What Does It Represent?

 Living Water represents the Word of Yahuah, specifically His Commandments – the Covenant of Lovingkindness.

Living Water is the essence and character of Yahuah, and He calls Himself the Fountain of Living Waters:

YirmeYahu / Jeremiah 2:13: 

“For My people have done two evils: they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew out for themselves cisterns, cracked cisterns, which do not hold water.”
(see also 17:13)

  Dry, dead branches do not abide in the Word of Yahuah, and therefore have no life because they are not connected to the Root, Yahusha.

We who possess His Living Water search for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

The Covenant is spoken against by most who call themselves teachers and they go around ordaining one another.

Legalism is their watchword, and yet being legal is based on that which is logical, and righteous. The Word defines righteousness.

Those who guard and teach Yahuah’s Word are righteous, those who disobey, and teach others to disobey, will be judged.

Those who obey are worshipping, and it expresses love toward Yahuah and their neighbors.

We awaken to reality at different times, and some stay asleep for their entire lives. I recall the time my young first-born son Michael asked me what a Christmas tree was. It felt like my brain had not sheathed, because I couldn't give him an accurate answer. 
The tree behavior probably goes as far back as the garden of Eden. 
The occult (esoteric) symbols used to decorate the trees with certainly didn't come about because everyone suddenly started to use them. We know the practice didn't arise from any directions given to anyone in the Word of Truth. Stay thirsty my friend.
Living Water is available to those who seek it.


The Woman at the well – What Does She Represent? (Yahukanon / John chapter 4)

  The woman at the well represented Yahusha’s adulterous wife (Yisharal/Israel), the “woman” who went after others husbands (cracked cisterns), instead of her faithful and true Husband, Yahuah (the Fountain of Living Waters).

  The woman asked about “worship”, and referred to the temple built on mount Gerizim. Since the days of Yaroboam (the head of the northern kingdom) her people were ordered to worship on Mt. Gerizim, rather than the Temple (Mishkan) at Yerushalayim.

She asked which was the proper place to worship.

Yahusha said “neither”. Yahusha indwells a Temple of His Own making: Living Stones, who He has chosen to align with Himself, the Chief Cornerstone.

Out of us flows the Living Water, His Torah, which teaches us how to love; to love Yahuah, and to love our neighbor.

We hold fast to the Name, and the Word of Yahuah. His Word is the Ten Commandments, and we have received a love for them because Yahusha has circumcised our hearts with a love for the Truth, which His Word is.

We abide in His Word, obeying the Commandments of Yahuah, and holding to the Testimony of Yahusha.


We are called Natsarim (Acts 24:5). This sect has been spoken against everywhere:

Act 28:22  “And we think it right to hear from you what you think, for indeed, concerning this sect, we know that it is spoken against everywhere.”

  The whole world wrestles to understand the Scriptures, and their interpretation is blocked until they obey.

When they obey, the Spirit of Yahusha is given into their hearts, and they receive the Mind of Mashiak, enabling them to know and obey Him from the heart. The obedient ones understand the goal is love, and when we obey we show our love. Obedience is worship. Worship without obedience is worthless; to Yahuah, it is as strange fire, not commanded. 
“. . . love Me and guard My Commands.” (Shemoth / Exodus 20:5)

Try it, you’ll like it, and so will Yahusha!