The Los Lunas Stone in New Mexico USA shows the four vowels of the Name in several places among the Ten Commandments written on a huge stone at a gate of an ancient settlement in North America.
You can read it in true Hebrew on the first line in the photo.
The Name is seen as the second word from the top-right, and written in four vowels, yod-hay-uau-hay.
The Name on this stone is a witness that exists from 900 BCE from the ships sent out into the world by Shalomoh (aka Solomon).

Notice there are no additional marks added to tweak the phonology of the Name.
Teachers profane the Name by averting a reader to say "ADONAI" in place of it, which Yahuah had pronounced death upon anyone that would cast His Name to ruin. The third Commandment is being violated in plain view every single day, and those who point it out are considered evil, while those causing the ruin are considered good.
The Dead Sea Scrolls have no "vowel markings" either, so those teaching people to use them are in league with destroyers of His Name if they hear the Truth and continue to promote the lie.


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Display an ancient artifact of Yisharal found in North America

A full color coated lithograph measuring 10"  x  21.5" on heavy stock, and ready to frame, or hang as it is.  An easy way to display the Covenant for the whole family to read from across the room.  Quiz the children every day on them.  

The photograph shows the Ten Commandments written in the primary (palaeo) Hebrew script written on a large stone found in the 1800's at Los Lunas, New Mexico, near the Rio Grande in an area known as Hidden Mountain.  The style of the letter YOD used on the stone indicates that the Israelites were in North America, and probably members of the Samaritan tribes (from northern Israel). It could have been inscribed on this stone as early as the ninth to tenth century BCE, during the reign of King Shalomoh (Solomon), the patina on the rock and inscription is ancient and not a fake artifact.  Many diasporas occurred, but we now know that Israel was primarily a sea empire, and they were called Phoenicians by the Greeks. The Israelites traveled the oceans of the world as they mined tin, copper, gold, and iron.

Did you know that the distance from the western coast of Africa to South America is LESS than the width of the Mediterranean Sea?  Columbus didn't discover the Americas, Israelites from the time of Shalomoh were already living here, and many became what are now referred to as "Native Americans." The various tribes of native Americans are descendants of the ancient explorers sent out into the islands of the sea by king Shalomoh, and became the Iroquois, Cherokee, Pueblo, Mohican, and many other tribal inhabitants of the Americas.  

The word "ELOHIM" should be "ALAHIM," since the first letter ALEF is a vowel that became the Greek ALPHA, and the Latin letter A.

The source of many errors were inherited from the 8th century CE meddling by the Masoretes. They did not want the Name "YAHUAH" to be uttered, so inserted their invented marks to cue a reader to say "ADONAI" instead.

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