This custom relates to the sun rising at its most northerly point, and it is always observed on a "Day of the Sun" near what is called the "solstice." The word sol-stice means "sun-stop," because it has gone as far north as it can, and from that point begins to go back toward the equatorial region again, eventually reaching it, which is called "equinox."

Father's Day & Sun Worship

Fertility activities are associated with every one of the Roman calendar's special days. Paul wrote of how he was very concerned for the Galatians because they were continuing to turn back to the weak and miserable forces of "nature," such as the summer solstice, or "Father's Day." Galatians 4:10-11:

"You are observing special days and months and seasons and years! I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you."

The "Sun Father" is being honored by placing emphasis on fathers in general. We are commanded to honor our male parent and female parent every day, so Yahuah made no other provision to involve a pagan pattern to go along with it. We notice how Yahuah feels about the customs of the nations in many places, nor learn them and serve Yahuah in their way: "Thus said Yahuah, 'Do not learn the way of the goyim, and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the goyim are awed by them."

YirmeYahu / Jer. 10:2

Unless we want to make Yahuah our enemy, we should ignore such customs. The one we obey is the one we are the servant of, and Yahuah is very jealous of our love. Romans 6:16


The fertility rites at the spring equinox are about the sun reaching the equatorial region after the cold of winter.

This is a pattern that is all about the Earth Mother, or "Mother Nature", known by numerous names. Mother's day is observed to extend the pagan rites to all mothers, just as honor for all fathers in the case of the summer solstice. Mother's day is always on a day of the sun (Sun-day), so it is also based on Babel's worship of the host of heaven.

It occurs during the month of "May" named for "MAIA," the Roman's term for GAIA, or "Mother Nature," the Earth Mother. These are the "weak and miserable forces" Paul spoke about at Galatians 4.

This is also the "Great Harlot," known as EASTER, DIANA, ASHERAH, ASTEROTH, DURGA, ARTEMIS, and many others. The statue of LIBERTAS is the Roman version of the same woman. 


Adopting pagan customs and changing them into other meanings is called SYNCRETISM.

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