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Codeword Barbelon-Danger in the Vatican: The Sons of Loyola and Their Plans for World Domination, by author P.D. Stuart

550 pages

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   Skull & Bones, Knights Templar, Alumbrados, Societas Jesu, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Club of Rome, (Knights of) the Round Table -- and many others are names for the same entity and their operatives, having laid plans to control the world through politics and banking, while wearing diverse masks.  As far back as the time of the Crusades and the Knights Templar, secret societies have been collaborating to take control of the world by making their goal "presentable to the public without revealing the esoteric truth that lay behind".  Every familiar symbol and national slogan you can think of has a Masonic-Illuminati meaning. 

   This book is like a whole semester of in-depth study that will sway the most stubborn of skeptics.  A New World Order, the Jesuit Order, is about to enclose the world in a fascist, totalitarian regime, ruled by the Adepts, or "enlightened ones".  They have made everyone comfortable with its presence:  the United Nations.  They will accomplish their agenda by gradually absorbing the wealth of the world, disarming the populations, creating financial (and other) crises, and finally they will step into the power-vacuum with their Anti-Messiah, who will rule the entire world as a tyrant, restoring the Holy Roman Empire.  Out of the chaos, most people will accept the New World Order  -- those who don't will be eliminated.  Through peace, he will destroy many;  read all about this at Daniel chapter 7.

   Codeword Barbelon is a ground-breaking book that gives an extraordinary account of international power and intrigue which drops a bombshell, of some magnitude, into the lap of the reader.  It exposes a subtle attack on civil and religious freedoms, revealing a plot so sinister that as Pope John Paul II warned "We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through... wide circles of American society and wide circles of the Christian community do NOT REALIZE THIS FULLY."

   Utilizing records inaccessible to or overlooked by other writers, P.D. Stuart's book puts the spotlight on the power about which President Woodrow Wilson once said,
"the few who are aware of it, dare not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." A work of great insight and moral courage Codeword Barbêlôn exposes, in unequivocal terms, the secret connections and codewords of the powers that be.... Beyond doubt, this is one of the most significant books to appear in decades. "Good historians," wrote Horace Walpole, "are the most scarce of all writers, and no wonder! A good style is not very common; thorough information is still rare; and if these meet, what a chance that impartiality should be added to them!" P.D. Stuart's work possesses all of these qualities. Consisting of 48 chapters, and hundreds of footnotes and references, Codeword Barbêlôn covers a vast period of history, from the second and third centuries to the present day. Spatially, the work spans three continents, and focuses on Europe and North America and the hidden influence of secret societies on that continent. Indeed, reading Codeword Barbêlôn, one cannot help but feel as if he were travelling in H. G. Wells' time machine, finding himself sometimes at the City of Rome in the 16th Century, at other times in Bavarian Germany in the 18th Century, yet at other times in the political intrigues of North America of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.

In doing so Codeword Barbêlôn uncovers a plot so sinister, that in the words of ex-FBI Director and founder, J. Edgar Hoover:
"The individual... coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous... cannot believe it exists...." Some of it is unsettling, disquieting, and often downright scary.

This book reveals the wide and pervasive influence of the Jesuit Order and proves that as American historian J. Wayne Laurens wrote, the Jesuits
"are not merely priests, or of one religious creed; they are merchants, and editors, and men of any profession, having no outward badge by which to be recognized." They "serve in any capacity required-as plumbers, carpenters, lawyers, doctors, teachers, economists, bankers, politicians, and advisers of states." P.D. Stuart shows that even  "The Sovereign Prince of Masons, etc, etc., are nearly all the offspring of Ignatius Loyola... and worked under instructions from the General of the Jesuits."

What possible the connection could there be between the Jesuit Order, Freemasons and the globalists in the Democratic and Republican parties? Bill Clinton's Georgetown professor and former Council of Foreign Relations member, Carroll Quigley, revealed that they all believe
"national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established."  And what about the fact that Barack Obama is related to both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney?  It's all revealed in this new book.

Codeword Barbêlôn is indeed a `tough book': direct, honest, and thought provoking, with no compromise, no apologies, and no vagaries ; it spares no characters-all are lashed without ceremony. Rarely does one source "connect the dots" as completely, thoroughly, and intelligently as does this one! This extraordinary project is the literary equivalent of turning over a flat rock. A work of high scholarship and intelligence, this book sounds a clear warning....
To borrow the words of Henry Lincoln,
"Something extraordinary is waiting to be found...." Thoroughly thought-Provoking...
A powerful and hard-hitting exposé of those
"who have bound themselves up in secret societies and by secret pact."
"The book itself is readable, authoritative, very well-researched, and profound.... The arguments are strong and supported by impeccable proof." - M. Davies, USA.

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