Mankind has endured about 1600 years of Men’s doctrines. When we first see the difference between what we read in Scripture and how “nicolaitanes” have guided people to behave under their controlling doctrines, we clean-out everything that is in our hearts that doesn’t matter. The danger in this process is that we can be taught by “new” teachers in whom we have placed our trust to mistrust certain Scriptures.  We have to hold on to that which is good, leaving behind what is not productive. Yahusha (used 216 times in the TaNak) is the Name, the cornerstone rejected by the builders (Psalms 118). From Psalm 138:2, we learn that His Name and Word are “above all”, so we begin to build on them as our foundation.
Yahuah is our Deliver is the meaning of the Name Yahusha. He is one, not 2, or 3. Yahuah has visited mankind Personally in the form of flesh, as He said He would do.
  From this basic set of truths, we proceed to understand the identity of our Creator, and learn what pleases Him because He is drawing us into His love to have a relationship with us as one of His treasured possession. Leaving behind doctrines of men, we study the Word of Yahuah. It teaches us how to love Yahuah and our neighbor, and the next step is for us to abide (walk) within that path, or way (His instructions, Torah). There are many deceivers, especially on the Internet. They beguile us, divide us, and are known by their fruit. They bear good fruit if Yahusha is enabling them to show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. Those who accuse Paul of being a false emissary misunderstand his “difficult letters”, Peter (Kefa) warned us. If we throw Paul out, we lose 43% of the Natsarim Writings, and must then proceed to exclude Luke (including Acts which he wrote, and accompanied Paul), Kefa, YaAqob (Yahusha’s half-brother), and Yahukanon, the disciple whom Yahusha loved. We’re not left with much after that, and in the rubble of such behavior we do not see the 9 fruits of Yahusha in those who taught us to follow their teachings about Paul. Yahusha told us our words will condemn us, or declare us righteous, so we have to be very careful how we listen, what we take into our heart, and repeat to others.
Read Romans 12, and Philippians 4, and discern the Spirit of Yahusha in Paul’s words. Yahusha’s teachings produce the fruits of the good tree. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit, nor can a good tree produce bad fruit. How men portray other men to be may not be the way they really are, because the enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. When men destroy the reputation of one another, such as is being done to Paul, you are witnessing the fruit of THEIR tree, and their murderous intentions.
With Yahusha living in your vessel, you have His discernment to evaluate every teaching, whether good or bad.
As for immersion, it’s true that what it became over time is far different that the simple pledge it should be.
Here is a link to a short video on the subject of the pledge of immersion:
The goal is love
As you come into the true belief, and learn to walk (practice Torah) and live your life
before our Creator Yahuah as He demanded, there are always going to be conflicts
with "the world" (family, work, friends, etc.,.).   Realize that the world is made up of many other imperfect people just like you. The pagan customs are intimately tied to the bonds of love in families, making it appear to those around us that we are rejecting THEM when we reject the customs. We have to tell them that's not the case.

The world is the way it is because the people are imperfect;  the only perfection is the Torah of Yahuah, the thing they turn away from.  Yahusha wants us to be perfect, and He gave us His Directions to follow.

Most of what we learn from our culture "about" our Creator's expectations is incorrect.
Our primary relationship is with Yahusha;  others who follow Him are secondary relationships.
Being awakened earlier than your spouse is not a problem.  But, if you were awakened first, you bear the responsibility to not be offensive or judgmental, and your spouse is "set-apart" because you are.   We are not "judging", we're evaluating things. His or her knowledge may grow at a slower rate, but with your love, patience, kindness, and peaceful approach,  his or her adjustment to your new nature should draw him or her closer to the Truth, and you also.  Remember, he or she will have to "wrestle" with the Truth;  people's "old" inclinations don't mesh with Yahusha's nature (mind). Our old inclinations must perish completely, and Yahusha must form our new inclinations (mind).
The first question most people ask is, 

"Where are others who believe and obey Yahuah's Commandments so I can meet with them?"

This is a natural thing to ask, but we are not sent to them;  they're not sick.
We were commissioned to go and teach all nations everything Israel was commanded to obey, 
not go find others who already believe.  If you plant the Truth (Torah) in one hungry person around you,
you are a worker in Yahuah's harvest.  When you meet with that person (or persons) to study together, then you will 
find you ARE doing exactly what Yahusha intended that we do when we "meet together".

There are "Nicolaitans*" out there who want to control everything you believe, think, and do; and then to devour you.

There are "denominations", each holding to a different belief and foundation, loaded with Nicolaitans in rank and file.

