Lunar Lighters Waxing and Waning

  There is an idea-room out there with the notion the full moon is the new moon.  

In the room with this idea, there is an elephant the advocates must ignor.

The “Lunar Sabbathers” have an elephant in their idea-room as well.

If the full moon is really the "new moon", here's the elephant:

Who changed the pattern from the “correct” method to the way it’s done now, and when and where did they do it?

  Historically there is no record of things being any different today than when Yahusha walked among His people, and He was in perfect sync with the pattern then, which has continued uninterrupted to this day.

The year, the month, and the week are unchanged from the “orthodox” calendar used by those who received the Living Words, the Yahudim. Consider that if any change ever had occurred, it would have been noticed in the record of history. The record of Kaiser adding two months to the Roman calendar in 46 BCE was a huge change for them, as this made them closer to the true year of moons, although they begin in the middle of winter rather than as Exodus / Shemoth 12:2 directs us.

  Finally, how could any one nation anywhere or anytime be capable of influencing all other cultures everywhere with such a radical change, and there be no record of it? This same dilemma remains for the “Lunar Sabbathers”.  We can't blame the Romans either. They did not change anything but their own calendar, and have no concern whatsoever about the phases of the moon. The Roman calendar completely ignores the lunar phases. The change in 1582 under then-pope Gregory had no effect on the weekdays, and being without concern for the phases of the moon, it had no impact on how the moon is understood.

The Chinese were cut-off from all outsiders for millennia, and yet they have a 7-day week, 12 months to a year, and begin each moon with the dark moon.

See the elephant?