ISRAEL (wheat, desirable) and the DOGS (tares, weeds, undesirable) 

     The only two "denominations" that will be in the world-to-come (MILLENNIAL REIGN)  will be Yasharal (ISRAEL) (Rev. 21:12), and "DOGS"* (Rev. 22:15)  -  somewhat like the wheat and tares, because one is desired, and the other is a variety of all kinds of plants that are undesirable.  Israel is the only one you need to be identified as now, unless you desire to be in the other denomination.  When you pass through the waters of the COVENANT of immersion into the Name of Yahusha, you become a fully-fledged, one-fell-swoop ISRAELITE.  If you follow Yahusha, then your "sect" is the "NATSARIM" (see Acts 24:5).  The 12 tribes are spread abroad into all the Gentiles (Amos 9:9, Jas. 1:1), and Yahusha is calling them to Himself, searching them out through his workers in the harvest.  You may have been the Dalai Lama, or a Mexican Chinese Negro Italian-Irish Buddhist formerly, but once you pass through that water (immersion, tevila, or baptism), and vow to obey your Creator, Yahusha, you are a NEW creation.  An Israelite.   The UN* won't like it, and neither will your parents, your pastor, or your friends.   Too bad, this is simply a fact of life, and the only way to eternal life.  Peculiar?  You betcha!  The WWCG, Baptist, Amish, Catholic, Episcopal, Jehovah Witness, Lutheran, Mennonite, Mormon, or you-name-it -- all must come to the conclusion that their days are over.  In fact, they never had their day, in truth, using Scripture as the proof.  ISRAEL is the only bride of Yahuah -- He'll never change His mind about it either, He's especially faithful about this.  Read about it sometime. Yahusha's "bride" or wife is called "Qahal Yisrael", Assembly of Yasharal (Israel).  That's your denomination.  You engraft (Romans 11) at your immersion into His Name, and at that moment you accept the Name of your Husband - the Covenant represents your wedding vows.  The Covenant is a marriage covenant with the Maker of Heaven and Earth.   Outside this Covenant, and this denomination, can there be salvation according to the revealed Word of Yahuah?

There will be 2 "denominations" in the world-to-come. One of them will be permitted to enter the gates, and the other will have to remain outside:

ISRAEL (Rev. 21:12) These “do His Commands” (keep the Commandments), and may eat of the Tree of Life, and enter through the gates of the New Yerushaliyim.  Mt. 15:26 refers toIsrael as "the children", and the woman not of Israel as a "dog" -- but she had the choice to remain a "dog" or convert and become an Israelite -- as do we all.  At the time she made her request, she was a "dog" because she was not obedient to the Covenant Yahuah made exclusively with Israel, the ONLY people He has revealed His Word to (Torah, Commandments - Ps 147:19,20).    There's no gate for Christians.   You should learn the true origin of the label "Christian" (click on this line).

DOGS (Rev. 22:15) These stay outside, never eating of the Tree of Life, nor entering into the gates of the New Yerushaliyim.  Why?  They do NOT “do His Commands” (keep the Commandments).  They may be “religious”, but may follow a made-up “way” which is about Messiah, but not the correct way. Like weeds, there are many kinds of them, blocking LIGHT and using up resources.  Remember, Satan “believes”, but won’t obey.  If we can make up our own way, like believe Sunday is the Sabbath, then what Cain did (offering what he pleased) should have been acceptable — should Yahuah apologize to Cain?  If someone tells you that you DON'T NEED TO OBEY the Covenant, the 10 Commandments, does that mean they are of ISRAEL, or the DOGS?  We should be able to discern them by their fruit (works), and teachings.

One program is given by Yahuah, and yet there are thousands of other programs invented by men, which intend to be correct, but are not.

That's all there is; 2 denominations. So the choice should be easy for us.

Lew White

The former Lew White, the DOG,  died in the waters at the time he was immersed (baptized) into the Name of Yahusha ha'Mashiach of Natsarith.  Although he had generally been a fairly nice guy, he wasn't aware that there was a Covenant he needed to enter into with his Creator.   So, that fellow is no longer around.   Oh, by the way, do you realize that the "sign" of the everlasting Covenant is the Sabbath?   Being "everlasting", that's not likely to change.   You certainly don't need anyone else's approval to enter into the Covenant with your Creator;  it's only between you and Yahusha.  

Go for it, and live for Him.

  If we are not obeying Yahuah, we're dogs 

*DOG:   A cur, mongrel, or vicious undesirable.  These types are not allowed in hospitals or restaurants now.    The New Jerusalem will possibly have signs posted saying "NO DOGS ALLOWED".   There will be no blind people going in, because everyone will see and understand perfectly why they are allowed in and the others are not  -- they obey the Covenant!

*UN:  Front organization of the Jesuit Illuminati. Presently the most evil organization on the face of the Earth. It's primary objective, along with all the other front organizations, is to restore the papacy's power, healing the mortal wound it received during the Reformation. This will be healed through Ecumenism.










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