge is as nothing if we do not have love. Yahusha reveals His identity to those He chooses, and what He has revealed to one He may not share with another. I believe Yahusha is Yahuah, and Hebrews 1 addresses this. If someone does not have this understanding of His identity, it is not our place to call them names, but rather lovingly disagree. We bear good fruit because Yahusha is using our vessels. Yahusha said we would recognize His followers by their love for one another. He equips each one of us with all that is needed to accomplish His mission through us collectively. We may not understand why He uses another follower in the way He does, but everything He does strengthens and tests us.

If another follower is teaching a lie, we expose the lie with the Truth, and move on. Those who teach errors can be guided into Truth, but if we devour one another and destroy reputations, even if we were right about the errors they taught, we have failed because we did not learn to love.

When Yahusha appears, He will not be wearing a kipa, or

quoting any Talmud. We will recognize Him by a feature:

HIS SCARS OF LOVE. By His wounds, we are healed.

"Just as many were astonished at you, My people, so His appearance was marred more than any man, and His form more than the sons of men. Therefore, He will sprinkle many nations; 
Kings will shut their mouths on account of Him;
For what had not been told them they will see, 
And what they had not heard they will understand."
- YashaYahu 52:14-15


If we look for the ultimate distinction between "good" and "evil,"

or the "tree of life" and the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil",

it would be simply "love" and "hate."

The fruit we take in to our vessel remains, and from this treasure

we show it forth in our lives in every way.

When we are always looking in the shadows, our eye is dark.

Yahuah's Torah is written on our hearts by the circumcision of Yahusha, and His Presence is our Life.

Would Yahusha Want You To Teach Constantine's Day of the Sun, or His Shabath Day?
Babel is falling, and steeple people are jumping ship.
Yahusha guarded Shabath all His life, and told us to pray our flight not be on a Shabath day (Mt. 24:20). YashaYahu (Is.) 56 and 66:23 and ZekarYah 14 mentions the Shabath, and show how after Yahusha returns we will worship and bow to Him.
Those who refuse to worship Him as He told us, but prefer to teach men's traditions in place of the Truth, are eating wormwood.

The bitterness toward obedience is evident in those who refuse to acknowledge His Commandments of kindness, but we who obey His Covenant of kindness have received only a bitterness toward sin. This is why: those who know Him have received His perspective, but those who do not yet know Him have not. As Yahusha to help you to love His Commandments, and He will run to you as the father of the prodigal son. Return to His household. The "old covenant" was the priesthood and animal blood, not the Commandments.

Your Purpose: Love Yahuah, Love Your Neighbor