Here in the last days, something amazing is happening.

The Creator of all things is about to open the skies and return to His inheritance.

Imagine if you can, receiving the ability to love each of the Ten Commandments.

Most have not received a love for the Truth,

but instead have been trained to disobey them.


What do we have to give to the Creator of the heavens and the Earth?

Yahuah has freely given us all that we have, but there is one thing He desires from us; our obedience to His will.

We have to look at the Ten Commandments as the path of life, and our pledge to obey them in His power is the first step toward the restoration of all things.


The new tract GRAFTING IN discusses the reason Yahuah scattered us into the places we are now captive:

to bring deliverance to the ends of the Earth.

The book Study Of The Two House Restoration Of Israel

(by N. B. Parrish) is a wonderful resource to understand how Yahuah will turn-back our rebellious thoughts here in the last days in all the places, peoples, and languages where He scattered us. He multiplied us among the nations, and is now restoring us to His eternal Covenant because He is causing us to respond with obedience.

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Can it get any more fleshly-minded?

Teachings are tickling the ears of people hearing about the skin color of the original tribes of Yisharal. This kind of idea is a sort of gangrene, and is resulting from the spiritually dead teachings many have taken into their bosoms.  

The boasting, arrogance, and arguing is coming from a primal urge to conquer and overwhelm others, and is not manifesting humility, nor the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, steadfastness, or self-control. The teachings are focused on racial features, the outward appearance of their own ethnic groups, evaluating themselves and others according to their flesh.

This is the opposite of what we are to do, since our mission is to teach all nationalities of the world to obey everything He instructed us to guard, and be restored to favor with Yahuah.

Galatians chapter 5 tells us the fruits of the flesh are manifested as the opposite of the fruits of Yahusha’s Ruach. We need to give our will completely over to Yahusha Who is able to overthrow the thoughts of the flesh, such as adultery, fornication, uncleanness, sorcery, and idolatry.

False teachers are fanning the flames of bigotry which shows itself as contempt for other races through their envy, hatred, contentions, selfish ambitions, dissensions, and outbursts of wrath. Paul told the Galatians those who practice such things will not inherit the reign of Yahuah.

The tract, Grafting In, addresses the reality that the end is drawing very close because Yahusha described how nation would rise against nation just prior to the Day of Yahuah, and His return (Mt. 24:7).

Grafting In  (A new tract free to download)

In this article the amazing plan of Yahuah will be unfolded for you concerning the tribes of Israel (Yisharal). Many who were broken off and scattered into the nations are grafting in along with many foreign branches in the last days. Yahuah is bringing deliverance to the ends of the Earth!

In the youtube video linked below, Lew White reads a brief description of the book related to this subject entitled:

Study Of Two House Restoration Of Israel by N. B. Parrish


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Flesh and blood will not inherit the reign of Yahusha, and what will be we do not know (1 Yn. 3:2). We should have no expectations of what Yahusha will look like. When Yahusha was arrested in the garden, it was impossible for His enemies to identify Him because He was able to appear as a smooth-skinned young man to one person, to another as a ruddy, tanned old man in the same moment. Yahudah (Judas) identified Yahusha by kissing Him so they could capture Him. My newest book The LIE discusses this on pages 52-54.

Yahusha could also make Himself invisible, shine brighter than the Sun, walk on water, and stand in a super-heated smelting furnace to protect those He loved from harm. The first people He created (Adam and Kuah) must have had the darkest complexions of anyone since, and made in the tselem (character and characteristics) of Himself, and the stars (messengers) sang (Ayub 38:7).

All mankind is created from one bloodline (Acts 17:26). "I will be Who I will be" (ahayah asher ahayah) makes His appearance beyond the reach of human imagination. Yahusha is Yahuah, and His appearance to Yahukanon is described for everyone at Revelation 1:14-15.

Hold to what He gave us to do as His Natsarim, holding others above ourselves in our hearts (Romans 12), while tempering our thoughts with Titus 3:9, Galatians 5:13-19, 2 Timothy 2:23.

Let's do all we can to avoid dissensions among those He has sent us to bring His message of deliverance.