What Does The Word "ISRAEL" Mean?

ISRAEL is better transliterated YISHARAL; the Greek lost the "SH" sound, and the term "ELOHIM" begins with the same letter as ABRAHIM, which the Arabs realize; the word is ALAHIM. The Arabs retain a more pure Hebrew phonology, although we don't agree with their ideas theologically. 

Why did Yahuah give YaAqob the name "YISHARAL" and what does it mean? 
When we take time to consider the essence of Yahuah that was breathed-into the first man, that essence would have to include His character, which we all have imprinted deeply in our inner mind. Rather than calling this an instinct, we call it a "conscience."

When we compare Barashith / Genesis 1:26 with chap. 2:7, we glimpse a purpose of Yahuah breathing-into Adam was to bring him to life, but also to equip him "to rule." 
The name Yahuah gave to YaAqob (YISHARAL) gives us more enlightenment on this "ruling" aspect. 
The Hebrew term SHAR (distorted by the Greek, SAR) means prince, but in the sense of being "ruler." The word SHERIFF is cognate with the Hebrew for ruler. The word YISHARAL is the term Yahusha calls all of us in Covenant (marriage) with Him. Logically, Yahuah's bride (wife) will one day rule with Him; the word YISHARAL literally means

"to rule with Alahim."

  Isn't the term "bible" the proper name of a fertility deity whose temple was located at ancient Byblos, a coastal town named for her?
Does Yahuah's Word ever refer to itself as a "bible"? Our fathers have inherited only lies and things of no profit (YirmeYahu 16:19). Also, tradition has altered names like Yahudah to "Judah", and replaced the Name of Yahuah with "LORD" (Baal in Hebrew), and inserted the name of the identity thief, Jesus, for the true Name, Yahusha. Also, are there names for the Zodiac in the texts at Iyub (aka Job) chapters 9 & 38 in the translation you use (from the Hebrew words EISH, KESIL, KIMAH, and MAZZAROTH?

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