In 2008, the papacy issued a bull [to them this is a serious matter of faith, to others it means something else].

The bull prohibits the use of the Name in official worship.

It's highly unlikely this circus would want to teach their adherents the true Name, Yahusha, if they can't even bear to use "Yahweh" in their worship, prayers, or songs.

The teachings of men blocked the identity of our Creator by substituting His Name.

Read the preface of any NIV, and you'll see they admit removing it and inserting the device LORD.

LORD is the definition of the Hebrew word “BAAL.”


The Alexandrian fathers were mystagogues who initiated pupils into the mysteries of the faith.

As I was taught by Jesuits who often used the phrase, “mysteries of the faith.”

These teachers withheld the what they taught as the Name until an initiate progressed to higher grades.

In the east, the Name Yahusha was concealed as the cryptogram IC-XC.

In the west, the Name Yahusha was encoded as IES, IHS, and the Latinized form from these, IESV.  

The IESV code/theonym in the Latin Vulgate evolved into the JESU/JESUS term taken into the KJV and later translations.

The authentic Name of our Redeemer is YAHUSHA, the first part of which contains the "YAHU" component (I was/I am/I will be) as expressed in names such as NatanYahu, ObadYah, NekemYah, YashaYahu, YirmeYahu, etc.

YAHUAH became flesh, taking the Name YAHUSHA, since the ending SHA conveys the meaning of "deliverance" (from the root YASHA, meaning to deliver).

As our Healer Yahuah is called YAHUAH RAFA; as our banner He is YAHUAH NISSI, and so on with all His roles.

The teaching authorities over us have taught us Yahuah is a committee of "three persons in one GOD" but Scriptures tells us Yahuah is only one, and we call on Him as our Deliverer: Yahusha.

Yahusha means "Yah (I am) your Deliverer." Study the photo at the top of this page, and save it as a picture for later study.


To believe in “one god in three persons” is the Catholic faith (See Athanasian Creed).

Greek, Latin, or Korean languages don't alter His identity or His Name.

False teachings (strongholds) have to be overcome by Truth, in love.


The fruit of our behavior comes from Yahusha’s Spirit dwelling in us, not a list of man-made dogmas.

He guides us into Truth by writing a love for His Torah (Commandments) on our hearts.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is the way of death.” Prov. 14:12, 16:25

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