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". . . My Shabaths you are to guard by all means, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations to know that I, Yahuah, am setting you apart." Ex. 31:13



Remember Romans 12:9, "Let love be without hypocrisy. Shrink from what is wicked, cling to what is good." 



When the persecution seems unbearable and you feel overwhelmed,


When someone is reading the riot act to you for over two hours,

remember the words of the city clerk of Ephesus:


When you're overwhelmed from stress and you have no more

strength to keep from boiling-over and hurting others, look up;

Someone much bigger than all your worries took the blame for everyone already.

There is no greater example of LOVE than to lay your life down for ungrateful sinners like all of us:


Yahuah's will for us:

Going over the 10 Commandments in the shower this morning, it occurred to me we don't need any particular kind of hat on our head to obey any of them. Yahusha is unimpressed with pretentiousness among us, it holds us back. The Commandments guide us into love and service to others. Helping others is how the captain of the Italian Regiment earned His attention: "Now there was a certain man in Kaesarea called Kornelius, a captain of what was called the Italian Regiment, dedicated, and fearing Alahim with all his household, doing many kind deeds to the people, and praying to Alahim always." Acts 10:1, 2


The world would a different place if we taught all children the "love instructions".

They would grow up being kind and patient with one another, knowing the Ten Commandments by heart.

In one generation, we could pass a stranger on the street and say, "What's number 8?", and they would reply,

"You do not steal." Doing to others as you would have them do to you is what loving your neighbor looks like.

Yahusha told us HOW to love, and then came in human form to SHOW us what love looks like.

Those who learn too late that the Ten Commandments teach LOVE will wail and gnash their teeth over their stupidity.


You came from the ground, and everything you will ever see, touch, own, or eat is of the same origin.

You are valuable in spite of what you are.

If you start to lose it, or think you have control over someone or something, keep this in mind:




When the mountains shake, the waters rage, and the Earth melts,





According to Psalm 1, being contented is the result of meditating on Yahuah's Torah.





If you aren't protected by the armor of Yahusha's indwelling,

others will come and take up residence in you.



"So Yahusha said to those Yahudim who believed Him,

'If you stay in My Word, you are truly My taught ones,

and you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.'"

John / Yahukanon 8:31, 32





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"Therefore be compassionate as your Father also is compassionate.
And do not judge, and you shall not be judged at all.
Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned at all.
Forgive, and you shall be forgiven." - Yahusha ha'Mashiak as recorded by Luke (6:36, 37) BYNV