“[A teacher] outlines that the ark is hidden below the temple mount before the Babylonian invasion. Are you familiar with this, if so do you believe it is accurate?

Dear brother,
For now, it is impossible to prove, and is only speculative. The “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie illustrates how compelling the idea of discovering it is. Yahusha has not lost anything, even though mankind loses track of things.
Of course I would be overjoyed if the ark of the Covenant itself was discovered, it may help draw the interest of people who need physical evidence to strengthen their belief. 
Our faith is what overcomes the world, and not physical evidence that the Scriptures are true and historical fact.

The ark of the Covenant was called “The Name of Yahuah”, as well as “The Throne of Yahuah”, because His Presence dwelled between the kerubim on its lid.

Many people over the years have sought for material evidence from the past. Some have claimed the ark was taken to Ethiopia just after the reign of Shalomoh. They claim it is in a secret location in a cairn/maze and guarded by faithful descendants of Shalomoh (through the queen of Sheba). 
The “holy grail” and “shroud of Turin” are still in the news today as well.

Some teachers seize on issues that spark popular interest, such as the ark of the Covenant’s location, or the tablets Mosheh had thrown down and broken when he saw the idolatry of the nation as he descended from the mountain. Several years ago, a man claimed to have found the tablets broken by Mosheh in the ancient land of Babel (he claimed this just after the Gulf war back in the 1990’s). The time spent on these kind of things could have been spent speaking to people about submitting to what is written on the tablets. Instead they focus on where they might be.

If we really want to know “where” the Covenant tablets are, we search Scripture for the answer.
Rev 11:19 “And the Dwelling Place [Mishkan] of Alahim was opened in the heaven, and the ark of His Covenant was seen in His Dwelling Place. And there came to be lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and an earthquake, and great hail.”

Most importantly, the love for the Words of the Covenant is written on our hearts (minds, inner lamp) of our vessels by Yahusha. We were told the instructions are not “far off” across a sea, but very near to each of us (Dt. 30:11). I would not waste time teaching or listening to speculations concerning where the ark might be, I’m sure Yahusha knows where it is. It may one day be used by Yahusha for some purpose only He will have, but for us in the present it is of no concern, and here’s why:

“And I shall give you shepherds according to My heart, and they shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. 
And it shall be, when you have increased, and shall bear fruit in the land in those days,” declares Yahuah, “that they no longer say, ‘The ark of the Covenant of Yahuah.’ Neither would it come to heart, nor would they remember it, nor would they visit it, nor would it be made again. 
At that time Yerushalayim shall be called the throne of Yahuah, and all the nations shall be gathered to it, to the Name of Yahuah, to Yerushalayim, and no longer walk after the stubbornness of their evil heart.” YirmeYahu / Jer. 3:15-17

For now, they are still saying “The ark of the Covenant of Yahuah”. The first part of the verse refers to a group of “shepherds according to My heart”, who do not keep saying “The ark of the Covenant of Yahuah”. I’m looking for those shepherds to be sent by Yahuah.
But never doubt it, Yahusha has not lost anything. We should be helping Him find the lost sheep; He’ll take care of the lost ark.


Lew White
Torah Institute
POB 436044, Louisville, KY 40253


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