A question from a young brother who is concerned enough to share the Truth with others outside the Covenant:

Brother Lew.

I have an upcoming situation to confront that I don't have much experience with and was hoping for your wisdom and advice:

I am graduating from high school at the end of the upcoming moonth, and this may be the last few weeks to be around most of my school friends.  There is a certain one that I feel Yahushua is pushing me towards to fulfill the 'Ezekiel commission'. This person doesn't have a very religious background, though I think she would claim to be a christian.  This person, being a 'clean slate', may be the reason I'm being pushed towards her instead of others.

I plan to sit down with her soon and introduce Torah,  and a little information concerning the common lies that the masses are being fed,  and point out a few end-time warnings.   I can't seem to come up with a great plan for how to best present this 'stuff'.   All I'm sure of is that I need to be gentle, patient, and I have to stay out of Yahushua's way so he can speak clearly to her.

Really what I'm asking for is a specific layout on how you, personally, would talk with a person who has never heard of Torah.  I have to imagine from reading your work that you deal with people's ignorant responses and messed-up thinking all the time.  I don't want to overload her with info all at once, but I need enough to get the point across that everybody is running out of time to repent, and to let her know what she needs to turn to.

As usual, thank you in advance for whatever you can offer.


Lew's response:

   Everyone, including myself, have accumulated many “strongholds” (fortresses of reasoning) that impact how we live within the culture around us.  The Covenant (or instructions all people are called to live by) is mostly discarded as a “Jewish” article, yet it is what the Messiah brings to write upon our hearts.

   I would begin with that general statement, then try to detect how to overcome the primary “fortresses of reasoning” in her that block her comprehension of what Yahushua seeks to bring her to walk in.  The initial problem usually encountered is the misunderstanding of Shaul’s letters, where he speaks of “the law”.  She will have to understand there is a “moral” law (the Covenant) which defines sin, and a “ceremonial” set of laws that have been completed, and done so by Yahushua, Who atoned for all sin once and for all.

   If she can grasp this difference, there is then a foundation upon which to build.  Yahushua will reveal to you what to answer when her questions stream out of her.  Some of your answers will be questions that will help focus her questions toward the foundation.  Messiah Yahushua is our example, and He practices a completely different “way” (or religion) than most people realize, due to the influences of “replacement theology” and lawlessness.  The Scriptures below may be of some help to show her there is a gap between what she has been taught, and what the reality of the future reign of Yahushua will be.  From the way you expressed yourself, I’m confident you will have the gentleness and kindness given to you by Yahushua to say the right things in the right way.  Tell her you love the Covenant, and ask her if she does, or if she would like to.  The Covenant cannot be wrong under any circumstances, and Yahuah said to obey is better than sacrifice (1Sam 15:22).  Allow Yahushua in you to draw her with His love for her, and she will feel that love much more than any words you may speak.  The Covenant teaches us how to love Yahuah and our fellow humans, and it will be the only thing we will take with us into the world to come.  If we don’t have the Covenant, we will not be in the world to come.   The Covenant is the “personal relationship” that Christians seek after, yet never find, because they are taught to avoid it.

   If you print this out, perhaps you might have her read it to get her reactions, and then proceed.  Sowing the seeds of the Kingdom (Torah) is our prime function as Israel  ~  we are all priests to the nations. 

"Blessed are those doing His Commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life and to enter through the gates into the city."  REV 22:14

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the Commandments of Elohim,
and have the testimony of Yahushua ha'Mashiach." 
REV 12:17

"Great shalom have they which love thy TORAH:"
  Psalm 119:165





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