The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky (USA) displays vintage cars.

The Earth literally swallowed-up a number of them.
The dome-design of this museum / temple reminds me of the Pantheon in Rome (a temple dedicated to all the Roman deities). The "oculus" at the top of the dome allowed the "all seeing eye" of the sun to light the inside. Instead of idols shaped like humans, the inside of this temple displays the works of men's hands as automobiles.

Coincidence? The Earth has swallowed-up people at certain times, so we should all be very careful of what we idolize.




Relics can be another kind of idolatry.

Have you heard about the dead donkey?



In 1710 it became a decreed "dogma" (required belief) that a STUFFED DONKEY at the church of the Madonna of the Organs in Verona, Italy, is the actual animal Yahusha rode into Yerushalayim on. 
When I first heard about this, I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes. Many other "dogmas" like this are included in the Roman Catholic Church Timeline in the book Fossilized Customs. 
If you would like to know the origins of the pagan customs in popular customs, order a copy of Fossilized Customs at





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