The Hebrew word for our planet, Earth, is ARETS.  (ALEF-RESH-TSADE)

Adam and Kuah were originally given sovereignty over it as its caretakers, but their egolatry (self-worship, a form of idolatry) caused them to listen to another's voice, and were led astray.  This mind of the flesh causes worldly people to be narcissistic, placing focus on ourselves and our perspective, not Yahusha's. Since that fall from sovereignty, the accuser ha shatan (the adversary) has had sovereignty, and a curse hangs over all creation. 

The purchase price to reclaim sovereignty has been made with the precious blood of the Creator Himself, our Mediator and Redeemer.  His life was the cost for our redemption. Having clothed Himself in human form, He is our Kinsman;  and having purchased the "field" with a precious treasure hidden in it, He will soon come to claim it as His own.  He will come suddenly, and take  (seize, raptus, harpazo) us to Himself;  our redemption draws near.


   The festivals of Yahuah, as you know, reflect the redemption plan of Yahuah for all Israel.  The atonement phase of the plan is accomplished, and the redemption is coming closer each day.  Year-by-year we observe Pesak, Matsah, First-fruits, Shabuoth, Yom Teruah, Yom Kafar, and Sukkoth, being reminded of our Deliverer and His passionate love for us.  The last three on this list await their fulfillment, but each of them gives us a shadow or outline, detailing what Yahusha has done, and will do for His chosen ones.


   Pesak (literally pass-over, or leap-over) reminds us of several things that have happened, including the slaying of the first animal in the Garden of Eden to provide coverings for our first parents.  Yahuah used a lamb, as slain from the foundation of the world (Rev. 13:8).  When we think of the first six thousand years as six days, we realize the seventh day ahead of us begins the great day of Yahuah when Yahusha returns to reclaim His Garden Earth, and gather His redeemed to be with Him again.  We’ve been apart from Him since the Fall, when sin first entered the world, bringing with it death.  Death will be the final enemy to be overcome (1 Co. 15:26).  


   The festival of Matsah reminds us of being rescued from enslavement, and the watery death of all the powerful men of Pharaoh, when Israel went through the water to be “re-born” into a chosen nation.  This seems to contain certain elements seen in the time of Noach, as one family left a fallen world to begin a new one over again.  Noak’s family coming out of the ark, and Yunah coming out of the great fish, both remind us of a type of resurrection, remembered every year as First-fruits, when Yahusha was raised as the First-born from the dead, the First-fruits of many more to come.  Our personal immersion identifies us with Israel as well as Yahusha in these events, and Yahusha is allowing us to understand many of these things more clearly in these last days, just before He returns to gather us.



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