There are people who will not listen; so see what you can do to find one person who will listen.
Wherever 2 or more are gathered in Yahusha's Name, He is there.  
And it's Yahusha's Spirit that gives us eternal life;  He's the One to have the relationship with.
The other people are secondary relationships.  We have fellowship through the Covenant (Ten Commandments),
and that fellowship (through His Covenant) is with Him first; then with others.  People who are not in a Covenant
relationship with Yahusha are not His  --  yet.  With Him in us, it becomes our primary work to gain others.
Remember, Yahusha is in charge.  Without Him, we can do nothing.  He may simply want to train you for a while at first,
so study His Words.  If you have not received Him yet, then He's waiting for you to do something.
If you will give your life to Him, go into the water calling upon His Name for your salvation, believing in His death
and resurrection to life, and promising to fully accept a love for His Torah (Commandments). 
He will keep His promise, and give you His Spirit, inscribing a love for His Covenant upon your heart.  

You need no one's permission to do this.  A bathtub will do fine.


*Nicolaitans:  Those who "lord-over" (nico) the people (laity).  A modern term for them might be "control freaks".

Yahusha states that He "hates" the Nicolaitans at Rev. 2.  Another definition that describes this type of person is:

Ni`co*la"i*tan\, n. [So called from Nicolas of Antioch, mentioned in Acts 6:5.] (Eccl. Hist.) One of certain corrupt persons in the early (assembly) at Ephesus, who are censured in Rev. 2: 6, 15.

Nich*o*las (nik'e-les).  \A masculine given name.  Old English Nicolas, from Medieval Latin Nicolaus, from Greek Nikolaos, Nike, victory (see Nike) + laos, the people.

Nike;  \Victory, Greek proper noun, the Goddess of victory.  Eunice, Nicholoas, Nickel, Nike.

Nick:  \Diminuative of Nicholas.  The Devil;  -- usually "Old Nick".

A Question:  What about fellowship?  How can I find others who believe and obey?

It seems that many would like to know the answer to this!    We live in a large city, Louisville, and waited for years for something to "spark" here and ignite at least a small group of people that could come together to study.  We were hungry for fellowship, but could not bear to go where we could not speak, and had to listen to deceptions.  We then remembered the commission was not to wait, or go hunt for others who already believed the things we believe;  we are sent to teach the nations (certainly those around us) everything He had commanded Israel to obey.  He used the word "obey" (obad), not "believe".  How will they hear or know the Truth unless someone acts?

Rom 10:14-15

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?  And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?  And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?  And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'"  

("Good news" is "besorah" meaning "message" in Hebrew.  The message includes the Torah).

So, I decided to find a place that we could meet, for free, and Yahusha opened the doors for us to have a place where we could teach those who would listen.  We tried to meet each week for a couple of hours, but attendance was very low.  So, we tried to schedule a monthly seminar, and this has been working wonderfully so far.  You can do the same in your area.  It starts with a small step on your part, and pretty soon you'll have fellowship!  When we get together, I usually prepare a study, and stand up to discuss it with the group.  Questions and interruptions are welcome at all times, and it's the only way to truly help those who don't understand.  Everyone has a voice.  What is planted in people will slowly grow, mature, and bear fruit.

Yahusha reigns in our hearts, individually, and where He reigns He will work to call others to Himself through obedience to His Covenant.  In other words, we have to plant (or sow His seed) in those around us.  We may be called to water what was sown, or others will do so according to His work.  "Ministries" literally means "works", and all are His ministries;  some teach well, others not so well, but they are all His.  Even one person is His ministry, like you or me.  He gives the increase, so this means He will allow us to share His Covenant with anyone He is calling  -  but not all are called.  Most do not have any interest in hearing, but we should always be available when any are.  Wherever 2 or more are gathered in His Name, He is there speaking one to another.  We speak His Words when we assemble, for edification.  It's mostly one-on-one work, so going around looking for His people bunched-up in one place is going to be rare.  Each of us must work to gather the lost around us by sharing the Covenant in Yahusha's blood with them.  Our real work (and His) is when we are doing this.  When ever we may assemble, we are doing it primarily to learn (become more aquainted, educated) so we will be equipped to help the lost better.  Assembling is for our education, but it's not our goal.  Our goal (and Yahusha's) is to seek out the LOST sheep, and bring them back to obedience to His Covenant.  Otherwise, they will receive judgment, not redemption. 

Luke 17:20-21
"The kingdom of (Alahim) does not come with your careful observation,  nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of (Alahim) is within you ."

A Question:  Do all Messianic ministries teach the full truth of Yahuah's Word?

We are not all at the same place in the race, so understanding Torah (the Covenant Commandments) and the teaching of them will reflect any particular teacher's level of knowledge.  Many strain to make things complicated, others keep it simple and clean, clear of human traditions that only cloud the "living waters".

Generally, when you see a large group of "organized" Natsarim that insists on many things getting done in a particular way, there is a root of nicolaitan behavior at work.  When all can speak, ask questions, and the whole body participates, there is edification.  Always be discerning of nicolaitan behavior.  To answer your question, I'd say that not all individuals or groups teach the full Truth, nor do they embrace the full message (besorah) of Yahuah's Word.

At Gan Eden, mankind incurred an infinite debt.  To point out the hopelessness of ever paying it, Yahuah instituted "payments" toward that debt, like interest, but nothing was ever applied to the principle balance.

These payments took to form of slaughtering innocent animals, year by year.
The penalty (payments) of death also meant that mankind had lost eternal life  - 
something Adam and Chuwah had, but had lost.
The promise of eternal life is offered to those who acknowledge and accept that Yahuah stepped-up and
paid the principle debt Himself, out of love alone. 
   When we attempt to "perfect" our condition ourselves, not recognizing that Yahusha has performed
the most perfecting "circumcision" of all, we show our contempt for Yahusha alone making us righteous, 
and by our actions we declare that His work is inadequate.   The bottom line is, our actions deny our faith.
He circumcised our hearts with a love for His Covenant (Torah), so we obey out of our love for Him.

A Question:  As you may already know, my family just recently started observing the 7th day Sabbath.  My wife wishes to attend church services at the Assembly of God on Sun-day mornings mainly with the intent of allowing our son to participate in their children's programs.  I'm not sure how to think about this situation.  What are your thoughts?


   My advice in this matter is to encourage your wife as she learns and grows.  In a sense, your obedience to Yahuah’s Torah will speak volumes to her without your criticism of her understandings at all.  It is your lead, and it reminds me of how it was with my own wife Phyllis around 1986 CE.  Phyllis was attending a similar denomination as your wife, even before I was ever spiritually awakened.  I was completely dead, yet I could see huge changes in her because she was going to “church”.  As time passed, and through the guidance of Yahusha, I began to read the “Bible” for the first time, on my own.  What I found immediately was the omission of the Name from the text, since I read the preface first.  What I began to share with my wife was at first not accepted, but I patiently showed her why I felt the way I did about it, and left it alone for her to “ruminate” on.  I never forced any of my discoveries upon her, but would share them with her, and made her feel respected for her understanding rather than judged in any way.  Then I found the statement at Acts 15 concerning how we are to refrain from eating strangled animals, and from blood.  This same chapter mentioned hearing “Moses” read in the synagogue “every Sabbath”.  This text I also shared with her, and left it for her to ruminate back and forth in her own mind.   The Sabbath was not “Sun-day”, but the day of rest as commanded throughout the Scriptures.


   In the final analysis, the religion the world generally follows that is known as “Christianity” went through a great deal of change over time, absorbing Pagan culture into it, and departing from the clear path of the Torah of Yahuah.   The words of Paul (Shaul) are twisted to cancel certain instructions, so in effect what people THINK Paul wrote about somehow negates what Yahuah said to do.  As a result, people will not dance, drink alcohol, or miss their “Sun-day” assemblies;  yet they will work and shop on Shabbath, obliterate His Name (through non-use), and just “believe” in their Savior, JESUS, with the false security that they have more than been “saved” from their sins, but even more they believe they are “saved” from the Torah, which DEFINES sin for us. 


   Your wife may not be ready to hear hardly any of this yet, but if you go slowly enough, and are patient and loving with her, she will respond to what is actually written in the Scriptures. 

   The greatest advantage you have in your present circumstances is that she believes that the Scriptures are Yahuah’s inspired Word.  Many have it much harder than you do in this regard.  Now it's just a matter of her seeing the conflict between what Yahuah said, and what is being lived-out by the "churches" on the ground.


   Just be very kind and patient;  I would let her work out her salvation as she is doing, because at some point you will see her awaken to the details as you use Scripture to point them out.  It will be the Scriptures that will change her, so you can be confident that Yahusha will finish His work in her as long as you are patient.

As a brother recently expressed it, she has to "pack her own parachute".  Most people allow a preacher to "pack" the parachute they will eventually have to use.  But, when we study the Scriptures for ourselves and form our doctrine based solely on what Yahuah inspired (pack our own parachute), then our eyes will be opened to the deceptions and human traditions we were enslaved in through false teachers.  Who in their right mind would trust any of them to pack their parachute?  I would advise you to not trust ANYONE ELSE (including me) to pack your parachute.  A husband and wife may be "one flesh", but they will still have to "jump" separately when the time comes.  So, PACK your OWN PARACHUTE CORRECTLY USING THE WHOLE TRUTH OF YAHUAH'S WORD, and shun traditions of men (overcome the world's influence on how to live).  This will not make a person popular, and it won't be easy  -  but it will be worth it to hear these words expressed by Yahusha, Who enables us to overcome the world:

“And his Master said to him, ‘Well done, good and trustworthy servant.  You were trustworthy over a little, I shall set you over much.  Enter into the joy of your master.’"  MattithYahu 25:21


brother Lew


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